The chiropractic aid line provides free recorded information on a range of topics. Chiropractic is a health care profession that focuses on disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system, and the effects of these disorders on general health.

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  City Rutland, VT
  Zip Code 05701
  Address 245 Stratton Rd
  Phone Number (802) 775-6961

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ortho said today both radius and ulna healing nicely= no surgery.Probably be alllowed to straighten my arm next week Good chiros covering for me part time until...?
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Happy New Year! If your resolution this year is to exercise more, you're not alone. Along with paying down debt, spending more time with family and friends and enjoying life (this year's number one resolution), being more active always makes the top of
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Turmeric: Doctors Say This Spice Is a Brain Health Miracle Discover the Simple Natural Solution to Lifelong Cognitive Health powder header image By Joshua Corn, Editor-in-Chief of the Live in the Now Natural Health Newsletter Are you concerned about maintaining
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Here’s how patients can take a larger part in their own care Resize Text Print Article Comments 0 (Pete Ryan for The Washington Post) By Suzanne Allard Levingston November 30 There are many ways for patients to become more engaged in health care. “People
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Chiropractic Care Grows, and Gains Acceptance By KATHERINE ELLISON OCTOBER 5, 2015 11:00 AM October 5, 2015 11:00 am 202 Comments Email Share Tweet Save More Photo Credit Kimberly Murton After injuring my tailbone in an ill-advised spin class, I made
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There is no single trigger for a subluxation or misalignment of the spine. They can occur after an accident, while doing housework or exercise, or even after sleeping in an uncomfortable position. For common subluxations, a chiropractor will locate the
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Your spine is made up of many joints and vertebrae that allow you to have a wide range of motion. However, trauma and repetitive injury can throw these joints and vertebrae out of alignment, which will seriously hamper your movement. Fortunately, a chiropractor
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What is vertebral subluxation complex? VSC refers to the combination of symptoms and conditions that arise when bones in the spine move out of their normal position and place pressure on or irritate critical spinal nerves.
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From Our Website

Physical Rehabilitation & Health Center in Rutland, VT provides the best care to patients through the expertise of Dr. Maurice J Cyr. Our chiropractic website is especially designed for health-conscious folks in Rutland, Killington and Pittsford. As a chiropractor, I get to help people who suffer from a variety of health issues. Naturally, chiropractic helps traditional neck and back problems, but chiropractic has also produced wonderful results with a variety of organic and systemic problems. Chiropractic is safe.

Our priority is to do a great job so that you will get better quickly and to educate you about what you can do for preventative care and also the importance of wellness care. To accomplish that goal we start with a very thorough examination. The first visit at our office you should expect to spend an hour and a half. We are always pleased when a new patient says, Wow! No one ever examined me that thoroughly. The benefits of doing an excellent exam are that you can be sure that we haven't missed anything, we will find the underlying cause of your problem and we will often find other contributing factors that you may not have been aware of.