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  City Prattville, AL
  Zip Code 36066
  Phone Number (334) 361-8225

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Every cell in your body functions like a car; it has its own engine. You can put in the best gasoline (food) and the best oil (vitamins/minerals); but if you throw sand (chemical toxins and heavy metals) in the motor, the first two won't matter. At Medac, PC we focus on helping to get the sand out of your motor. We also help with the food and the oil so that your motor can hum and run in the optimal way it was designed. We believe everyone deserves affordable VIP service. You deserve a physician that listens and is dedicated to helping you restore your health and wellness.

With over 25 years experience as a Family Practioner, Dr. Strickland provides patient focused care for your child, yourself, your parents and grandparents.