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  City Rialto , CA
  Zip Code 92376
  Address 112 North Riverside Avenue
  Phone Number (909) 875-1212

Over the past 8 years Dr. Rose Gong (Accucare Medical Group) has treated me for the following illnesses: Asthma, Obesity, Hypertension, Chronic Pain and various allergies (to many to name). I came with little hope after all I had 3-4 doctors (Dermatology, Pulmonary, Orthopedic, General Practitioner) all giving what they thought would alleviate that one symptom. Thanks to Dr. Gong daily high dosages of steroids for asthma/allergies such as prednisone are no longer required and were replaced by exercise, acupuncture and stabilized by a long-lasting inhaler. I have been able to lose 105 lbs and maintain the weight loss. Hypertension remains manageable on a lower dosage, and chronic pain is managed by electro stimulus instead of a regiment of pills, which included Vicodin. I have energy, mental clarity and overall okay health thanks to the treatments received at Accucare Medical Group. Having various diagnoses when I started, I was constantly calling worrying and generally being a nuisance. The staff in return was patient, kind, always willing to gather the information I requested. They also notified me of less evasive methods to manage my chronic illnesses (Herbs vs. Pills). The staff is exceptionally knowledgeable and pleasant to converse with and I (big point) never had a long wait for treatment like other medical offices I have been to. I am proof that the herbs win every time. Herbs, roots teas replaced pills and more pills. The treatments have made me less dependent and more independent.