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Very professional optometrist. Great service. Will go back.

I have been a patient for 26 years and the staff there has vertually no turnover and they are all like family. You can't get any better.

I am very pleased with all of the people at Odyssey. They were not only very caring of my wife, but looked after the whole families well being. Even a year after her death, they still continue to keep in touch with me. I can't say enought good things about them.

Dr. Wilson is one of the better doctors I've encountered. She took plenty of time with me and made sure to answer any questions I had (and even a few I.

I have been a patient of Dr. Terry Carlson for many years. From removal of wisdom teeth to bone transplant. He is just the BEST! The work is fantastic and the overall treatment is superb. At a time you need oral surgery, you deserve the best and Dr. Carlson, along with the other doctors in

I use to take my children to him and he told me they had cavities and needed fillings. Well I hated waiting hours for them to see him so I switched there dentist, Fast quick service at the other place.PLUS the cavities magically disappeared because this dentist said there teeth looked great.

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Dr. J. Utsey is an excellent dentist. She puts her patients needs on top of her list and treats all her patients with down to earth southern hospitality.

Dr. Bryant is by in far one of the best family doctors in the area. I have been going to see him for over 10 years. Even thought I have lived other places.

Dr. Mathisen is GREAT. His bedside manner is excellent. He is always calm and willing to listen the parents concerns.


Dr. Ruan is very personable and precise about his care. I am very pleased to have him as my Dr. He's excellent at what he does as well as very educated.

I have done Transcription for Dr. A.B. Reddy, Dr. Raman, and Dr. Renuka Reddy. When I did the transcripts, I thought they were the best physicians in Tuscaloosa. I am very happy to be their transcriptionist.

I have been going to Healing Waters since they opened in 2002. It is a great place. The staff is very knowledgable and friendly. I just love it!

Dr. White is an amazing doctor! I had him when I was a baby and I turned out quite alright! I still use him sometimes and he is great because he dosen't only listen to what my parents say but he also listens to me no matter what its about. I was kind of scared to take my first pill but a good

Dr. Markle is a very pleasant doctor with a gentle disposition; however his treatment of could have killed me. He say me 1 time for 15 minutes and subsquent to his prescriptions, I ended up in the ER on 2 different occasions. The ER called Markle and he gave instruction over the phone each

Dr. Clay preformed bypass surgery on my husband this week. His bedside manner was warm and friendly. He manages to engage himself with his patients very quickly and the information exchanges were concise and simply put. My husband lost two wives to cancer and had bad experiences with both diagnosis.

The doctor is caring and concern about his patient welfare. The staff is superb and always eager to assist.

Dr. Singh diagnosed my son's ADHD. He was totally professional and did his very best to make my son completely comfortable. I would completely recommend him to anyone. He is a wonderful doctor!

Quality professionals who are wonderfully caring people!

He is sooooo easy to talk to, and REALLY-you can't freak him out with anything! He bent over backwards to help me, including after hours phone calls & help getting my meds.

Beverly is really good and knows what it takes to help with the pain.

I tried to cancel my appointment the day of my appointment due to unforseen work problems and I tried to call and could not get through and finally found the nurses # and when I got through I had missed my appointment. Well the next day the receptionist said that they recieved my message and

The service is quick, short wait, lab work, economical.

Parking above and below center is helpful for pts.

This is the best and most organized dentist that my children have ever been to. The staff was very professional, as well as, well educated on the procedures being performed. Everything was well organized and the facility was neat and clean. They also accomodated all 3 of my children on the

Dr. Rinn is one of the finest, if not the best, Psychologist in the city of Huntsville. He has helped many many people and families with problems and showed them how to deal with their difficulties in a caring professional way. Dr. Rinn saved me from personal disaster in my early adult years.

I think, as far as my opinion is concerned, Dr. Azam is one of the best physicians in Tuscaloosa when it comes to pulmonology. He really knows what he does and is a great person overall. Iwish him the best of luck in prospering in his life and his profession. Keep it up, DOC.


I have been seeing Dr. Cunningham for over three years. His demeanor and medical knowledge is second to none. He listens and does not give you the bum's rush. His nurse, Leslie, is fabulous. They are both always willing to work with you for an appointment at the spur of the moment. I would

Everyone was very nice. Service was excellent and confidential! Everyone is very informative and helpful. They

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The staff of U,A,B, is basicly my family. From the day i was born to the recent times now. I had 2 heart transplants, many open heart. I am going to have another heart transplant and kidney transplant at UAB some time in the near feutre. I don't trust any hospital with my life like i do UAB.

Dr. Kleinschrodt is my husband's doctor and he is genuinely one of the best doctors at DMC (and I work for the Infirmary). He sits and listens and reads over the chart, looking at the labs closely and sharing results, double checking all the meds that are being taken, does a full physical exam

Wonderful people. If you're looking for nice people to treat your children, look no further than Dr. Powell. His staff are joyful, helpful people, and he's got a great sense of humor. Dr. Powell is in this business for the right reason - he's here to help you, not to make money.

We have moved a lot and it is really hard for me to find a good cardiologist. I have a rare genetic disorder that not many Dr's know too much about. I need.

Dr. Kolettis is the nicest, most professional physician. He really took his time to evaluate my case and to diagnose a problem caused by 3 earlier FAILED prostate operations where I live. He opened my bladder neck, which was near totally blocked from scar tissue and after 3 years of problems,

Dr. Taylor is one of the most professional optometrist that I have ever visited. He is very good at what he does and takes pride in the product that he produces. Keep up the good work Dr.

This is the best doctor. I really do like him. He has good bedside manners, and listens to every word u say, which alot of doctors dont listen. If u need a great doctor this is the one. Thanx, Dr. Crumb

We love Dr. Laney. He is a kind, gentle and caring doctor. He truly loves his patients! You Rock Doc! Bow Tie and All!

A Hospital that goes the extra mile for Veterans.

Dr. patton was great to my husband, address all his needs with prompt attention and care, thanks dr. patton!

I have been to this office over several years and never had a problem.I have had to change appt.dates and they have always been gracious.Dr Cowart takes his time with me and is very easy to talk with.I would recommend him and his office to anyone.

My 10 year old daughter has been going to Dr. Smith since birth in fact he came to the hospital to visit and check her out the 2nd day after she was born. He is very attentive and knowledgeable about children's medical needs and really listens to his patient's parents and make referrals as

What a great doctor. Dr. Lee is super smart and very patient. He found out the problem and gave me a med to take care of it and have not had any problems since. He comes highly recommened

I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in October of 2004. Dr. Helen Rogers was an absolute blessing during that time. She is full of knowledge and has an understanding staff. I am so glad that she was there to deliver my baby and if I had to do it over again I would make sure that she was there

Awesome experience at this hospital! Much better than Crestwood.

Dr.Murphy is not only a great doctor but a wonderful and caring person. She is wonderful with my children. When it is time to go to the doctor they are excited and not dreadful. If there seems to be a problem with your childs health, she gets to the bottom of the problem and does not just push

Very caring and thoughtful physician. A really rare trait this day & time. I would highly reccomend him to anyone.

I love this Dr.! She has great bedside manner and is very current on new procedures! You will love her too! She is great about communicating all options. given your particular questions.can't say enough good things about her! Karie Mobile Al.