The difference between Us and other Chiropractors Most people don't know that there are two types of chiropractors. Although they go by the same name, chiropractors today differ greatly in technique and philosophy. Many chiropractors merely work on back pain symptoms alone, using manipulation, electrotherapies, tens units and ultrasound. When symptoms improve, the patient assumes their spinal alignment is fixed. In most cases the spinal joints have merely been decompressed and pain is temporarily relieved. In our clinic, we actually correct the spinal alignment back to its normal model and show you the results with Before and After X-Rays.

The spine must be in its normal alignment to maximize nerve integrity and insure proper stability and function. Similar to a car's wheel, if the spine is left out of alignment, it will progressively wear and tear even if there may be no symptoms. Over time however, the discs, joints and nerves will wear out just like a car tire, axle and bearing. Eventually there may be symptoms and permanent damage. When we correct the spine's alignment, we utilize a three dimensional postural analysis to identify the relationships between the head, torso, hips, legs and feet. Full spinal x-rays are taken and angle and arc measurements are compared to the normal model.

The secret to correcting the spine's alignment involves changing nerve muscle memory by influencing slow and fast nerve receptors to tell muscles to pull differently, thus aligning the vertebrae. Three dimensional postural specific adjusting, mirror image exercises and simple office and home rehab are done with predicable results. When the spine's alignment is restored to its normal model, not only are symptoms relieved, but long standing spinal correction is achieved for better stability and function.

A simple maintenance program is given to each patient so they can maintain their normal spinal alignment throughout their lifetime. So five, ten years from now you are not suffering from degeneration, arthritis, nerve damage, disc problems and possible permanent damage. Maintaining a correction is smarter and more cost effective then managing a problem which can inevitably become permanent.

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  City Lakewood, CO
  Zip Code 80226
  Address 8015 West Alameda Avenue, Suite 270
  Phone Number (720) 493-5885

Customer Testimonials

I have had a huge problem with migraines and hip issues most of my life and have had so many things done and tried to correct the problems.... well in February I started have problems with the hip and migraines again. So I called Dr. Jumper a few weeks ago. Which I was shocked to actually have a Doctor answer his own phones. So I went in to see him and he was amazing with me. I have a big fear of being hurt since it had happened in the past. He explained everything to me in detail and has had alot of patience with me through the past 5 visits. In that time I went from not walking and standing for more then 5 minutes at a time.... to now being able to walk around and do small amounts of my normal life. My pain has went from a 8 at all time to nothing above a 5. In only 5 visits. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Jumper to anyone that will listen. Thank you for everthing you have and will continue to do Dr. Jumper to help improve my health.

Dr. Jumper was very thorough with my first exam. He performed Xrays and looked over previous blood work to see how he can help with my health. He has a passion for what he does. He is great with bone and joint pain and also with ways to improve health. He is not out to push drugs like doctors. I believe he wants to better everyone's life that comes through his door. His equipment seems to be very modern and I was surprised to see a foot machine to see how your foot is arched. A few years ago I had severe foot pain and would not have thought to go to a chiropractor to resolve the problem. I think there are times everyone should see a chiropractor and look at alternatives. I believe I have made the right choice to see him and hoping for a great future.

I have been seeing Dr. Jumper for almost ten years. I first started seeing him when I was 15 experiencing severe hypoglycemic or low blood sugar episodes. None of the "mainstream" M.D.s could explain why I was having these bouts of low blood sugar and I was passing out/fainting up to three times a day. I am extremely happy to say that after being under Dr. Jumper's care, it has been years since the last time I have passed out! Dr. Jumper always cares and listens to whatever problem I am experiencing no matter how big or small it may seem and always has a plan to fix it.

I am very skeptical of Chiropractors having seen a lot of bad ones for my back issues. Dr. Jumper is the real deal. He is one of the most professional and knowledgeable Chiropractors I have encountered. He is very compassionate and listens to what your problem is and then he addresses the problem directly. I'm a former Rugby player, and I completely messed up my upper and lower spine from years of trauma to it. Dr. Jumper very methodically put everything back into place, and I feel great - the best I've felt in years. I highly recommend him!!!

I was in excruciating pain, all down my left leg, butt and foot. My MRI showed a severely bulging disc. My family doctor and my then chiropractor all suggested surgery, which I strongly opposed. My daughter suggested I see Dr. Jumper. He immediately took X-Rays and explained what he could do for me and I that I would not be in need of surgery. Three weeks of treatment with Dr. Jumper and my pain went from a 10 to a 2. I could walk, swim and stand without consequence. I will need additional treatment to get my hips and spine straight, but he assures me of no surgery and that I will be skiing and back bike riding in no time. Finally a doctor who actually cares about his patients and is deeply concerned for there recovery. Thank you!

Amazing... Wouldn't go to any other place. They are the most friendliest people and always take care of you.

I have very poor, difficult and exhausting gait, which I have accepted as part of MS (my original diagnosis in 2007) and the residual foot drop. Dr Jumper recognizes all of the intricate pieces to the gait and foot drop puzzle and has improved my gait! With his determination to re-train my brain and spine, I can actually walk very short distances with an almost-normal-appearing effort. I have only been seeing him for several weeks, so I am very excited about my new path of health with Dr Jumper. I realize he will not be able to cure my disease, but he will always be the quarterback on my team in my fight against this disease!
Dr Jumper is not only passionate about what he does and improving the lives of his patients, but he is also dedicated and extremely knowledgeable in his field! He not only treats the spine, he treats the whole being!

Cannot say enough positive about the treatment Dr. Jumper has provided. At my first appointment I could barely walk because of several spine and hip problems. Our first consultation was very thorough and informative. He developed a specific treatment plan and has discussed my progress at every visit. I'm out of pain and walking well. Getting ready to take a cruise. They are a patient friendly practice and care about your success. Thanks Dr. Jumper and I look forward to continuing our work together.

Jason is Amazing, I've been going for 2 years to Jason for Mid and Upper back pains, and just recently for Severe Neck Pain which He resolved In 2 visits. I highly recommend Jason ,Vickie is always so nice and accommodating .Now that I have found Them, I wouldn't go anywhere else. Thank you Jason and Vickie !!

I had stopped at two other chiropractors in Belmar. One didn't do anything, and the other wouldn't do what I felt I needed and wanted. I called renew (at 5:30 pm) and he had me in and out before I knew it.he took the time to get to know me and had things feeling good very quickly. I will be back. Awesome job!

I'm a very logic-brained Engineer and was a little skeptical about going to a Chiropractor for the first time. All my worries were put to rest on the first visit because Dr. Jumper was able to show me the cold, hard facts of what was wrong after an in-office X-Ray.

I came in with an injury from a car accident, Dr. Jumper and Vicky were very knowledgeable and helpful with billing the car Insurance company directly, which was great because I would have no idea how to do it otherwise.

Dr. Jumper continues to impress me with the time he's willing to spend reviewing my patient files to make sure I'm getting the best care he can give, it's quite refreshing after being a long time member of Kaiser where that isn't always the case.

Most recently Dr. Jumper reviewed my latest round of blood tests and noticed several things that my Primary Care Physician didn't even mention. He's working with me on a custom tailored nutrition and supplement plan to get my cholesterol down (among other things), not just with "Eat right and Exercise" like my PCP has been saying for years, but actually by fixing my liver, adrenal, and thyroid glands which are showing as 'out of range' as well, but once back in balance should fix the cholesterol pretty much on their own. I had no idea how all these things were so interconnected, but by taking the time to look and with his background and knowledge Dr. Jumper was able to piece it all together, very impressive!

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Check out this 5 star Facebook review by Ron Carda: I was in excruciating pain, all down my left leg, butt and foot. My MRI showed a severely bulging disc. My family doctor and my then chiropractor all suggested surgery, which I strongly opposed. My daughter
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Were you recently injured in a car accident or hurt while playing sports? Renew Chiropractic specializes in relieving the symptoms of automobile accident and sports injuries. Whiplash, back pain, neck pain, migraines, and other issues can all be symptoms of auto and sports related injuries. Neck and back pain can be a daily burden. Denver area chiropractor Dr. Jason Jumper uses proven techniques to target the source of your pain. The goal is to provide long-term relief from symptoms of neck and back pain.

Renew Chiropractic offers a diverse range of chiropractic care services to the Denver CO area. Patients can seek relief from neck pain, back pain, headaches, migraines, herniated discs, bulging discs, and other issues, for example. We also treat whiplash injuries, car accident injuries, and sports injuries, among other conditions. Whether you're suffering from TMJ, sciatica, scoliosis, or general pain and discomfort, we're confident our chiropractic services can put you on the path towards recovery.

Our form asks straightforward questions about your health and current issue. We want to know the reason - or reasons - you're visiting our clinic. We also ask basic questions about your social history, your family history, and your chiropractic history - if any. The goal of our patient form is simple: chiropractic is a holistic profession that treats your body as an integrated unit. By getting the full picture of your overall health, we're able to address your issue in the most effective way possible.