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I have been a patient at this clinic for 10 years plus. I have had very roundabout care. This doesn't apply to all doctors at this clinic, but the majority unfortunately. Have never really been thoroughly checked out and usually have to fight with the doctor and nurses to get the proper treatments,

Very family oriented, holistic approach. Helped me with not only my original complaint, an eating disorder, but also assisted with so much more from treating my hypothyroidism, fighting the flu, learning to live more balanced and enjoy my environment.

I live in pain and dr. are scared of the gov. do not want to help with pain management

Excellent Service and the Best Colorectal Surgeon in the country.

I have been a patient of Dr. Reed's since 1979 when I was 14 years old - he performed a breast reduction. Over the years I have been back to see Dr. Reed for minor surgeries and one significant surgery. He is a board certified surgeon - everyone must check that out when searching for a surgeon

Amazing team, great customer service, I cannot express in words how happy I am to have found this dental group. Thank you for the amazing work you guys do.

I was refer by two friends and I wish they have told me sooner.I'm very happy that I went to see him.

He's a cornea specialist and also does laser eye surgery. He's conservative which is nice. After all, vision is important and you don't want people taking.

Dr. Steve Kunkes is a gifted and skilled cardiologist and diagnostician. A patient is more than just an outcome to him. He makes the connection with his patients as people. Having been his patient or 20 years, I recommend him to everyone I know with heart disease. His dedication and skill are

Dr. Kwok was my surgeon when I broke my ankle, three years ago. He is a Board Certified orthopaedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine/arthroscopy,.

If you have a foot problem, go see this guy. He's just so darn friendly and charming!My son managed to injure the growth plate in his heel. After he.

Dr. Lynette M. Guida, Naturopathic DoctorDr. Guida, a naturopathic physician and licensed acupuncturist, combines the use of botanicals, acupuncture,.

The best MD I know.Dr. Stephen Urciuoli has been my MD for nearly 20 years. I like him. Know that I am very particular about doctors and dentists, so I.

All doctors in this group are exceptional. I have been part of the Physican's for Women group since I was a teenager and lived in Fairfield County. This.

Probably one of the most well rounded physicians I have ever met. It is amazing how much an ophthalmologist of his caliber can tell about a persons systemic health from simply looking into your eyes. Friendly and caring, something a lot of physicians these days lack. Highly recommended!

Dr. Moschello works hard to keep me healthy. He has a small personable practice and a good bedside manner as well as being very knowledgable and willing.

I've been to other dermatologists and this is definitely my favorite office. Dr. Pennoyer and all her staff are absolutely wonderful! Highly recommended.

Mary Leahy, APRN is the most thorough, kind, intelligent, and helpful medical professional I have ever met. That is really all I should need to say. Just.

I was so scared to have to go to anybody with my big sore infected toe. I had no referrals and picked his name because he was close by and I was desperate.

The care was excellent and everyone was very attentive and friendly. My Mom and sister both stayed there after surgeries and were given superior care. I highly recommend Carolton.

Everyone is great - I felt totally comfortable - which is very important for any doctor's visit but especially for an ob's.

OK, some will find this weird, and I myself would have never thought to review a hospital before last weekend when I was an unexpected visitor of this.

DR Geni and Ferrara are both terrific dentists. We have our entire family there and they take great care of us (three young girls). Everyone feels very comfortable in the chair and the quality work they do is very thorough and professional.

Jo Ann has been my therapist for many years and I can't say enough good things about the work she has helped me accomplish. I've had experience with many different therapists over the years and no one is anywhere near as good (for me). She has helped me make positive changes in myself that

Great care, not a P.T. Mill, Staff take there time one on one care aqutics helped me!

He is fantastic. I brought my Grandmother to see him to have a basal cell CA removed from her nose. He has such a good kind bedside manner. My Grandmother calls him Dr. Charming. He put her (and me) completly at ease.

I did not feel the shot nor the drill. This is one good dentist.

I just came home from my first visit with this office. They are absolutely wonderful and personable. This doctor took his time talking to me, listening to my concerns and past history. They were very gentle and caring. Why can't all doctor offices be like this? Would certainly reccomend this

Dr. McCullough is an ophthalmologist. For eye doctors, that's the top of the food chain. He was referred to me by Grover Opticians, same as Dr. Noonan.

Not thrilled with this group. We had to switch pediatricians when Dr Baron retired last summer and all of his records were transferred to MPG. Getting an.

This is the best physical therapy practice I have ever experienced. I cannot recommend Dr. Chen and her colleagues highly enough.

The service there leaves alot to be desired. Unfortunately I sought care during my pregnancy. The 'prenatal' Doctor was away on maternity leave. unfortunately she was covered by a Doctor who specializes in another field. This doctor had no idea how to run the ultrasound machine, how far along

Where else can you see a doctor, chiropractor, massage therapist, nutritionist, etc all in one visit - in one building! This is the way of the future!

17 December 2007 I saw Dr. Kastoff in Hartford during October 2007 when I was being diagnosed with heart failure. Dr. Kastoff was insightful, very perceptive and I felt confident while working with him. I have no hesitation in recommending him as either a physician or a friend.

I've gove to Dr Weir for nearly 20 years now and have gone to other dentists he is a very caring gentle dentist. The cons are he is a one man shop and the offices are closed fridays.

The best walk-in medical center in town.These walk-in medical centers are great. I'm glad they were invented. There should be one in every town.Say I.

Good doctors are so hard to find and I got really lucky living around the corner from Chapel Medical Group. All of the doctors are great and I've seen many.

Mary Murray is the nicest OBGYN I've ever had. She is so nice & sweet. She is very personable and talks to you thru the exam. She explains everything in.

As Dr Wasserman is no longer with this practice, does anyone know where he went to or if he just quit all together? thanks, denise-

He did a neck surgery on me and he is the best doctor anyone could have.

Even though I have not had my surgery yet (scheduled for Thursday), I have been incredibly delighted with the high level of service and professionalism received from EVERYONE at Yale-New Haven. The surgeons were awesome - they explained everything in a way that did not make me feel stupid.

OMG. this place is awesome. it is a quiet and relaxing place and the dog there is the best and so it Dr. Horn! Love everyone there!

Dr. Eisner was my OD for 13 years when I lived in CT. I moved to NH 7 years ago. I've tried a few OD's here and have been miserable. I've decided to return to Dr. Eisner because no one fits contacts like this guy! The 3 hour drive each way will be my pleasure - he's that good.

The best dentist I have ever visited. A double root canal and NO PAIN! Not even when the bill came. Took me a while to get an appointment, but it was worth it. Visiting the dentist is never a pleasure, but this was not bad at all.

I only ever went to dr. kim once when i was a little kid and my mom thought i had strep throat, so we went down the street to dr. kim to get a throat.

Dr. Bird is the man! Great job and to the point. (with a few jokes in the middle!)

He is one of the doctors I would consult first

Made my son better after the specialists at Children's in Boston gave up.

It is always scary when you are referred to a doctor you never have met. My first experience with Dr. Gallagher was wonderful. He walked in to the examination room with a smile and I immediately liked him. I have never felt this way about any doctor on my first visit. He is caring and although

Great after hours service without the emergency room price tag.