Whether in health, wellness or athletic advancements, Dr. Jennifer Lidstrom combines the skills and expertise that encompasses the whole chiropractic spectrum to assist you in your overall well-being. There have been great strides in the the diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries, muscular pain, every day aches, as well as chronic ailments.

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  City Cornelius, NC
  Zip Code 28031
  Address 17810 Statesville Rd Suite 312
  Phone Number (704) 896-8446

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From Our Website

Surrounded by Lake Norman in the heart of Cornelius, we have dedicated our practice to keeping up with the most effective and state of the art procedures that have proved significant results when many traditional therapies have failed. Just as each patient that walks through our door is unique, so is each treatment program which is tailored for each individual. Through utilizing a team approach that spans the expertise ofchiropractic care, physical rehab, soft tissue management, acupuncture/dry needling and nutrition, our highly trained staff is committed to delivering you better health and a better way of life.

We concentrate on being the best in chiropractic care-including massage therapy, spinal decompression, sports injury care, acupuncture, nutrition, motor sports rehab and much more. We also offer cutting-edge Graston technique to help break down scar tissue adhesions, increase range of motion and speed up the healing process. Recently listed in "Best of Charlotte" for chiropractic services, Dr. Jen Lidstrom has worked with some of the top NASCAR racers in the country to treat motor sports injuries, as well as many other types of ailments.

Acupuncture is used worldwide both as a primary and complementary form of medical treatment. The most common conditions we treat with acupuncture include allergies, headaches, anxiety and depression, fertility, pain and muscle spasms anywhere in the body. Acupuncture is among the oldest healing practices in the world. It's widely celebrated for its ability to restore and maintain health naturally through the stimulation of specific points on the body. The needles stimulate specific points in the body that activate the nervous system to release chemicals into the muscles, spinal cord, and brain.

At Lakeside Sports Chiropractic Center & Motorsports Rehab in Cornelius on the shores of Lake Norman, we offer nutrition counseling to help you lose weight, keep it off and stay as healthy as possible. Going to the chiropractor is not limited to adjustments, ultrasounds and other treatments most people associate with chiropractic care. As any doctor will tell you, what you eat is one of the most important aspects of maintaining overall health. A good diet is also key inpreventing diseases and conditions that can plague us if we are overweight.

Dr. Jennifer Lidstrom of Lakeside Sports Chiropractic Center and Motorsports Rehab grew up in a NASCAR-loving family. Thislove eventually led her to choose a career in chiropractic care and a home in the heart of racing-North Carolina. Located in Cornelius, with Lake Norman nearby, Lakeside Sports and Dr. Lidstrom specialize in helping athletes and everyday people who have been injured in motor sports - and want to return to the sports they love. During her career, Dr. Lidstrom has worked with NASCAR teams and U.S. Olympic Team athletes to ensure they are in top condition for competition.

Whether you're a professional athlete, enjoy the golf course, work out at the gym or head to the lake for a day of water sports, you areprone to injury. From wakeboards to race cars to the football field, our sports injury rehab will get your body back to where you want it to be. We provide care that is unsurpassed and unique to YOU as an individual patient. We want to get your body back to where it belongs and get you on the road to recovery as quickly as possible. We offer outstanding physical and occupational therapy for your sports injuries.

Maybe you've suffered injuries from an accident or playing sports - or it could be that you're having post-surgery discomfort. Even if your pain is as simple as muscle strains or headaches, we're here to offer you the best in chiropractic care. We use hands-on, therapeutic spinal manipulation to relieve your aches and pains. We believe that proper alignment of the body's structure will enable the body to heal itself without surgery. Our therapies are safe and effective, and many of our patients begin to start feeling improvement almost immediately after their first session.