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The facility was caring with a courteous staff, a beautiful office so my short wait time was enjoyable. The office was very professional and very happy with the outcome of my procedure so it was a very positive experience for me.

The worst doctor ever! He told my Dad he had 2-8 weeks left to live based on a pet scan. Then said he would call Hospice to come out to the house. This was a Friday AM. Hospice never called my father had kidney failure Friday afternoon ended up in ICU Sat and Byun wouldn't call back. He's the

Mean office staff at times. Really nice sometimes too. Great doctor.

Information is excellent and you can fill on the place. I am planning to move to Jacksonville within the next three years, and your page is helping me to have an idea of where to go and what I can find on the place Thank you

Thank you for all staff, and nurses, all employees, all doctors to save our life.

Refreshing experience. Got a timely appointment. Staff was friendly. The doctor was friendly and seemed to really care. I had seen many other Drs and was told that I had to live with my pain. Dr. Katz did not give up until he gave me relief. I never felt rushed. Highly recommended!

I recently went to Dr. Flanagan to update my prescription and was extremly pleased. The entire staff was curtious and friendly. I am setting up an appointment for my son as we speak. They are very professional as well.

I just started the program and I have lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks. I think it is pretty safe. I am eating everything and very balanced.

I suffered with severe back pain until I met Dr. Smith. Referred to him by my insurance company after many other doctors. I now am able to manage day to day with low pain due to his help! Doesn't waste your time, knows his stuff and puts you at ease. Thank you Dr. Smith! Patrick

Dr. Tucker was our 3rd opinion doctor for our daughter who is 9 years old. Thank g-d we found him. He figured out her troubles quickly and with professionalism. My daughter really liked him too! The only negative is the OFFICE staff in the Weston office, not the nursing staff. I'm sorry to

This place is awesome with great people who truly listen and spend time taking care of your needs. They have all the latest in Alternative Medicine techniques and equipment!

I think Dr. Zorman and his staff are among the most highly qualified group of individuals I have met to date. He literally saved my husband's life after another hospital mis-diagnosed a problem with his brain! I thank God for him and Paula (his nurse practicioner) and Leslie and all of those


What a great bunch of people working here! Everyone is so helpful & kind. They do whatever they can to make you comfortable & help you with any dental problem you might have. I highly recommend the Family & Cosmetic Dentistry for everyone.

Fantastic staff and dentist! I could not say enough great things about this dentist! PARENTS are able to go back with their children, hold their hands and sit with them! You are told exactly what is going on at all times! Your child is able to help during the cleaning process and they learn

Fast service and the doc was excellent.easy to understand and explained options well.highly reccomend

Because I have sensitive skin, I like to check with a dermatologist before I go about slathering new things on my skin. Dr. Marty is my go-to guy. He's.

I went to Dr. Sarro with my mom she has been suffering from eczema forever and been to numerous Dermatologist and finally found 1 that would take the time.

Best doctor ever. Treats the whole patient, not just the symptoms. Has been my doctor for over 10 years, and I would not have it any other way.Very busy.

Dr. briseno is wonderful. he took over 45 minutes to examine me and he cares about his patients. I hadnt been to the Dr in over 7 years and he addressed all my problems at one visit. Shawn Cicco Ft Myers, Fl.

Best Chiropractor in the world, saved my life and mobility in one quick snap!. Please call if you are in pain, trust me, he will fix u up like new. Mike

The Tarasiouk family helped hundreds of people by integrating traditional and alternative therapeutic methods to aid individuals suffering from acute,.

Highly recommended to ALL the ladies in the area!After some not-so-comfortable experiences with local gynecologists, I have found the best-Dr. Gregory.

This is the most welcoming doctor's office I have ever been in-and I have been in a LOT. Dr. Honeycutt is so on top of shit, it's unreal-such an excellent.

I had no sight in my right eye for more than 3 years. I had nearly accepted it. I finally prayed about it then after some checking around I selected Dr. Bowden. Although he made no promisies. Following his simple procedure I now can see great. I recommend him to anyone with fear of surgery

Please Visit his website for his wonderful techniques! www.romanoperio.com

Dr. Saba is a real pro and has a great bed side mannor. I highly recomend this office.

My blood pressure was always very irregular-always very high until I met with Dr. DE Armas-Palomera. He provided me with the right treatment. He is knowledgeable and treats his patients with caring and professional integrity. He listens and answers all my concerns with courtesy and respect.

He is wonderful. Very personable and kind. Really listens.

I have always had bad experiences in a dental office. Well, not any more. Dr Thaler and her staff are the most kind, and gentle people I have ever been to. If your afraid of dental work, fear no more help is near. They are the best

I found this dr. rizo online, she is close to my home and it was perfect. when i called the office to make an appointment i was greeted with excellant service and i was helped in understanding my insurance coverage. when i arrived at the office, it was so clean and everyone there was great

Dr. Lacombe is great! Her office is soooo clean and comfortable and stylish. Her staff is friendly and professional and attentive. She sits down to talk.

Dr. Belnick is hands-down the best doctor I have ever been to. Let me tell you why.Have you ever felt like your doctor doesn't listen to what you.

Dr. Thomas is wonderful and caring. He helped my family understand the hospital processes and gave great comfort to my mother as she discovered she had stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

Mike is fantastic, exceptionally knowledgable, very professional, extrememely considerate and takes a gentle approach that is customized for his clients. I have been helped by Renewal Rehab for two years and I would recommend them to anyone! They are the best!

He has a way to make you step back and see the situation for what it really is. I reccomend this man to anyone in search of a therpist. He's the best.

Dr. Godinez is a very sweet person. She really helped me overcome the fear of being injected in my mouth. She does very good work and is very professional. Dr. Godinez has a good sense of humor. I would highly recommend her.

Dr. Stroup delivered my son and he was incredable! During my labor, my sons heart rate began to drop. He stayed by my side reassuring me that everything would be okay and thanks in part to him it was. I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy 8 lb baby boy! Dr. Stroup truely is wonderful!

Dr. Simmons was great but the office policy of sending you to the Nurse Practitioner unless you specify is rather off-putting. The Nurse Practitioners are WAY WAY understaffed/overbooked. It always took hours to get in there for small things like getting a shot. This office is ok if you specify

Such a professional, friendly, caring, and considerate staff-the Doctors are great too! Always a happy patient, thanks Dr. Weiser!

Very nice people! great prices!not a rip off like other places!

I took my five year old daughter to cornerstone pediatrics as a baby, we went there for about two years. The staff is extremely caring and gentle, they make it easier for a child to accept a visit to the doctor, limiting their anxiety. Their office is beautifully painted, creating a positive

The Accident and Urgent Care Center was much cheaper and much faster than The Emergency Room at Cape Coral Hospital. The Dr. was knowledgeable and the process was expedient. I recommend this as the alternative to the ER in Cape Coral.

Dr. Apollon is the best! Let me tell you how I'm a very shy person and with her i feel comfortable and i talk more. She is the coolest. She is so friendly.

Excellent office. The receptionist, Anita, is extremely sweet and thoughtful, gives great directions, and she makes sure that if they have any samples of.

A great doctor. Quick most of the time, very nice, deals with any problem you may have, and does it in a very nice way. My moms been seeing him for 10 years.

I think the world of Dr. Louis Larmoyeux - he has been my doctor for 17+ years - he is very caring and honest! I drive in from the beaches just to see him - and I do not normally care to cross the ditch! He is just great - and so are his staff!

Great place for all dental work. Honest dentist with solid skills. I very much dislike going to the dentist and Dr. Lopez helps ease my fears.

Dr. Rodriguez to me is one of the best doctors there is. He is the type of doctor that makes you feel like you are not in a doctors office. You can express your self to him and he pays attention to you like a good friend not like other doc. that you feel you are talking to the walls.I will

I was visiting Orlando and became suddenly ill. After going to the E.R., I was told I needed emergency hernia surgery. I had an obstructed bowel. Dr. Smith was the attending surgeon. To his credit, it was Sunday, and the hospital normally did not schedule surgeries for Sundays, but he said