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Brand new hospital opening 2009, every room private and top of the line facilities. Also, world class cancer research center specializing in the rare mieloma. UAMS patients have over twice the survival rate as the national average.

I bought a single drug test kit to self test myself for drugs of abuse. Priced one at RapidXams, compared the low cost to Wal-marts always low prices and found that i saved nearly $20.00 for the instant drug test kit. My drug screen came out clean in about 2 minutes. Really made me sure about

I received excellant care at this VA facillity. The medical staff and admin. folks are the best.

It was a great experience, even my child enjoyed it. For the most professional care, definately recommended.

We have used First Care for years and as long as We are able to We won't use anyone else. Andy Strader

I could rave and rave all day about Dr. Youngblood. From my first experience with him, he's been a caring, efficient, and knowledgeable doctor. He has.

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Dr. Murphy is an excellent dentist, who specializes in kids. The kids feel totally at ease and they get to play video games and watch tv while they wait their turn. Dr. Murphy is very gentle and does everything in his power to help the patients. I highly recommend him, especially for dental

I have had 2 babies in 2 1/2 years and I could not have done it without her. She is absolutely delightful and all you can wish for in an OB doctor.

Dr Ibrahim has been my daughter's doctor since the day she was born. I can't imagine ever finding a better doctor for my little girl. She is so caring and loving with her patience and it isn't just my mind she eases about things she is wonderful with my baby. She does everything she can to

Dr. Johnson and his staff are very friendly, kind, and effective. They use methods to relieve muscle tension, as well as provide skeletal alignment. If you have any sort of back/joint/muscle issues, go see them, you won't be disappointed.

Dr. Wilson and his staff (dental hygienist) have made going to the dentist a less stressful event. Where we went before was non-kid and non-parent friendly. Here the parent can go back with the child and child can watch tv while they are getting their teeth cleaned and checked. The tv's in

Dr.matthews is very detailed in explination for your concerns about your children.If you need solid answers to your concerns he will give them to you.Thank you Dr. Matthews

We had to visit the ER when my son fell at Daycare and busted his head wide open. I was quite nervous as was my child. I'm a nurse so I tried staying calm so that he would. We were taken back quickly and he was examined and we were told he would of course need stitches. For a 3 year old that

I've been seeing her for seven months and I think she very supportive and really listens to what you have to say. I would recomend her to anyone. First therapist to every really listen to me.

Linda Curtiss is the secretary of this clinic, Not the physician!

My wife had her wisdom teeth removed and they were great. They explained everything and took wonderful care before, during and after. The staff was fantastic, friendly and also very knowledgeable. Would GLADLY go back again.

Dr Mr. Denton: I had to take a moment to tell you how thoroughly grateful my wife and I are for the wonderful care and therapy we received from Richard Dekok, Pam and Leon. What wonderful people they are. Through their compassionate and personal care, I will soon return to work, after first

Thay are good with people and know how to treat a person.

I went to Dr. Carver, can't say he is the best, but his service was terrible. I had an appointment at 9:30 am, and he wasn't even there,then came in 2 hours later. All they wanted was my money. It was quite evident to me. They couldn't call me with any results. I had to go to the office so

This is mu usual dentist and i couldn't find his card with his number on it. one of my brackets came off and i really needed to get in and it was so cool that i could get his number online! -ThAnK yOu YaHoO-

Over the past year, I have been faced with several surgeries and procedures,along with two different cancers and 9 months of chemotherapy. Dr Juan Roman has been my oncologist and surgeon throughout all of this ordeal. He had handled every issue with total compassion and he has made me feel

Very professional and courteous staff. very trendy optical with the latest styles available from the top designers like chanel, gucci, prada, and juicy couture

I was a patient of Dr. Kim's for two years, seeing her frequently. The results in my alignment and balance and self image are incredible. She has got the Golden feelgoode touche!

I have been a patient for several years and always have a good experience.

Dr. George handled both of my parents' cataract surgeries. No problems, completely professional. He's great! He also has a brilliant smile and a fabulous sense of humor! Shine on, Doc!

I can say without question that Paul Wendel is the most caring, dedicated and professional Doctor I have ever met. He and his wonderful staff are responsible for the birth of both of my daughters. With blood pressure issues that were very dangerous for my wife and the baby he helped my wife

My child loves the staff, very efficient and nice. Office has a very comfortable setting. Very pleased with service.

I went there not to long ago with my son I could not find a sitter and I was sooo sick. The nurses were so helpful and even held my son and took him around while they took my blood pressure. And I could not believe it, they were actually really fast, the place was packed and I only waited about

I still travel for hours to make it to my regular dental appointments. I love Lavonne!

I want to thank you so much for everything u have done for me the medicines u have given me has gave me better days the lithium is wonderful and i am a better mother to my chirldren and my parents the whole family im not sad anymore and i also want you to know i have been approved for my disabilty

He is so gentle and caring and very, very thorough. He made sure he didn't miss anything. He is very genuine, and you can tell he really enjoys his work and truly cares about his patients.

I have had double vision and other things wrong with my eyes and have been to other place to see if they could help. He is the only one who took the time and did more test to see what was wrong. Come to find out I need a stonger lens in one side of my glasses and I had some small holes in the

Dr Magre is amazing. I have fibromyalgia and many doctors don't believe this is a real illness. But Dr Magre listened and treats the illness. She is great. My whole family switched to her office. When I have called at 4pm on a busy afternoon and needed her she has made herself available. The

I've been a patient of Dr. Gillespie for about ten years. I think she is an excellent doctor. She is very thorough and patient.

I thank dr.smiley is the best doctor you all have there and im thankfull that my son got him as a doctor he saved my sons life and that means every thang to me.i hate to see that grate man thank you. lea and alex bell

Dr Stewart is great, I had to go see him about 10 times in 1 year and he always gave me full details of what was going on and what kind of treatment I needed. He was easy to talk to, didn't try to rush me out of the office and answered all of my questions thoroughly. I would recommend him to

Dr Davis has been excellent with my son. He is very personable and thorough with all the intake and evaluations. He went the extra mile to insure correct diagnosis and treatment. That extra mile included meeting and working with my son's school as well as bi-monthly counseling sessions to ensure

This woman is a phenomenal physician. I have been her patient for several years and she has helped me with everything from an abnormal pap crises, staph infection, meds. for overseas travel, and on and on always giving the best treatment and never a misdiagnoses. I have recently moved and will

Dr. Xaysanasy is a caring, compassionate, and excellent physician. I've known him for seven years. He has always been very acurate in his assessment and diagnosis of his patient's problems. Also, he does everything he can do to be absolutely sure that his diagnosis is correct and that his treatment

I saw Dr. Susan Raben-Taylor as she filled in for my regular doctor, she studied my MRI and discussed it with me before prescribing medication. I felt like she treated me as an individual who she cared about helping. I would rate her as an excellent doctor.