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  City Annandale , VA
  Zip Code 22003
  Address 7617 Little Riv Turnpike # 710
  Phone Number (703) 941-0267

  • I would not recommend this business

If I could I would give zero stars! I have been with them for almost 20 years, there is always a wait of at least 30 minutes then you go in the room again 30 minutes.

Now comes the part why I would give zero:
I have been having back problems for a while, because this place is so far I went to Urgent Care, they gave me pain medicine. I made an appointment for the next week. On my way to the appointment 20 minutes before they called and said they couldn't see me because the doctor had an emergency. I made another appointment all they could give was for a week later, I went still having back problems, leg pain when I walk stand sit and drive, and weakness, with research I told the doctor I was having symptoms of Sciatica or a Slipped Disk, she ignored that, gave me steroids, blood test, and an x-ray.

She did not give me a call back until yet another week (ok 6 days, 4 were business days), and that was most likely through my multiple attempts (per a day) to get in contact with her, during which I was yelled at by the receptionist and hung up on multiple times. Finally she gave me a call at 8 pm and said everything seems normal, I was still complaining that my back was hurting and my leg was starting to really hurt and numbness behind the knee. She said she will start the process of getting the MRI done.

Then next day I didn't hear anything, so I called the day after that and spoke with the office manager who said she just got it on her desk that morning (1 business day has already gone by). A couple hours went by I called again to see what the status was at this point the office manager started yelling at me and telling me to go to the ER and that they are just a clinic not meant for these kind of conditions. After this I had gotten really upset over this, being in pain for over 4 weeks and no help from any doctor. I called my insurance and they told me the request was denied because all they put was back pain and muscle weakness (who doesn't have back pain and some muscle weakness?).

I would recommend another doctor, and someone who cares.

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Overall ratingPoor