Established in 1979 by Dr. Thomas Rodcay, we're the premiere supplier of ophthalmologic and optometry services in both Cochise County and throughout Southeastern Arizona. We currently have 3 facilities, two Optometry clinics, and one Ambulatory & Surgical office.

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  City Benson, AZ
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A cataract is a common condition that causes a clouding of the eye's natural lens, and affects millions of people each year, including more than half of all Americans over the age of 65. Cloudiness develops as a result of a buildup of protein in the lens. Cataracts cause a progressive, painless loss of vision. The lens clouds naturally as we age, causing people over the age of 65 to see a gradual reduction of vision. However, cataracts are not considered part of the natural aging process and are a serious condition that requires prompt medical attention.

Flashes and floaters are symptoms of the eye that commonly occur as a result of age-related changes to the vitreous gel. When we are born, the vitreous is firmly attached to the retina and is a thick, firm substance without much movement. But as we age, the vitreous becomes thinner and more watery, and tissue debris that was once secure in the firm gel can now move around inside the eye, casting shadows on the retina. Flashes in vision occur as a result of pressure on the retina in the back of the eye, and causes patients to see flashing lights or lightning streaks.

Our medical/surgical office is staffed with three Board-Certified Ophthalmologists and a skilled team of nurses and technicians. We have the latest in medical equipment for checking and testing your eyes for various eye conditions, such as cataracts, glaucoma or diabetic retinopathy. Our ophthalmologists perform outpatient cataract surgeries in our state-of-the-art ambulatory surgical center (ASC) right on site! Our ophthalmologists also perform laser surgeries. The two types of laser trabeculoplasty are argon laser trabeculoplasty (ALT) and selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT).

A long-term resident of Sierra Vista, Dr. Russell Thompson received his degree from Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, Tennessee. Having practiced in Texas and in Arizona, Dr. Thompson has been with Cochise Eye & Laser for over 10 years. He also provides pediatric low vision services to children with vision impairments for all of the schools in southern Arizona. Dr. Eric Johansen joinedCochise Eye & Laser after completing a primary care residency with Indian Health Services at Gallup Indian Medical Center in New Mexico.

Dr. Ricardo Aviles joined Cochise Eye & Laser in 2004 after completing his residency in Ophthalmology at Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, where he was Chief Resident. He graduated from Dartmouth Medical School in 2000, and before that was a Mechanical Engineer. Dr. Aviles is board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and performs state of the art surgery every week in our attached ambulatory surgery center, including cataract surgery, pterygium removal and eyelid surgery. Cataract surgeries are performed using the Dropless Cataract System, which eliminates the need for patients to use eyedrops before and after surgery.