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I could not speak more highly of Dr. Hsu and his staff and strongly recommend him to anyone considering breast augmentation. Dr. Hsu was patient and extremely helpful in regards to helping me achieve the look I desired. Everyone I came across at Memorial Plastic Surgery was extremely kind and

What a fabulous facility and team! I just moved here from out of state and what a breath of fresh air it is to get such professional service, from the minute you walk through the door until you leave. Dr. Terrill and his team are as good as it gets!

100% Recommend ! Dr Hsu is a doctor you definitely can trust!

Wonderful staff! Friendly and kind. The adjustments are quick and easy. The employees explain everything really well and nicely.

Dr Hsu is a doctor you definitely can trust!

I’m not the one who easily says “this is life changing” or exaggerate my feelings. I say this with 100% truth, I’ve been coming to Dr. Huml since late January 2018 and it HAS and continues to change my life all for the positive. I have dealt with a nagging pain in my back for years

My experience thus far with Dr. Pancholi and staff has been wonderful. The Dr. has a great sense of humor and most importantly really takes the time needed to make careful decisions about care and answer any questions. After many consults, I am very happy with my decision to have Dr. Pancholi

The facility was caring with a courteous staff, a beautiful office so my short wait time was enjoyable. The office was very professional and very happy with the outcome of my procedure so it was a very positive experience for me.

He does unnecessary Ultrasound and other tests in his office, so he can fraudulently milk the healthcare system and satisfy his greed. There are few of these foreign doctors in this area who have been scamming the system. They have no skills, should be investigated and should be deported

Dr. Slutsky is a very easy doctor to work with. He explained everything clearly and wasn't at all stingy with his time. The operation (for E.D.) and ensuing results were just as he described. I would recommend him to anyone.

Proliance is a great place to find a surgeon except for one, Dr. Ash Patel. How many bad results, mistakes, errors and bad medical ethics does it take? His bedside manner hides his terrible skills and results. Should not have a license!

If I could I would give zero stars! I have been with them for almost 20 years, there is always a wait of at least 30 minutes then you go in the room again 30 minutes. Now comes the part why I would give zero: I have been having back problems for a while, because this place is so far I went

One positive: office staff was excellent! Waited almost an hour only to be told that I wanted my procedure for cosmetic reasons rather than medical. Seemed more concerned about getting paid than helping me. Did not communicate his thoughts/treatment plan well and was rude in my opinion.

I have been a patient at this clinic for 10 years plus. I have had very roundabout care. This doesn't apply to all doctors at this clinic, but the majority unfortunately. Have never really been thoroughly checked out and usually have to fight with the doctor and nurses to get the proper treatments,

I visited the office on several occasions, and found the new girl at the front desk extremely helpful and friendly. The doctor has always been professional and friendly, great service. I had my prescriptions delivered directly to my office, Highly recommend Dr Zelaya.

A very good doctor.

E.R. Lobby was dirty! No equipment available to assist patients.(.ie wheel chair...staff member...etc). Staff acts as if they hate their job...this includes the nurses and lab techs we met. The Dr spoke very little English making it nearly impossible for us to explain medical issues as well

I took my son to the ER at The Heart of Lancaster Regional hospital on Saturday. I've been there before in the ER and aslo to the Women's Place for both of my children. My son was seen at our Pediatrician the night before and had a temp of 105.9, after following a long night of high temps

The worst doctor ever! He told my Dad he had 2-8 weeks left to live based on a pet scan. Then said he would call Hospice to come out to the house. This was a Friday AM. Hospice never called my father had kidney failure Friday afternoon ended up in ICU Sat and Byun wouldn't call back. He's the

I have the deepest respect for Dr. Greg Liebscher and his staff.

Mean office staff at times. Really nice sometimes too. Great doctor.

The Chiropractors there really know what they are doing. I've even taken my 4-yr old to see their pediatric chiropractor. Her neck had been hurting from sleeping in the car and now she doesn't complain about her neck anymore. She was so excited about her adjustment and had so much fun going

Overpriced, they don't take insurance, medicare or mass health, lots of expensive unnecessary testing, push expensive supplements on you. Lots of mistakes with appointments. Never shorter than an hour and a half wait no matter what time of day you book. Awful.

I felt constant tiredness and discomfort which after a while was accompanied with back pain. I started to worry about my health condition. My husband highly recommended me to visit the internist Marina Gafanovich who, as he said, was a very good doctor. She examined me carefully and was very

Best treatment I have received.


I have never been so deceived in my life by a Doctor, Dr. Art Y.Yu. M.D. sold me products for one price promissing a rebate if I bought five then after four months of lies no rebate. Is there no code of conduct for Doctors anymore. This Doctor will take your money. But not keep his word.

Great office- staff and doc. Really helped me with my hormone balance.

Dr. Malone attention to patients needs are number #1.

This is the first of many reviews I will be posting. I had an extended tummy tuck, breast lift/aug, and lipo of flanks in January. The first problem was an infection. I had an infection and called to tell them on a friday. They said I had to wait until monday to be seen. I have mitro valve

These guys are great. They are a very big lab but they treated me like arread person. their staff were very friendly and helpful nd the blood draw was not uncomfortable.

This doctor is nothing but a cheap greedy doctor that provides terrible results and had a unstable bedside manner. He talks out of both sides of his mouth, stay away from this practice even the office staff are rude and snobby. I had terrible lipo which was waste of money.

Call to make an appt. and they told me they don't see people with no ins. so the means they let people die just because they don't have ins??? They can still pay you know..

I haven't had a baby at NWWHC yet but I will when the time comes! I had laparoscopic fibroid removal by Dr Heath Miller who is one of the few docs in town who can do this. I was recommended all sorts of things by other docs and thank goodness i got another opinion.

I have been to Clinical Radiologists Medical Imaging 3-4 times over the last few years. The radiologists and technicians are very good and professional. Some of the receptionists are nicer than others. In one instance I needed to bring my films to a specialist and the receptionist told me

I was able to get an appointment the same day I called for my daughter who broke her wrist. They were prompt, professional, and caring. Highly recommended!

Dr. Ferdowsian is amazing. He is very knowledgable, experienced, and incredibly competent. In addition, he is caring, compassionate, and honest. I believe him to be head and shoulders above the rest. Over the last three years, I have come to trust and value Dr Ferdowsian's opinion above any

I have been going to Vision Park Optometry for many years, long before they moved to their current location at Strickland and Creedmoor Roads. Dr. Moore is wonderful. She is very soft-spoken, truly cares about her patients, and does not hesitate to send you to a specialist if you need one.

My husband and i have both been to the clinic and have been very impressed! the staff there is extremely nice and helpful, have been to several other emergent care places in town and @ the area there is no other place that is as good or caring as the staff here! great job guys! :)

Nia is a fun fitness class! I look forward to my classes each week.

Great Doctor. Has been by doctor for 12 years now and the birth of my two children.

The office is verry convenient to my place of employment (walking distance). Dr. Howard initially saw me on an emergency basis after I cracked a tooth. The office staff is very professional and personable - makes a scary visit palatable. No pun intended ;-). Will I visit again - yep!

Dr. Martini is a top-notch doctor. He involves the patient in every aspect of treatment and is exceptionally kind. I highly recommend him after 8 months of treatment.

What a great place! The dentist is a great guy full of personality,and the staff was very friendly and proffesional.

My mother lived at Converse Home for over 5 years. She died in late Sept. 2004. As her condition deterioriated, there was no reason for Converse to allow her to stay, other than they cared. And that they did. With the help of hospice, my Mom died at Converse with the loving support of staff

My experience in the ER was horrible. I wasn't treated for the injuries I had been sent by my Dr's office for, and was threatened, and put down by the Dr and nurse for 6 hrs till a friend came and insisted they listen to what I was saying. They didn't listen at all, or treat me in anyway until

Dr. Larry is the best! My family has been going down there for over 10 years. Great people and superb experience.

Hey my name is laura and iam writing this message because hopefully st. jude can respond to it Im currently a senior at Hamilton high and we have a senior paper and we have to find a mentor and the topic that came to me that i was most interested in was touretts syndrome at my school the children

I work in the medical field and have been in MANY ERs. The medical care you will get at Sioux Valley Trauma 5 ER is as good as anywhere, but it seems the staff is curt, and generally in a bad mood.

I have seen two Dr.'s in this practice and I cannot say that either saw me in a timely manner (wait times over 1 hour EVERY time I have been for an appointment) or had any sort of bedside manner. They also routinely changed their theory on dignosis with every visit to lead to a new visit and