As a women's healthcare practice, we supply the routine screening, diagnosis and treatment that ensure you're as healthy as possible. We're proud to offer you advanced treatment for a range of women's issues that you won't find at every obsetrician/gynecologist's office. Read on to learn about the advanced options we supply to keep you as healthy as possible.

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  City Farmington, NM
  Zip Code 87401
  Address 656 West Maple Str
  Phone Number (505) 327-2206

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My calling to women's health originated in a desire on my part to provide holistic care throughout every phase of a woman's life. It is exciting to share this with you through your important milestones of life and I will enjoy collaboration with you to create that unique treatment that empowers your to achieve your highest state of health. I enjoy my career and providing you with the excellence you deserve in care will be my sole objective. I provide patients with an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation in order to find solutions through collaboration that are best for you.

Listening to you forms an important part of my job. This is the only way that I can understand what you want and therefore set out to help you to achieve it. Spending time with you, without rushing, enables me to make a better diagnosis and to provide solutions appropriate for you. There is both honor and responsibility in sharing life-changing events with my patients. Such sharing, I believe, creates a positve attitude toward healing, enabling me to help you enjoy optimal health and a happier life experience.

I'm here to support you through every stage of life, providing you with information and tools in order for you to make decisions and actively participate in your own healthcare. Whatever brings you into the office I will listen and explain all in a fashion you can understand. I do want you to feel relaxed and know that you are in the safest environment that you can trust. I'm a mother myself, and I love sharing this special time with patients. My expertise is in handling high-risk pregnancies so in many ways I can ease your concerns allowing you to enjoy the joys of pregnancy.

I still get excited when the phone rings late at night, because a new miracle waits for me to participate in, during the delivery process. I am proud to be a part of it. It is extremely rewarding for me to build long-lasting relationships with each patient. I like to tell patients there is no right choice, but there is a right choice for you. Getting to know you in order to help guide you through a lifetime of health care allows me to treat you as an active participant in your own health care. I make it a priority to spend lots of time with each patient to provide the information and moral support for the best choices for your health.