Boston Spine Surgery is dedicated to the evaluation and management of disorders of and injuries to the adult cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine. Located in downtown Boston. Boston Spine Surgery offers comprehensive spine care in a private and personalized setting. We strive to deliver individualized, multi-disciplinary care to our patients, from the time of the initial evaluation and diagnosis, to treatment and through recovery.

Boston Spine Surgery specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic disorders of the spine. These include degenerative conditions such as cervical and lumbar disc herniations, cervical myelopathy, spinal stenosis and spodylolisthesis, as well as fractures, infections and tumors.Treating both the more common conditions of the spine as well as the more complex conditions usually treated at tertiary care institutions.

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  Person Dr. Frank Pedlow
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Dr. Frank Pedlow

By utilizing the abilities of one of the regions experts in the surgical management of disorders of the adult spine, and the various clinical consultants and vast resources of both Massachusetts General Hospital and New England Baptist Hospital, Boston Spine Surgery offers the full range of non-operative (conservative) and modern surgical management for most conditions of the adult spine

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Customer Testimonials

Dr Pedlow and staff are great they performed a laminectomy for spinal stenosis I'm happy to say I'm able to walk again still have a while of recovery since its only been two weeks since surgery be all i can say he is the best ty dr Pedlow

Dr. Robert Banco is my doctor He was amazing and did a tremendous job repairing my back. He explained everything he was going to do prior to surgery and my postop checks he was wonderful. I had the surgery done at New England and that Hospital was also amazing. I would recommend Dr Banco to everyone. It was an excellent experience and I would go nowhere but there. Thanks Dr Banco you were great!

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PERSONALIZED CARE: We provide individualized spine care in a personal and private setting. Our sole concern is what is in the best interest of our patient. We aim to provide a concierge-like' experience, spending as much time as is needed at each appointment and assisting our patients along every step of the pre-operative and post-operative process. Our staff is professional, caring, attentive and empathetic. Our goal is to provide you with an accurate diagnosis, review all of the options for treating your condition, have you make the best possible informed decisions, and take good care of you.

The decision to have surgery can be a difficult one, but often a patient persisting symptoms and the effect those symptoms are having on one's life can lead to the consideration of or the suggestion of surgery. Surgery of the spine is complex and has risks. Also, different diagnosis, treatment approaches, and surgical techniques and can be offered to a patient by different surgeons, often depending upon the individual surgeons particular training, abilities, experience or judgment. If you are considering surgery for the treatment of a current condition, a second opinion may offer the reassurance that all treatment options have been considered.

We would like our patients to be active participants in the treatment of their spine problems. This section is designed to help you learn more about your neck or back problems. At Boston Spine Surgery we believe it is important that patients not only understand the nature of their condition, but also the rationale behind the options of non-operative and surgical treatment alternatives. We encourage you to explore this section, as knowledge of your condition is one of your tools for making informed decisions regarding your spine problem.