Dr. Rosner and his team would like to welcome you to our office. When you entrust your Ear, Nose, and Throat ENT care to us, we promise to supply you with the most caring, high-quality ear, nose, and throat care possible today. Our mission is to treat the patient, not just the ailment. Your questions and concerns are important to us, and our team looks forward to serving you.

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From Our Website

I am honored to have treated thousands of children. It is important to really listen to children and meet their needs, while explaining all treatment options to their parents. Our waiting room is equipped with age appropriate seating, television and books. Young children are examined in their parent's laps. Many pediatric surgeries are performed at the child and family friendly Great Lakes Surgery Center. Here parents accompany their children to the operating room and comfort them while they fall asleep under anesthesia.

Hoarseness is an abnormally deep or harsh voice that may sound raspy, scratchy, breathy, or strained. There may be changes in volume or pitch. It's usually the result of irritation or injury to the vocal cords, and can be caused by a number of different conditions. When we speak, our vocal cords vibrate as air leaves the lungs, producing sound. Swelling or inflammation of the vocal cords affects the vibration, altering the quality of the voice. A variety of factors can cause this, but the most common is acute laryngitis.

Dizziness is frequently caused by inner ear disorders. Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is when loose crystals in the inner ear cause positional dizziness lasting seconds to minutes. An office procedure called an Epely Maneuver repositions these crystals, curing most patients. Learn more about BPPV at Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. Other balance disorders treated in our office include vestibular neuronitis, labrynthitis, and Meniere's disease. Balance testing electronystagmogram (ENG) is available in the office for difficult-to-diagnose patients.

Noisy breathing during sleep is known as snoring. This common problem affects a large segment of the population - approximately 90 million Americans snore occasionally, and over a third of those do so on a regular basis. Snoring isn't just a nuisance; it can interfere with your quality of sleep, and may lead to serious medical issues. During sleep, the throat muscles relax and the tongue can droop backwards, causing a blockage in the airway. This obstruction narrows the throat and inhibits breathing; as a result the tissues vibrate together to produce the characteristic noise we call snoring.

A loss of hearing can be devastating. It hampers your ability to communicate, and can leave you feeling isolated, withdrawn, and depressed. But it doesn't have to be the end of the world; there are a variety of hearing solutions that can restore your quality of life and leave you feeling happy and whole again. At Arthur J. Rosner, MD, we understand the emotions you are experiencing, and would love the opportunity to help you out. Today's hearing aids are smaller and more comfortable, and offer much better sound quality and an assortment of options and features for a vastly improved communication experience.

Cough, throat clearing, postnasal drip and the sensation of a lump in the throat are manifestations of inflammation of the voice box or larynx. Cough is one of the top ten symptoms that brings patients to the doctor's office. When present more than a month it is considered chronic, since long-acting inflammatory compounds called leukotrienes are elevated. More than simply an annoyance, a lingering cough can disrupt your sleep and affect your work. It may be accompanied by other symptoms such as wheezing, shortness of breath, runny nose, congestion and heartburn.

The nose is one of our body's most important organs, responsible for a variety of functions that include smell, taste, and filtration of inhaled air. It serves as a line of defense against potential danger, and enhances our overall quality of life. When nasal and sinus conditions occur, is it any wonder we experience such misery and discomfort? The staff at Arthur J. Rosner, MD is trained and equipped to diagnose and treat a number of conditions that affect the nose and sinuses. We'll work with you to come up with a solution that will have you breathing easily again.