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These guys are great. They are a very big lab but they treated me like arread person. their staff were very friendly and helpful nd the blood draw was not uncomfortable.

The staff at Midtown Neurology is very helpful and friendly. From the moment I made my appointment, I felt as if this practice would be able to help me. I signed into a beautiful waiting room and was met by friendly faces. The nurses were complete and comforting. The doctor actually listened

Dr. Jonhson is a miracle worker, I've trusted him for 14 Yrs. In all those years he has always found a way to keep my teeth from being pulled or having a root canal. I've seen other dentists before him and it resulted in extractions. I recommend him in all services, I'm blessed to have found

I was never one to take very good care of my teeth. Hey, we were British! But I always hated my smile and was truly embarassed by my teeth. Until I went to Durham. What an amazing difference! No one can tell that I have had any work done. They look so natural. I get compliments on my smile

Dr. Bush is the BEST pediatrician. My son loves going to see him. His office is very child friendly. He has a well and a sick room. There is a nurse on staff to answer any questions that you may have when you call and advise you on whether or not you need to bring your child in. The few times

I took my 3 year old to Dr. Nath after a horrible experience with another dentist and he and his staff have been so great. My 4 year old is no longer afraid to go to the dentist and actually enjoys going to see Dr. Nath.

Ahh kennestone kennestone. my 2nd home over the past 2 from ultrasounds to xrays. to infusions. and blood work.i can honestly say the.

Spectrum has saved me neck surgery and shoulder surgery. I have been to many physical therapists in multiple states over the years, and Spectrum is by far the best. Each patient gets one-on-one attention unlike a lot of other therapy clinics.

I have been visiting Dr. Gonzalez at Piedmont Physicians, based on a reccomendation from a coworker, for the last 5 years.Dr. Gonzalez is just fantastic,.

Dr. Franklin provides an expert yet motherly style that not comparable. She has what is missed in the medical fields today. Her patient's best interest is her interest.

Dr. Roundtree is one of best doctors I have had. Very professional and thorough would recommend him to all

The Rose of Sharon Apartments are in a fabulous location! The views from the eleventh and twelth floors are spectaculor on both sides of the building. The newly renovated apartments are large with more than ample closets and a great storage room. Although the kitchens are galley style, the

Such a great man! So comforting and quick to do what you feel is right. Will definitely use him in the future!

Dr. Ray Paris is the best doctor around. He really cares. It may take him longer, cause he takes time with you. I don't like waiting at all, but he is a great doctor. Thank you Dr.Paris for being a great one.

Yes it does, I have been to alot of Dr's and alot of them DO NOT listen, even though they are suppose to be hearing you. The people at the Center for Digestive & Liver are some of the nicest people I have met. Dr. Hathaway is great he listens and hes helped me alot. I am grateful. The staff

My family has been seeing Dr. Evans for over 25 years. We've never had one complaint. I'd highly recommend him.

We have, unfortunately, gotten rather familiar with this Nextcare Urgent Care facility in the last few years with issues ranging from fevers that won't.

I have been seeing Dr. Barnes for 10 years now. I absolutely love him and couldn't imagine using anyone else in the area. He is very matter of fact and.

Dr. Hurst is right on the ball. I had an opportunity to meet him and his wife(also an employee) recently and I have to say they are awesome people. The doctor is down to earth and you get a comfortable feeling when you are talking to him. He is a family practice doctor and his office is nice

I had a really bad first experience at this doctors office. I had to wait three weeks for my glasses and three weeks for my contacts and when I got my glasses, they were not focused right and so I had to wait more. The assistant kept knocking over the window displays and they were not very

Can't get a response from this doctor on when surgery is scheduled, can't get to return calls, can't seem to get any action. No way to run a business, borderline neglect!

This is the best chriopractic care I've ever received. The attention to detail and concern for client wellness is awesome. Thank you

Oh wow! I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Dr. Durrett! She is a great doctor, she understands that you can't take a day off just to visit.

I think that Dr.McCall is an excellent doctor,with very good bed side manners and is always courteous. I did have himm for my Doctor until his staff decided to over charge me on implants.


We go from pike county to macon just to use this dr, we have been to every dr in pike and spalding county and none is as good as dr duke is, he has done wonders for my kids, one of my kids had to be put in the hosp the day we took he to see dr duke. the other drs just said he had a ear inft,

We love Dr. Roy and have used him for years. He is great with the kids and talks through everything with the parents.

I have been a dental patient for two years. It has been a great experience. I am very satisfied with my care and service.

This place is one of worst dr's office i ever been to. if u want to wait for more than 2hours than u shoud go this place lol. this isnt ER rm waited more than 2 hours to see a doc and stuck at exam rm more than 20 mins. if he got that busy to take care of patience dont make appt till he can

Wonderful healers in a lovely setting! I have gotten so much relief.

I was a patient of Dr. Holoyda when he was in Madison WI and he was the most compassionate caring Dr I ever had.

Dr. Rose is incredibly personal and does his best to take care of your teeth without drastic measures. He saved me from at least a couple of crowns. One day he'll retire and I'll have to find someone new - and I'm not looking forward to that day.

My mother received care at this facility. The entire staff was very courteous as well as informity about her conditions. She showed no signs of neglect at any time. I would recommend this facility to anyone that is in need of hospital care.

You get the best of home health care from this company they take care of your love one as if it was theres you can't go wrong with these people!thanks islands

Dr. Evans and the other doctors in this practice are wonderful. I have been a patient there for about 5 years and that was where I went when I was pregnant with my son. Sometimes the wait is long, but it is worth it.

I just wanted to put my two cents in as well. I took my daughter there for a couple years and hated every single second of it. The front office staff was always nice and friendly, but they NEVER followed up when my daughter needed to see a specialist. I always had to call and find out what

Yes Dr. Rollins is IMPOSSIBLE to see, but the other doctors are just as great and I have had great visits with them, so I just changed my primary from Dr.

Back in Dec (07) my husband was sent there. The team at Atlanta Medical are great, they saved his life. Mrs Donna Crow a nurse in There ICU department is heaven sent, what a great person she is. I love everyone there, What a great team!

Highly recommended! We waited almost an hour to see the doctor but it was worthed!

Dr. Shelley is, in the words of one his colleagues, the best pediatrician in savannah. I have spoken with many mothers who agree. Each time we have been able to see him, I have left feeling very well taken care of and respected as a parent. He is compassionate, but does not waste time. The

Waits are usually short - fifteen to thirty minutes. I would give this practice an excellent if it weren't for the occasion long waiting room times.

Now that I have moved out of Roswell, I still travel back to this location for all my eye care, contacts and glasses needs. By far, the best service I have ever received for my eyes.

I have been a patient of Dr. Meadow for 10 yrs. or more. He has helped me a lot with my R. Arthritis. I have always been able to tell him exactly what bothers me and he always has a plan. We have tried new products over the years and the current one is doing wonders. He is a very good listener

Dr. Fleming is a wonderful doctor! She takes her time with you and is genuinely concerned about your care. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

A great guy and my teeth are soon to be perfect! I would recommend him to any one :)

One of the greatest challenges about moving to a new city is finding a good general doctor to go to who is also covered by your insurance. After checking my.

He is the best doctor around. He has helped my family for generations. Highly recommend him.

I was absolutely thrilled with Dr. Cochran! He is very friendly and professional, and his staff is just as wonderful! I had multiple procedures done at one time, and was worried how it would all turn out. But, he did a wonderful job, and I would recommend him to anybody!

Dr.W. Beard was my doctor for 3 years. Every visit went smoothly,with little wait time. He was good at explaining details,answering my questions and was generally concerned about my care. He is a good doctor,and I would recommend him in a minute to my family & friends. Thank you Dr. Beard!

I visited Longevity for my first acupuncture ever, and a deep tissue massage yesterday. Sarah, the massage therapist, is FANTASTIC! She asked the right.