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My family and I particularly like this dental clinic. Our first major experience with Health Centered Dentistry was when my wife's mercury amalgam filings were replaced in response to a major health issue. Dr. Miller and his staff approached this seriously, providing IV chelation to bind the

My husband had arthroscopic knee repair 11/07. We are very pleased with the results of the surgery, and with Dr. Schwarting. We would recommend him highly. However - we are most definately NOT impressed with his office. It is almost impossible to get anyone to answer the phone. You are forced

Dr. Gannett has been very good at identifying problems that my grandchildren and children have had, where other doctors have missed things. I get the impression she is annoyed by cases of the common cold and things that could be cared for at home but always is pleasant regardless, because she

This clinic is about quality of life! They are a ligitimate, extremely caring facility with excellant staff and Doctors that put their patients number one and will try to help however they can.

I take my children to Dr Howell-Canada and I have had nothing but a great experience each time. She is great with my children and they really enjoy seeing her.

My dentist calls Dr. Siry the guru of endodontics and with good reason. A previous dentist, not the one who recommended Dr. Siry, did a root canal and a large filling on me less than 3 years ago. They both blew out so to speak. Dr. Siry did an incredible job fixing the mess and with no pain.

I hate doctors as many of us today do. But I stumbled on a Real Doctor that Honestly Cares and Gives that PERSONAL TOUCH, and seems that he really does care. How does he do this? Dr Swenson - LISTENS to what your problems are, and not just gives you that uhh huh, yep - mmm ok, and has even

I have been a patient of Dr. Standerwick for over 5 years. I have received great service and feel that she takes an individual interest in my health. She has an assistant that is most helpful in matters that don't require seeing the Doctor. This has saved a lot of time in getting answers to

This Dentist office has got it going on! Very fast, very friendly service. Have been there several times now and all experiences were awesome. They are christian and play K-Love which is positive and encouraging music. I just Love It!

Dr Oliver is a very knowledgable, patient, and compassionate doctor. He doesn't talk down to you and goes through all of the various options for your care (rather than just picking one for you). I highly recommend him

One of THE best doctors in Alaska! Unfortunately we moved and have yet to find a doctor as awesome as her in Anchorage. Dr nyehart is so good that my step sister in Petersburg flies in to see her for her daughters check ups.

If you want a super, non judgemental and caring individual to help you through a crisis, this is the person and the place. All the best!

Dr. K is an amazing doctor. He listens and takes the time to address each patient's unique needs. This is NOT the doctor to go to if you want a magic pill, but if you are ready to make a committment to addressing a serious health condition, Dr. K is there to go the distance with you!

Southside Eyecare, also known as Nyboer & Associates, is among the best practices I have taken my poor myopic self. Stationed on the first floor below a.

I have been working with Dr. Kristi Fuller with the testing of children with learning disabilities ranging from autism, ADHD, atypical ADD, phonemic and pragmatics disorders, Asperger's, etc.; and disorders of mood and behavior. Their comprehensive testing has provided me as a parent with the

He dilates the eyes at every exam and very carefully looks, and if he feels it's necessary, re-looks inside for any problems. At my last eye exam, Dr. Messerschmidt found small tears in my eye. I was able to go to Seattle and have those repaired. I have never been to an Optometrist that is

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Oh my! He is the best and most caring individual I've ever met. He really takes care of his patients and does not charge and arm and a leg with all these new high tech gimmicks to get your money. Simple and caring.

Dr. Wells and his staff were excellent. The assitants were very caring and knowledgible and they worked hard to keep our out of pocket costs down. 6 teeth were pulled and there were no problems.

Dr. Bob is a true human being and a very refreshing change from the common stereotype of the clinical, cold doctor. He listens, isn't afraid to give a hug, and we feel very fortunate to have seen him. We've moved out of town, and we will miss Bob and the staff at Valley Medical.

I highly recommend Dr. Todd to you. He is a compassionate, caring doctor. He was always willing to spend the time to make a connection and explain everything to me or the kids. My idea of a excellent doctor.

Glacier Audiology has moved, so I had to phone first. The first thing I noticed was that they offer more than one type of hearing aid. The other local audiology businesses I know mainly sell only ONE brand or type, while Glacier Audiology is independent, so there can be a wider selection of

I find this place to have a wonderful and understanding staff its great to go somewhere and have options and someone to talk to about anything with out judgement.

Dr. Hill is the most thorough Dr. I've ever had. Kind of brusque manner but she tells you striaght up whats going on. I really like her and recomend her to anyone. I had a yeast infection for years. She was the doctor who finally took it seriously and found out what it really was.

Okay, you lets say you have come to the Last Frontier for your visit. While you are here, (God Forbid) something comes up where you will need medical.

Everyone is so helpful and thourough and caring!

Not always convienent in terms of hours since the dentists split their time between Wasilla and Anchorage.

I got in to see Colleen again recently, with some serious health concerns, and she sat with me until I was reassured and comfortable to leave. She even.

I would highly recommend Dr. Pesonett. He is gentle and careful and his staff is organized and friendly.

Wade is an excellent physician. Knowledable, empathetic and kind. Reminds me of the old-fashioned family doctors who treated me when I was little - a bit less formal, good diagnostician. His patients are his primary concern.

Absolutely beautiful, high tech hospital. The best in the state, without a doubt in anyone's mind.Providence has the only Children's Hospital in the state,.

Avante Medical Center is the BEST! They have helped me out so much with all of my problems. I do not have insurance either and find their rates to be reasonable and fair. I easily spend just as much money at any medical doctors office. Everyone at the front desk is so helpful and the energy

I suffered with sinus headaches all the time until I got an adjustment from Dr Spaulding and it's the first time I ever had relief. That was six years ago and I haven't had to take any sinsus meds since. Thank you Dr Spaulding!

A great doctor and very concern about her patients.

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Case and his staff! From the minute you walk in the door (watch out for the stuffed animals!) to the minute you walk out they do everything right. I don't want to put names on the Internet without permission, so I'll just say talking to the front desk

Pam & her employee's took the time with me to pick out the best glass's & frames. This makes twice I have been to this place and find their service to be Excellent Many Many Thanks to you and your employee's

I also agree with Kath & Bob. I have been going to Garden Chiropractic for about 2 months. From the first appointment the office staff remembered me each time I came in. Always smiling and helpful. Never acting like your imposing on them. Dr. Garden rocks! He is very caring about his patients.

I would really like to give this doctor 5 stars. He is supportive of breastfeeding but not current in his knowledge of it. This was evident with his advice to supplement my grandaughter who did not have a breastfeeding issue. She had a jaundice issue unrelated to breastfeeding. As far as allergic

Dr. Walther has the highest tech office in the valley and is great with kids. He's also the nicest gentleman around, not to mention impeccably honest and has a soft touch (least painful for dental work). He used to practice out in Bush Alaska, then did a stint with Dr. Yuknis before breaking

I was referred in my 16th week from Elmendorf base hospital (THANK GOD!), which was done solely in group consults, with five minutes of private time.

My name is Linda Jaynes and i am stranded here in alaska and homeless on,y because i cant get back home to alabama i have a home to go to ther with my mom but no money for ticvket home pleasw if there is any one out ther that can help me get back to alabama pleasw email me at

Dr. Thornquist is an AWESOME doctor, has been mine since 1989 and I would not recommend another. He is committed, gentle and great with his patients and.

The care you receive here is excellent and the Doctors (Hunt) are caring and really try to help. I'll be back

Dr. Hofstad is so caring and honest! Excellent staff as well.I have never felt so comfortable at the dentist! ;) Recommend him to anyone, especially tricare clients!

Nice selection of eyewear. There is one lady that has a bit of an attitude though. but if you can avoid her, then you can get quality, PLEASANT service

Both Dr. Biederman sr. and j.r. are class act dentists.Very good painless dentists.