AHSI aims to offer sports chiropractic and manual therapies to Olathe, Overland Park, and the Kansas City area. We utilize very specialized treatments for successfully treating most painful conditions to offer tremendous results.

The essence our practice is captured in its mission statement, which is, “Our clinic will provide manual therapies, chiropractic care, & cutting edge therapies to serve a broad range of healthcare needs while providing an outstanding patient experience.”

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  City Olathe, KS
  Zip Code 66062
  Address 20160 W. 153rd St.
  Phone Number (913) 764-2271

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Common sports injuries – and most athletic injuries can be defined into 2 broad categories:

repetitive use

We have a large group of athletes who came to us initially for a common sport injury – but once rehabilitated they become involved in our athletic performance and injury prevention care. We are successful at Advanced Healthcare & Sports Injury in treating both and can refer to other healthcare professionals if necessary.

**Dr. Iodice is highly trained in TMJ pain treatment and evaluation by some of the world’s most foremost authorities on the subject.

One third of all neck pain has TMJ as a root cause!

Most TMJ pain can be treated effectively here at Advanced Healthcare & Sports Injury. Occasionally, some cases may require being fitted by a dentist for bite guard or other interventions.

Before we can discuss a headache treatment we need to understand the type of headache you are experiencing.

There are many different causes and types of headaches. The headaches we treat can be categorized simply as musculoskeletal and/or chemical in nature.

The most common type that we see is the musculoskeletal headache, which involves tightness, weakness, and improper joint motion of the neck that causes symptoms at the base, sides, or front of the skull.

Before we discuss carpal tunnel treatment we need to determine the exact locations of the nerve entrapment. This allows the Dr. to know where to treat.

There are about ½ dozen common entrapment sites for the median nerve to produce “carpal tunnel” symptoms. After this exam, our doctors will use a combination of ART and “nerve flossing” movements to free the entrapment sites.

Customer Testimonials

I called on short notice for an appointment to have my 15yo son evaluated for inner elbow pain. He plays baseball and I was concerned that he had the same injury as many of his teammates have had in the past. His teammates had gone to Physicians for evaluation and, after having thier arms examined, were advised their arms needed 6-8 weeks complete rest. Dr. Iodice got us in that day, and he asked questions to get a full picture about what might be going on. He then did a head-to-toe evaluation and quickly discovered that there were several factors that were probably contributing to the arm pain. He did a full body adjustment and a couple of treatments and sent us on our way with the recommendation to go ahead and practice, just take it easy as necessary based on your level of pain. My son and I were very pleasantly surprised when he was able to practice that same day, said his arm was only mildly sore and it felt a lot better than before. We are very thankful for the whole body approach Dr. Iodice uses. He understands these athletes have a love for their game and does his best to help them be proactive in injury prevention so they can continue to participate. THANK YOU, Dr. Iodice!

They treat 5 of the 7 of us. Amazing knowledge that not every doctor has. I love the treatment practices we get. I love the way they all work together with the patients. And I really love Debbie at the front desk! They have become like family to us!

Highly recommended! I went to Dr. Iodice because of severe neck pain (due to a whiplash injury and/or cervical stenosis). I was taking Hydrocodone and then Percocet for it. After a few weeks or so with Dr. Iodice I was able to go off the Percocet entirely. The severe pain is gone and now, after 2 or 3 months, I have almost normal mobility in my neck. I am not 100% but at a much better place. Dr. Iodice has the right balance of confidence and consideration (not pushy). Also, he uses a wide variety of "tools" to address the various issues (not just adjustments). And he sends you home with appropriate exercises so that you can sustain the improvements the treatments give you.

At first i wasn't sure but its not one person that makes this place #1 in my book, its a team that goes further that the other places, they have expanded their building and will add a Dr. To the staff, new toys and all, Elizabeth has join the group to add a finishing touch to grow and be part of a success, u have to try them out or go back and see the caring way they want to help u

Dr Iodice has been a forever difference-maker in our daughter's life... she wouldn't be on the field doing the sport she loves without his help. She's playing today because of him. Thank you isn't enough!
Debbie in the office is a gem, too!!


The Seatbelt rotator cuff exercise

The rotator cuff is the group of muscles and tendons in the shoulder that also stabilize the shoulder. These muscles and tendons connect your upper arm bone with your shoulder blade. Injury to the rotator cuff includes any type of irritation or damage to the muscles and tendons. Common causes for rotator injury may include falling, lifting, and repetitive arm activities - such as a job/hobby that requires overhead lifting, throwing a baseball, or placing items on overhead shelves.

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After 13 years in the same location, we are happy to announce that WE'RE MOVING! Our new, more centralized location is also in a medical office building shared with College Park Family Care Mur-Len and other providers. The address will be 801 N Mur-Len rd Ste 103 Olathe, KS. Our move is scheduled for 2/26/2021 and our office will be closed the afternoon of 2/25 through 3/2 at 10:30am. We look forward to serving your needs at this new location! Our practice has been one of the most sought after clinics for successfully treating athletic injuries and improving athletic performance since 2008.

The treatment methods of Olathe Chiropractor Clinic Advanced Healthcare & Sports Injury are simple in concept, but advanced in their implementation. As one of Kansas City's premier chiropractic centers for joint adjustments, soft tissue treatments, and rehabilitative exercise, our goal is to loosen tight tissues, strengthen weak muscles, and help stiff joints move properly. ART is a soft tissue protocol designed to rid injured areas of scar tissue. Our body uses scar tissue extensively in the same way that tar patch repairs are added to fix small cracks in the road.

To save time on your first visit to Advanced Healthcare & Sports Injury, the practice of Olathe Chiropractor Dr. Kirk Iodice, please download our new patient forms prior to your initial examination.