Other services include MRI, x-ray and physical therapy. Other services include MRI, x-ray and physical therapy. Other services include MRI, x-ray and physical therapy. Other services include MRI, x-ray and physical therapy.

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  City Flagstaff, AZ
  Zip Code 86001
  Phone Number (928) 773-2280

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Did you know a shoulder can dislocate forward, backward, or downward? If you suffer a shoulder dislocation, it is important to see an orthopaedic surgeon to properly set it. Learn about our orthopaedic doctors here: http://ow.ly/VVZPu
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OUCH! We offer our Injury Care clinic to treat your urgent orthopaedic injuries because we know that when you hurt, you need treatment now. Learn more here: http://ow.ly/VVZJf
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Fill in the blank! Shoulder _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ is a shoulder condition characterized by the feeling of looseness in the shoulder and the shoulder giving out or dislocating. If you have a shoulder injury or condition, our shoulder experts at Flagstaff
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Did you know that March is National Athletic Training Month? Join us in thanking all of the area athletic trainers for all that they do! #NATM2016
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Along with spring comes cleaning! If you are doing some spring-cleaning, check out these safety tips: • Practice proper lifting techniques—lift with your legs and not your back • Make sure ladders are set on a solid and level surface • Read chemical
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Are you battling a cold this winter? Make sure to drink plenty of fluids and get some rest! How do you treat your colds?
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From Our Website

At Flagstaff Bone & Joint, we specialize in you. Our world-class team of orthopaedic experts is dedicated to providing you with the exceptional care you need for your bone, joint, or muscle injury or condition. Available in Flagstaff, Kingman, and Cottonwood, our orthopaedic providers offer exceptional care for the full spectrum of musculoskeletal issues-from your foot and ankle to your hand and wrist and everything in between. Additionally, our experts also specialize in joint replacement and revision, pain management, physical medicine and rehabilitation, orthobiologic procedures, sports medicine, and trauma.

Since 1978, our doctors at Flagstaff Bone & Joint have been dedicated experts, providing exceptional orthopaedic care for our patients in Flagstaff, Kingman, Cottonwood, and the surrounding areas. Offering exceptional care for bone, joint, and muscle injuries and conditions, we are committed to orthopaedic excellence. At Flagstaff Bone & Joint, we work together as a team to treat our patients. Our world-class team of experts is devoted to offering our patients specialized treatment plans that fit their individual needs and goals.

At Flagstaff Bone & Joint, we understand that your injury or condition may necessitate the use of durable medical equipment to ensure a fast and effective recovery. We will make a direct order for any equipment you may need so that you are provided with the highest-quality product at the most affordable price.

At Flagstaff Bone & Joint, we know that injuries occur when you least expect them. That's why our doctors and staff are proud to offer Same-Day Appointments & Walk-Ins at our Flagstaff office. This service is designed for patients that have not yet established a treatment plan with one of our providers.

As a recognized expert in orthopaedic care, Flagstaff Bone & Joint is committed to providing patients with access to the latest treatments and advanced techniques, such as electrodiagnostic testing. The knowledgeable physiatrist of Flagstaff Bone & Joint is trained and experienced in diagnosing, evaluating, and treating physical discomforts due to the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Whether you have radiating neck pain, back discomfort, physical numbness and weakness, muscle fatigue, or muscle cramping, our experts provide conservative methods and techniques for restoring your health and function.

Custom orthotics are specially made insert devices for your footwear, crafted specifically to your anatomy and designed to provide support and pain relief for your feet and ankles. Custom orthotics match the contours of your feet precisely and are formulated to your exact foot and ankle movements. Dr. Catlea Gorman, doctor of podiatric medicine, may prescribe orthotics to treat conditions producing pain, such as progressive foot deformities, plantar fasciitis, bursitis, or tendonitis. During your office visit, Dr. Gorman will conduct a thorough examination of your feet, ankles, and condition to determine your candidacy for orthotics.

We are pleased to offer Televisits as a means of providing top-notch care without requiring a physical visit in our office setting. These video-based appointments are performed from the privacy of your home with your personal smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop and allows you to interact directly with a Flagstaff Bone and Joint provider. We recommend you join a test Zoom meeting to familiarize yourself with Zoom and test your microphone, speakers, and video before joining your FBJ Zoom meeting.

A digital X-ray (digital radiology) is a form of X-ray imaging where digital X-ray sensors are used in place of traditional photographic film. Digital X-ray is used to diagnose conditions by taking pictures of the inside of the body. If you have any questions regarding our digital X-ray service, please call (928) 773-2280.