L ocated in the middle of pretty Sedona, the Sedona Center for Complementary Medicine offers an exceptional blend of ancient healing arts combined with modern medicine. Medical Director, Lester Adler, MD, with over twenty five years of practice knowledge in Integrative/Complementary Medicine, is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and is a licensed homeopathic physician.

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  City Sedona, AZ
  Zip Code 86336
  Address 210 South Sunset Driv # A
  Phone Number (928) 282-2520

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Lea's expertise combines technical weight loss know-how with the gentle art of behavioral change. Have a clear understanding about stress management or nutrition or weight loss, healthy habits, and life balance. Get yourself the support and connection that makes a significant difference. For short term rapid weight loss, she uses protocols from the Center for Medical Weight Loss. For sustained life style changes, she employs real food, functional approach and hybrid plans. Utilizing the latest in medical research on metabolism, her clients make huge changes in their health and mental outlook.

Energy Healing encompasses a wide range of modalities. The common thread: the invisible currents that flow through our body can be detected and affected. We are energy fields at our core. Some people train to perceive them through color, shape, movement, sound, temperature, and radiance. Reading these fields uncovers a personal story to be told. As a medical doctor since 1972, Dr. Adler wrestled with the nagging question of whether something undetectable by modern science might be contributing to some of his clients' chronic conditions.