We hope you'll find this information helpful in learning about our services. Heart of Lancaster is a complete service community hospital that opened in August of 2004. We pride ourselves on delivering the best quality care in all service areas. Our intense focus on client service and patient safety has created an exceptional healing environment.

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  City Lititz , PA
  Zip Code 17543
  Address 1500 Highlands Dr
  Phone Number (717) 625-5400

I took my son to the ER at The Heart of Lancaster Regional hospital on Saturday. I've been there before in the ER and aslo to the Women's Place for both of my children. My son was seen at our Pediatrician the night before and had a temp of 105.9, after following a long night of high temps it was recommended that I take him to the ER after meds and cool baths didn't help the fever. We were admitted to a room and immediately a male nurse, Peter started to take some information. I thought it odd that they didn't put a wrist band on my son and never asked once during the time what his name was or anything....bad bad practices!

Not once was I treated with respect from the nurses or the ER MD; Ovais Maqbool, they were rude and insensitive to both myself and my son. The MD instructed me rudely to start giving my son cold water sponge baths with a towel. Not once after almost an hour and a half did the MD or nurse come to check on the status of my son. After sitting and waiting for 2 hours a nurse came in and checked his temp and it was still 103.0, after another hour the MD came in and rudely once again instruct that I give him another cold sponge bath. This was not the beginning, the RN Peter upon admission was rude to my son and stated "If you don't put this under your tongue we're gonna have to do this the hard way, is that what you want?" It took grown male nurses to hold my 4 year old down to do a rectal temp, what happened to tympanic temps?

The MD came in and said rudely to me, "You have to show him who's boss, and I will show you." The MD and Peter, RN held my son down forcefully, the MD plugged my son's nose and Peter held his mouth open, the MD squirted liquid tylenol into his mouth, my son started choking, gagging and started to turn blue. Then it was decided to do tylenol suppositories, which Peter did with the help of another male RN, he was not gentle with administration. To say the least....My son was traumatized by this experience and so was I. Stay away from the Heart Of Lancaster, or at least the above MD.

Value for moneyER is not worth your time
Service & supportLack of Professionalism and bedside manner
QualityPoor at best
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