Our ultimate goal is to get patients back into perfect shape in no time. We know how stressful any sort of surgery can be, so we aim to provide the most positive experience and all-around care for each patient. We walk you through each step of the process--focusing on patient education and a thorough explanation of both the diagnosis and treatment--to create a unique plan of care.

We believe in an all-around treatment plan including preventive coaching, non-surgical rehabilitation, as well as surgical procedures. We take pride in providing a nurturing environment for patients that is focused on setting their minds at ease, educating them on their choice of treatment solution, and exceeding their expectations.

Our dedicated team of orthopedic specialists uses the latest technologies to provide a wide range of services starting from management and therapy to surgical measures to correct shoulder disorders, knee disorders, spinal problems, ACL reconstruction, and much more. Visit us online at www.mocnyc.com or call us at 212-729-9590 to book your consultation.

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  Person Dr. Armin Tehrany
  City New York, NY
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  Address 515 Madison Avenue, Suite 1102
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Dr. Armin Tehrany

Orthopedic Surgeon and Founder

Dr. Armin Tehrany is one of New York's top orthopedic surgeons and continues to exceed patient expectations at Manhattan Orthopedic Care. Patients particularly comment on his positive bedside manner and care. Currently, Dr. Tehrany also serves as Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in Manhattan. In developing treatment plans for his patients, Dr. Tehrany seeks to use both surgical and nonsurgical methods--including therapy and injury prevention--in order to create an all-around orthopedic treatment solution.

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The treatment of these knee conditions depends on the complexity of the knee injury. In some cases knee surgery may be the only option. In others, it may be best to defer to physical therapy or other options. The care our orthopedic doctors provide to patients includes different types of knee procedures and knee surgeries. If the nature of the knee injury allows, we provide non-invasive treatments, which are less complex, without down-time so that patients may leave the surgery center the same day.

We are proud to say that our team of orthopedic specialists utilizes the advantages of the latest technologies and techniques to perfect the orthopedic procedures. This enables us to make the complete knee surgery process smooth, easy and painless.

Arthroscopic Chondroplasty
ACL Reconstruction
Lateral Release And Medial Imbrication
Loose Body Removal
Meniscus Repair
Microfracture Drilling Procedure For Isolated Chondral Defect
Knee Meniscectomy

Every shoulder injury has its own complexity which determines the treatment process. More complex injuries usually require a shoulder surgery, while less complex injuries are treated with physical or medical therapy. The team of orthopedic experts at Manhattan Orthopedic Care is capable of performing different types of orthopedic shoulder treatments, starting from non-surgical to the most complex shoulder surgeries. Following are the shoulder procedures performed at Manhattan Orthopedic Care:

Arthroscopic Bankart Repair
Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair
Shoulder Arthritis Debridement
Shoulder Impingement Surgery
Arthroscopic SLAP Repair
Arthroscopic Capsular Release
Biceps Tenodesis
Distal Clavicle Excision

Customer Testimonials

From start to finish, Dr. Tehrany and his staff were completely professional. He explained all of my options fully and answered all of my questions patiently. The day of my surgery, Dr. Tehrany again explained exactly what would happen, and made me feel completely at ease. I am very satisfied with the results I achieved and I fully recommend him.

I knew I was in good hands when I was told I needed to have an ACL surgery on my left knee and I was right! Dr Tehrany and Dr Stefan did an amazing job and here I am 6 months later, almost close to having my knee back to normal. They are very personable, have great bedside manners and I especially need to thank Dr Stefan in asking me to quickly get an ultrasound done when I complained regarding a calf pain after the surgery which turned out to be a DVT(clot). They have an amazing staff to support you with any queries with regards to insurance and they were upfront regarding out of pocket costs. Overall, I am a satisfied patient and I would wholeheartedly recommend this facility to all my friends!

Awesomeness! Professionalism..This was a self referral. I'm so blessed to have made the best decision ever choosing Dr. Tehrany. He recently performed knee surgery on me and the results are magnificent!! His entire staff is amazing. First time impression means so much when your in need of help and Dr. Tehrany and his PA Stephen really took great care of me and directed me on what was needed and took action. I would recommend his team to anyone who's looking for an Orthopedic knee and shoulder surgeon. Truly gifted and talented. Thank you so very much for your help in making me walk better, feeling appreciated and most of all very comfortable. Blessings to you all.

Dr Tehrany is a gifted Dr and surgeon. He was properly conservative in initial approach with my knee, and realistic and minimally invasive when it came to actual treatment. Following surgery, he and his professional and amazingly attentive staff have been available, proactive and helpful in my recovery. The level of care and professionalism is par to none. I would recommend Dr Tehrany to any with orthopedic knee and shoulder issues from minor with general pain to more severe knowing the appropriate course of action will be taken by him to help lead the patient to an improved quality of life and improved health.

Dr. Tehrany has performed three procedures for me. My shoulder and both knees. With each experience I was treated as if I was a family member.
From the staff in his office to the nurses in recovery and the follow up appointments with the Dr. the level of care was exceptional. I would recommend him to anyone!! He's the best!

Amazing is the first word that comes to mind when describing Dr. Tehrany and his entire staff. They are all extremely patient and kind, making sure I understood every aspect of my injuries, the surgery and my health insurance. I was originally nervous about going ahead with surgery, but everyone's reviews online and the kindness of the staff helped put my worries to rest. It is a decision that I do not regret.

My experience with Dr. Tehrany was very positive! He performed shoulder surgery that went extremely well, and 6 months after the procedure I have full mobility and am working on building strength that I didn't have before my injury (due to indoor rock climbing). He was very thorough in his explanations and answers before the surgery, and because of that I felt vey confident going into the procedure. His forecast of "You could be climbing in 4-6 weeks" was overly optimistic; it was at least 4 months (with regular PT) before I was ready for climbing.
Otherwise my experience with him was all positive; I can highly recommend his services.

Dr. Tehrany and his staff are excellent. I had a really great experience having him do my knee surgery. He was helpful in my understanding of what needed to happen, and really helped allay my worries. I absolutely recommend them to anyone who can use his talents.

My experience with Dr. Tehrany and his office was excellent. Dr. Tehrany is a very knowledgeable doctor and skilled surgeon. Dr. Tehrany and his P.A. Stephan were both very personable with a great bedside manner and they both really took the time to explain all options and answer any questions. The entire staff in the Manhattan office were all nice, easy to work with and very helpful. Dr. Tehrany preformed surgery on my knee (torn meniscus) and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. The surgery was fast, recovery smooth, he fixed my knee, no more pain and even better with no scar. I would highly recommend Dr. Tehrany to my friends/family and anyone else looking for a wonderful orthopedic surgeon.


Orthopedic Surgery And Orthopedic Specialist

http://mocnyc.com - Dr. Armin Tehrany shares his opinion on what makes an orthopedic surgeon competent to do arthroscpoic shoulder surgery.

One must do in my opinion at least fifty to a hundred arthroscopic shoulder procedures a year.

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It's time for an educational Q&A Session with Dr. Armin Tehrany :)We start with a question that concerns all sports enthusiasts during winter :)
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"Dr. Tehrany took the time to not only diagnose my injury, but also took the time to talk me through and direct me to the best PT professionals to get me back on track, healed, and back up and running (literally!)" says Kathleen in her candid
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According to a 2010 study published in the North American Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, women who participate in jumping and pivoting sports are four to six times more prone to ACL tears than men.
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Why is the MRI Review important?
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Excellent bedside manner. All explanations are clear and given with patience. Conservative treatment approach to avoid unneeded surgery was most welcome, says Eugene in hist testimonial after the patellar tendonitis treatment at Manhattan Orthopedic Care
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I had a really great experience having Dr. Tehrany do my knee surgery, said Justin in his candid review he published on Google. We are thrilled to see him happy and able to enjoy his favorite activities pain-free.
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Your body places significant pressure on your knees. Maintaining a healthy weight enables a proper function of the knees with the amount of pressure they can bear. Any increase in weight can pose a serious risk to the health of the knees because it puts
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If you are a runner, then you are familiar with this knee condition. :)In this video, Dr. Armin Tehrany explains the causes and symptoms of Runner's Knee or Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, and describes the available treatment options.
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Multiple shoulder injuries are hard to play through, especially for sports enthusiasts who are used to being constantly on the move and active. David Apel had an appointment with Dr. Armin Tehrany after his mountain biking accident that resulted in multiple shoulder injuries. David had suffered an AC joint displacement, torn ligaments, a partially detached. Choosing the right orthopedic doctor can be a real challenge. Oftentimes, the choice is restricted by the insurance plan, making it even harder to find the professional who will carefully listen to patient's needs and completely devote themselves to providing a successful treatment.

At Manhattan Orthopedic Care, we join our knowledge, skills, and experience to provide superior care, treatment, and attention to all patients. We strive to nurture a family-like environment where patients can calmly focus on their recovery. In his primary goal to help people enjoy healthy and pain-free life, Dr. Tehrany is supported by his amazing team! They are all greatly experienced in all areas of healthcare.

In the midst of the Rio 2016 World Olympics, the Wall Street Journal takes an interesting perspective on the Olympics and explores what would happen if Olympian Michael Phelps were to hang all of his 22 gold medals around his neck. The WSJ sports editor asked our orthopedic surgeon Dr. Armin Tehrany to discuss the possible impact this would have on Phelps' neck and knees. Phelps, who has celebrated the highest achievements in four different Olympics starting from Athens 2004 until this year's leading sporting event in Rio 2016, is a proud owner of gold medals which weigh approximately 13.5 pounds in total.