At Stewart Chiropractic Center, we consider how the human body functions as a whole. In particular, we focus on the nervous system, because it is the master control center for the body.

All day long, our brains are sending messages throughout our nervous systems telling our hearts to beat, our lungs to breathe, and our stomachs to digest. The best part is, we don’t have to think about it!

Now consider this: if your nervous system is responsible for controlling all of the functions of the body, then a healthy and functioning nervous system is a crucial component of a healthy and functioning body. Makes sense, right?

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  City Hendersonville, TN
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  Address 326 New Shackle Island Road, Suite 100
  Phone Number (615) 447-5088
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Our Hendersonville chiropractors evaluate your nervous system to determine how well your body is functioning overall. We look for spinal misalignments, which can cut off vital impulses from the brain to organs and tissues, which can result in adverse health consequences.
A good chiropractor can help improve several conditions, such as:
High blood Pressure
Complicated or difficult pregnancy

Once we have created a complete picture of your health and the alignment of your spine, we will create a customized corrective care plan with your specific recommendations for spinal and neurological correction.
Over the course of corrective care, your spine will ideally have improved range of motion and mechanics, which will decrease the pressure and tension in your nervous system. Through chiropractic care, we have not only helped our practice members become free of pain, but we’ve helped them achieve a life of optimum health!

Customer Testimonials

I love these people. They are loving, caring and kind. They are intentional about making sure you feel welcomed in their office. They work with you on scheduling conflicts and offer so much grace I wanna cry. Dr Sam Stewart is awesome. He's professional and a gentleman. He's always on task but takes care of questions too. He helped me understand the science and facts before the sessions. His wife, Dr Clare Stewart is wonderful as well. Love her! Right now, I've completed 1/4 of my treatment sessions and feel so much better. If you are a doubter like I used to be, I encourage to visit with them via consultation. You won't be disappointed!

I have been to three chiropractors since moving to Hendersonville. No one is as thorough as the folks here at Stewart not to mention easy to reschedule your appointment if you have to. Friendly staff and great doctor make this place #1 in my book... did I mention you WILL see results?! Well, you will.

Your life and the lives of your family members will be forever changed by the people in this place and the care they provide! I highly recommend Stewart Chiropractic Center to anyone who feels utterly hopeless or desperate about your current health situation. You were not designed to live that way! The Docs and the Team at SCC will take the time to educate you and care for you like family! We love SCC!

I went from having to hold onto furniture to walk to no back spasms in a matter of a couple visits. I continue to make progress and feel better than I have in years. The staff is top notch in all categories.

Our family is so grateful for Stewart Chiropractic. Getting regular chiropractic adjustments helped me have a virtually pain free labor and delivery with our son, helps prevent and manage any Gastroparesis symptoms that I have, and keeps my immune system functioning the way it should. Our entire family goes regularly. The staff is caring and the office is pristine and welcoming.

My family has been completely changed by Stewart Chiropractic. My daughters very first adjustment, she walked out telling me she could breathe deeper. At the time she was taking 2 nebulizers a day for her asthma, and now after a few months she doesn't use any inhalers at all.

Dr. Sam and Dr. Clare are both very sweet, caring, knowledgeable, awesome chiropractors! They will educate you well, they do excellent treatment, and they work with you on your individual needs. They focus on healing and helping you to have a good back/neck/shoulder. I highly recommend them for anybody in Metro Nashville. 5 stars for sure!

We LOVE Dr Sam and Dr Claire! This place is GREAT! They have the most friendly and caring staff around. I have no where near as much shoulder and upper back pain and my daughter's stomach problems have ceased to exist! My 8yr old son was having headaches regularly also and that too has stopped! We are more than pleased with the care we have received here!

Without a doubt the best chiropractors in this state! I seen phenomenal results with my low back and allergy issues!! The doctors and staff are so caring and professional. They have an unending love and attitude towards every person that walks in their office! They are so knowledgeable about your body, nervous system, and how it's functioning. Truly getting to the cause of the problem, while never leaving a question or concern unanswered! I tell everyone about them!

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Chiropractors treat the root cause of your pain rather than masking over it with drugs or surgery! #chiropractorhendersonville
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:: PASTOR APPRECIATION WEEK :: This week at Stewart Chiropractic Center we have a special gift for the Pastor's in our community! Check out today's hand out! **Tag a Pastor you know who would benefit from the care we offer in our office! #stewartchiropracticcenter
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::LAST DAY TO GET ADJUSTED BEFORE THANKSGIVING WEEK:: Come on in!!! We're open today 10-1 and 3-6!
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:: D O C T O R K R I S T E N R A S :: Our team wouldn't be the same without her! She loves all of our practice members incredibly and is helping Drs. Sam and Clare Stewart bring hope and healing to the Middle Tennessee area! Check out these fun fact!!
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: : 5 Y E A R A N N I V E R S A R Y : : We recently celebrated our 5 year anniversary! Our team feels so blessed that we've had the opportunity to serve so many individuals and families - and see the truth about health come to fruition in many lives.
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:: HAPPY HALLOWEEN :: Bring in your children this evening for their healthy adjustments from Bert, Ernie and Elmo, with special customer service from the rest of the Sesame Street crew! All costumes welcome!
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Today we close at 4PM! We will not be back open until Monday Oct 9th at 10 AM so don't miss out on your specific adjustment today! • • • #StewartChiropracticCenter #gostrewarthealth #hendersonville #TN #hope #healing #chiropractor
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From Our Website

Our vision is to equip the Greater Nashville community with higher health through completely natural, neurologically-based chiropractic care that allows the body to heal itself - from the inside out. We focus on locating and correcting the cause of your health concern, not just providing temporary relief of your symptoms. We are a family at Stewart Chiropractic, so we are both well-suited and eager to serve other families. Whether you are in pain from a recent trauma, seeking higher athletic performance, an expectant mother wanting a healthy pregnancy and birth, or a family of 6+ - we are here for you, and are committed to seeing all of you thrive in health.

At Stewart Chiropractic Center, our examinations procedures are geared toward detection and correction of the "Vertebral Subluxation." Please read and sign all other forms as well. A one-on-one consultation will be conducted to discuss your health issues and goals, uncover the layers of past damage/trauma and to help determine the cause of your health issues. A comprehensive chiropractic evaluation and Neurological Diagnostic Testing will be performed to further determine the exact cause of your health problems.

Please thoroughly fill out the first-page symptom list, describing your top 5 symptoms all the way across. Please complete and sign all pages. Use Adobe Acrobat Reader to fill out the file (instead of opening it with the default previewing app on your computer), because you will need to sign it electronically. On iOS, tap the sharing icon and choose "Copy to Adobe Fill & Sign". On Android, open Adobe Fill & Sign and tap the icon to select a form. Choose "From PDF File" and select the file you just downloaded (it's probably in your Recent list).