Dr. William Goldstein started his practice of general ophthalmology in 1994. He is a board-certified ophthalmologist. He was among the 1st surgeons in Michigan to perform LASIK surgery, with his 1st case in early 1996. His high success rate was speedily recognized by patients and other doctors. He is now considered one of the premier surgeons in the metro-Detroit area.

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  City Utica, MI
  Zip Code 48317
  Address 47670 Van Dyke Av
  Phone Number (586) 323-4144

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If you've ever struggled with poor vision or fumbled with eyeglasses and contact lenses, you already know you can't put a price on clear vision. That's why Dr. William Goldstein is passionate about providing his patients with the life-changing results that come with laser vision correction procedures. As the premier center for laser eye surgery in Shelby Township, MI, Oakland and Macomb counties, and surrounding communities, we have the experience and resources you want, with the expertise to assure you that your eyes - and your health - are in good hands.

Probably the most difficult step after a patient makes the decision to have LASIK surgery, is to decide which surgeon should do their surgery! How does a person decide which surgeon is the Best LASIK Surgeon in Michigan for them? We invite you to learn more about our practice in Detroit, MI, to see if our services can take care of your visual needs. One factor to consider is the source of your care. Did you spend all of your time with a technician or nurse? Or did the doctor personally take care of you?

Your vision is a precious gift and when choosing an eye doctor, you need someone who will extend the care and attention required to protect your eyes. It is important to find an eye doctor who you can trust. We understand you have many options available to you, so we appreciate you considering our office for your optical needs. At our practice, we strive to treat our patients as members of our family. We take an interest in you and work to find the treatment options that are best-suited to your specific needs.

The office of Dr. William Goldstein is proud of its staff, and the friendly, personal care that they provide to every patient. The Laser Eye Care Center is located in Shelby Township, Michigan and features an in-office laser eye care facility. Glaucoma, Diabetic Eye Disease, and secondary cataracts can be treated on site. Dr. Braden joined Dr. Goldstein's practice in July 2015. She graduated from the University of Missouri-St. Louis in 2009 after completing internships at Washington University, St. Louis University and TLC Laser Centers.

It can be frustrating to lose your glasses or contacts while running late for work, on vacation, or even just trying to leave the house. LASIK with a reputable doctor makes it possible to experience a new level of freedom in your daily life. Having to care for glasses or go through tedious daily rituals of placing and removing contacts can become a serious inconvenience. But after undergoing LASIK, you can eliminate the time needed to maintain delicate corrective eyewear. Patients often experience an exciting boost in confidence when they are no longer forced to rely on glasses or contacts for everyday activities.