Caring Medical and Rehabilitation Services, S.C. specializes in treating chronic pain and sports injuries, utilizing the comprehensive Hackett-Hemwall Prolotherapy technique. In conjunction with Prolotherapy, we established The Hauser Diet Natural Medicine Program to maximize wellness and healing, and for those desiring to achieve optimal weight and energy.

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  City Oak Park, IL
  Zip Code 60301
  Address 715 Lk Street Suite 600
  Phone Number (708) 848-7789

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Dr. Tim Speciale talks with our patient Sanford about his painful Achilles tendon, and demonstrates on ultrasound...
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Numerous ligaments surround the pelvis and help to keep it stabilized. When these ligaments become weak, they are...
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Prolotherapy is an injection treatment used to initiate a healing response in injured connective tissues such as...
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The cause of drop attacks is related to vertebrobasilar insufficiency, possibly from cervical instability.
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Prolotherapy is effective at treating degenerative knee conditions. Whether you are considering knee replacement...
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Phones have been ringing about people interested in this talk! That's fantastic! WHY? Because people are looking...
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Can Stem Cell Prolotherapy reawaken the healing that makes regenerating joint tissue possible? Ross Hauser, MD...
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Danielle Steilen-Matias discusses Platelet Rich Plasma and how it helps to heal a joint injury.
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Since 1993, our clinic has provided an oasis of hope for patients from around the world who are trying to avoid joint surgery, as well as those who have already tried multiple treatments, including surgeries. On this site, you will learn more about our treatments, technology, and research, and how we achieve outstanding patient results because of our unique approach to Prolotherapy. If you are looking for the top pain clinic to actually resolve your pain and not just temporarily cover up the symptoms, let's talk.

Our Vision: Enable people to live fulfilling, passionate lives by resolving chronic pain and injury through Comprehensive H3 Prolotherapy. Our Mission: Act as a lighthouse, educating the world on the life-changing effects of Comprehensive Prolotherapy for pain and injury.

My name is Anthony, and I serve Caring Medical as a Clinical Assistant as well as with Patient Acquisition. I have an Associate in Arts Degree from SouthWestern State College and am finishing my bachelor's degree in Business Management. I worked in the building products industry for over 10 years and have also worked as the Director of Contemporary Worship since 2018 at Sanibel Community Church. I am married to a NICU nurse and we have 3 beautiful children. In my spare time, I enjoy CrossFit, fishing, surfing, and playing music.