We're the premier supplier of multi-disciplinary healthcare in the greater Manchester and Bedford area. AITC provides a complete conservative approach of treatment for individuals suffering from acute and chronic pain secondary to musculoskeletal injuries.

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  City Bedford, NH
  Zip Code 03110
  Address 82 Palomino Ln Suite 501
  Phone Number (603) 627-6381

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AT AITC we offer physical rehabilitation and chiropractic care. #AITC https://t.co/mFNqPBiGtQ
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Here is Marion at 72 years old performing an advanced stability exercise for knee pain. She is focusing on maintaining a neutral alignment of her knee. Excellent job, Marion! Visit our website at www.aitcnh.com
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Advanced Injury treatment Center's winter newsletter is here. Let us at AITC help you feel your best this winter! https://gem.godaddy.com/s/7fb027
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I would like to sincerely thank all of you for your continued support this past year. I am a small independent office with little to no medical support. I survive solely on patient referrals and without that I would not be in business. I strive to give
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Postural analysis is an important tool in your assesment which shouldn't be overlooked.... http://www.ericcressey.com/4-rules-of-posture www.aitcnh.com
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4 Rules of Posture https://t.co/PAeGzu3RUZ via @ericcressey
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'Tis the Season for Low Back Pain! Read our informative, injury prevention, blog about snow shoveling and how to prevent low back pain... http://aitcnh.com/injury-prevention/low-back-pain/
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All of us at AITC are hoping you and yours are enjoying this merry time of year! Remember to slow down and appreciate all the joy and happiness that abounds amidst all the zany craziness of the hustle and bustle!
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From Our Website

Our caring, professional staff is dedicated to restoring your body's optimal function. Advanced Injury Treatment Center (AITC) provides patient centered, one-on-one individualized treatment programs to help our patients recover rapidly, perform at their best, and sustain long lasting results. Our approach combines a movement-focused assessment with specialized manual therapy techniques with a consistent standard of care to maximize results in the shortest period of time. We also educate our patients on self-care and injury prevention.

Unlike traditional physical therapy, which is often focused merely on relieving symptoms, our approach goes beyond temporary fixes and passive treatments to correct the cause of your problem. Our approach looks at the body as a whole rather than in isolation to get to the root of the problem along with addressing compensatory issues that have developed as a result of poor body mechanics. Unlike the large chain therapy clinics with multiple locations and therapists, AITC specializes in personal, one-on-one therapy.

Our practice specializes in providing highly skilled functional assessments and evidence-guided manual (hands-on) treatment for the spine and musculoskeletal system. Innovative treatment plans are tailored specifically to the individual needs of our patients, using the most effective doctor delivered manual procedures and rehabilitation available today. Our goal is to restore optimal musculoskeletal function, while educating our patients in self-care and preventative strategies. If you suffer from a condition that has failed to respond to previous treatment or you continue to experience recurrences, it's time you tried our approach.

AITC specializes in personal, one-on-one therapy. We take the time to get to know each patient and his or her specific needs. We provide hands-on care and give patients the tools to manage their impairments in real life settings. We continuously work together as a team to keep our skills sharp and our philosophy in tune to the needs of our patients and the advances in patient care. I received treatment from Brian for hip and leg pain. Having moderate degeneration of the head of my femur, PT helped relieve pain and improved my strength and balance.

We partner with Therapy Designed for You, LLC to offer exceptional muscular therapy services. TDFY has experienced muscular therapists with advanced training who use a variety of skills and assessment tools to restore muscles and surrounding fascia. Treatment begins with a thorough health/physical history, an assessment of functional movement and muscle strength, and your personal objectives. They have found this to be an effective approach to improve function, enhance performance, and reduce discomfort.