We look ahead to delivering care and treatment to you and those you love utilizing all of the finest evaluation tools and treatment that a modern orthopedic office can supply. Whether we see you in East Setauket or Wading River or Riverhead or Patchogue, you can be sure of our dedication to supply comprehensive orthopedic care.

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From professional athletes to the everyday heroes, our physicians and clinical staff work together to ensure that you have an individualized experience from the minute you schedule your appointment to the time you leave our office healed and reaching your desired outcome. Complete Orthopedics is a unique group of dedicated surgeons and staff. While we understand well that there are numerous orthopedic practices in the region, we take pride in our success stories for one reason: it is a complete experience of care and compassion.

Welcome to Complete Orthopedics, an orthopedic surgery center specializing in limb reconstruction and joint replacement surgery. Our orthopedic surgery practice offers state-of-the-art orthopedic care including hip replacement, anterior hip replacement, custom knee replacement, and other orthopedic services. We are based in New York City and Long Island and have operating privileges for 6 hospitals in the area. At Complete Orthopedics, our philosophy is that for each and every patient, there is a unique opportunity to provide them with the highest level of orthopedic care.

Dr. Vaksha is one of our surgeons, and he has clinical fellowship training in Spine, Sports and Arthroscopic surgery, and over 15 years of experience with Spine and Sports Surgery. Back pain is a result of a number of things going wrong with our body. The muscles controlling the multiple joints of the spine and pelvis become either too weak to control movement of the joints or too tight to allow normal excursions of joints that are designed to move. This results in the loads going through the spine increasing to the point where ligaments get inflamed, discs herniate, spurs develop and nerves get impinged upon.

Everyone experiences knee pain from time to time. But if the pain is severe, impacting your daily life, or accompanied by swelling, tenderness or redness, it's time to see a doctor. At Complete Orthopedics, our team of orthopedic knee doctors specialize in knee pain treatment and surgery. We can discuss your symptoms, diagnose the problem, and provide you with the best course of action for knee treatment or surgical repair. Based in New York City and Long Island with operating privileges in six hospitals, we're fully equipped to provide state-of-the-art knee surgery and orthopedic services.

Our physicians trained at the best hospitals and universities in the country, They are fellowship trained in each of their chosen orthopedic sub-specialty, sports medicine, joint replacement, spine, and pediatric orthopedics. We work together as a team to evaluate your diagnosis and treatment plan. For unusual or challenging conditions, you will often be introduced to another physician and receive a second opinion before even leaving our office. Complete Orthopedics offers the expertise of a larger group with the dedication and teamwork to provide more personal attention and care, we don't only offer "bankers hours" we offer same day, weekend and evening appointments at several locations of our practice to ensure our patients are able to be seen.

You can see all of our FAQ's separated into sections. All of the doctors here at Complete Orthopedics are working to answer as many questions as they can, and have currently been focusing on questions about the spine, shoulder and knee. Dr. Karkare has also answered multiple hip & knee replacement FAQs here.