Dr. Habiba Tunau's internal medicine practice focuses on delivering quality medical care for patients 17 years and older. Along with internal care, Dr. Tunau supplies vaccinations, preventative care, and physicals for people in the Laurinburg area. Our practice provides evening and weekend hours for patients, so there's no need to fully reschedule your life for an appointment.

Contact Details

  City Laurinburg, NC
  Zip Code 28352
  Address 1709 Berwick Dr
  Phone Number (910) 266-0062

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What do you see when you look at this picture? Be honest. Do you just see Black people? Africans? Foreigners? Non-Americans? Or do you see a family of proud immigrants, Black excellence; or Wakanda might possibly be a real place? Well, in fairness, you may not know our story, and in light of all the civil and racial unrest going on around the world, it is probable that your perspective on race has changed. This picture was taken in 2018. As the weather heats up we crave something cool and if you are like me you sometimes want something sweet as well.

I am also a wife and mother of 3 teenage children who manages to find balance between my medical career and creative pursuits. I have always straddled the line between science and the arts and in college I was Premed with an independent major in Theater. When not taking care of patients I am either writing or recording a Youtube video. My lifestyle content is reflective of my diverse multicultural upbringing - thanks to my Nigerian and Jamaican parents and my Vietnamese-American husband. As you can imagine a significant part of my life has been spent in school, from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY to Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC and New York Presbyterian in Manhattan, NY.