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Mission Statement We aim to fulfill the individual aims of our patients to reach their most individual desire for appearance enhancement and well being from the inside out. Please visit our Products and Service section.

O R T H O P A E D I C S U R G E R Y A specialty of medicine dealing primarily with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of muscles, bones, joints, and associated structures.

Flu shots are now available through the Gardner Health Network clinics. Through its seven clinics, Gardner supplies comprehensive primary health care and behavioral services committed to improving the health status of low and moderate-income communities in Santa Clara County. Read the Gardner Brochure to learn more about our services.

To schedule an ophthalmology or facial plastic surgery consultation, contact the Center for Eye Care & Cosmetic Surgery in San Jose. People notice your eyes when they look at you. What are your eyes saying about you? Sun damage, wrinkles, and sagging skin can all contribute to a face that looks tired, sad, or angry. Brighten your eyes and your entire face will light up!

News: Helping Hearts in Gilroy Dr. Wu is the 1st internal medicine physitian in Gilroy to use BioZ, and he said he's thrilled with the technology's abilities and benefits to gain far beyond conventional technology. While a basic clinical exam is capable to detect information for heart rate and blood pressure, BioZ targets 12 different parameters of the heart that are less easily detected, but essential