There are many new and exciting methods of treating spinal disease. Some of these are in the conservative realm, some minimally invasive, and still others are traditional surgical methods utilizing cutting edge technology. One such cutting edge technology is total disc replacement that can take the place of a traditional spinal fusion and preserve motion for the patient.

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Knowing when to use ice and when to use heat for #pain treatment is important. Picking the wrong one is not only ineffective but also can sometimes worsen the underlying issue. If you use ice or heat to treat your pains at home, please review
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Did your Mom ever ask you to stand up straight? Do it because posture is important to your health! If you have #PostureProblems, here are a few posture and lifestyle tips:
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Deciding to have surgery is a major choice. If you are considering surgical treatment, please review to better understand our healthcare team’s duties, your responsibilities as a patient, and what to expect during a hospital recovery.
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Humor is #healthy!
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A spinal disc is like a jelly donut: solid on the outside but viscous on the inside. When the soft center of a disc leaks through the external casing, it is called a herniated disc. To learn more about how herniated discs are diagnosed and treated, visit
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What is a physiatrist? They are rehabilitation physicians who treat injuries or illnesses that affect how you move. Learn more about our doctors who are certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) at
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To prevent lower back pain, spend 15 minutes per day doing these simple exercises: If you need additional help or are concerned you may have a serious injury or condition, call (210) 614-6432 to make an appointment.
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While some are at higher risk than others, arthritis impacts people from all walks of life. Here are nine famous athletes who overcame arthritis!
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The goal of the doctors, nurses, and staff at the South Texas Spinal Clinic is to provide the very best orthopedic care to the communities of San Antonio and South Texas. Through excellent communication and consistent interaction between the staff and patient, the care at each of the 11 locations of South Texas Spinal Clinic is both professional and compassionate. The healthcare professionals at South Texas Spinal Clinic are thoroughly trained and educated in orthopedic medicine, spinal orthopedic medicine, physical medicine, and rehabilitation, allowing them to bring a combination of considerable experience and expertise to every patient.

While laser surgery sounds futuristic, it's been one of the go-to tools in minimally invasive surgeries for years. At South Texas Spinal Clinic, the surgeons are well versed in laser technology, which they use to minimize tissue damage for their patients in San Antonio or South Texas. If you need to have spinal surgery, call or book an appointment online to learn more about the advantages of laser surgery. With traditional open surgery on your spine, the doctor makes a long incision and pulled your muscles apart to gain access to the treatment area.

Do you struggle with chronic lower back pain? If so, your sacroiliac (SI) joint may be the source. The doctors at South Texas Spinal Clinic in San Antonio and South Texas offer expert diagnosis and treatment of low back pain, including sacroiliac joint dysfunction or sacroiliitis. If you suffer from chronic lower back pain, call or book an appointment online today. This joint acts as a shock absorber by protecting your spine from the impact of sudden movements. Clinical studies has found the SI joint is a major source of pain in 15-30% of patients with low back pain and is commonly a pain source in up to 43% of patients with new or continued low back pain after a lumbar fusion.

There are 360 joints in your body, which all work hard to provide you with mobility, support, and range of motion. Your joints undergo an incredible amount of wear and tear, which can sometimes leave them unable to function correctly. To replace your worn joint, South Texas Spinal Clinic offers joint replacement surgery to their patients in San Antonio or South Texas. If you think you're a candidate for joint replacement, call or book an appointment using the scheduling tool. While joint replacement may conjure up images of bionic parts, the reality is not far off (minus the extra bionic strength).

When a spinal problem cuts into your quality of life by leaving you in pain and limiting your mobility, orthopedic surgery may be your answer. As specialists in spinal surgery, the orthopedic surgeons at South Texas Spinal Clinic have the extensive training and experience you can rely on when you need orthopedic surgery. To get an expert evaluation of your condition and to talk about whether you're a good candidate for surgery, call their office in the San Antonio or South Texas area or book an appointment online.

When your muscles and joints are damaged and painful, the best way to rehabilitate them and return to health is with physical therapy. The physicians and licensed physical therapists at South Texas Spinal Clinic offer structured exercise, manual therapies, and state-of-the-art technology to support your rehabilitation and get you back to the lifestyle you enjoy. To learn more about the benefits of physical therapy, call their practice in the San Antonio or South Texas area or use online booking to schedule a consultation.

If you're suffering from chronic and severe low back pain, a laminectomy may provide the relief you're longing for. The doctors at South Texas Spinal Clinic have extensive experience with this surgical procedure, which removes the source of your nerve irritation. If you've tried everything else and your pain persists, explore this option with an expert spine specialist. To get started, call the San Antonio or South Texas office nearest you or schedule an appointment using the convenient online booking tool.

Osteoporosis tends to sneak up on you because it doesn't cause symptoms until your weakened bones fracture. The orthopedic surgeons at South Texas Spinal Clinic have years of experience diagnosing and treating osteoporosis, including teaching patients how to prevent osteoporosis-related fractures. If you have questions or you'd like to schedule a consultation, please call their office in the San Antonio or South Texas area, or book an appointment online. James W. Simmons III, DO and Annette Gantz, NP-C are both Fracture Liaison Certified Specialists.