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I live on the Big Island. I needed a PET Scan. The nearest source was Queens in Honolulu. I, accompanied by my daughter flew ino Honolulu on a Friday morning and was transported there by a friend in his pick up truck. I was truly overwhelmed by the beauty of the place with shining wooden floors

She literally saved my life by prescribing correct medications which lowered my blood pressure which I had not been aware was too high.

If you are not friends with your tonsils, this is the lady to see. She is fabulous! absolutely the best.

Great staff. They don't make you feel uncomfortable at all so if it's your first time, this is the perfect place. Get a massage and your back adjusted. You'll feel so much better and I guarantee you'll go back!

My painless dentist for over 20 years, and great to look at too!

I took my mom to Dr. Chen for her cataracts. I didn't expect to get as outstanding of service as I did from a doctor so far out in the sticks. However I.

M r g thank you for taking care of my old teeth your old friend mr v (the baseball bat)

I broke a tooth while in Waianae on vacation. Dr. Perrino did an excellent job fitting me for a crown - very professional and at a price competitive with my mainland dentist. I'll go back back to him for other work whenever I'm on Oahu.

Great Nurse! Thank- you Maude (I believe that was her name) Nurse made us feel that is was going to be okay while on vacation in Hawaii. Need more nurse's like her. Thank you again. Vacationers from Baltimore

Fantastic dentist, gentle, caring great staff!

Dr Baize and his office are so nice and very helpful. They gave my wife and I the attention and care of a true friend and professional. We would go back in a heartbeat and would recommend them to all.

Scott Nakahara is a caring, down-to-earth, local dentist with a gentle touch. He extracted all four of my impacted wisdom teeth in one sitting without any complications. At the time, I was lucky enough to be working with another dentist in the same office as Dr. Nakahara and he was kind enough

Went to the Haleiwa office; very helpful staff, office hours convenient. Our family was new to the area and needed clearances for school and work (physicals, TB testing, etc.) Dr. Suzuka was very helpful and he and his staff provided exactly what we needed.

The coconut shrimp was just excellent! it was the BEST in the world, just like the sign out there. gotta taste it!

Great health care. Finally a doctor that really cares about her patients! I highly recommend her!

If your looking for a GREAT Doc,This is the one. Thanks for all your help makeing me alot better in more than 26 years.Ron Trumble Hilo,Hawaii Aloha

He's a gifted surgeon with more than his share of quirks. He's worked on my father and myself, he's constantly on call and the only surgeon who can do his.

She is an awesome pediatrician. I highly recommend her!

The facilities aren't as good as some of the pt places I've been, but the therapists are very good.

His facility is fabulous and I highly reccommend it to anyone who prefers alternative medicine. Jackie is a phenominal individual and will make you feel at home instead of at a clinic. I loved it.

James L. Jolliff, Ph.D. created his 40 year psychology practice of serving kids and families the OLD-FASHIONED WAY, by doing great work. He was TOTALLY NOT interested in services such as this Yahoo one. Now that James has died (last October), his family is particularly annoyed that Yahoo makes

It's hard to graduate from your pediatrician, and he's one of them. Great care and service.

I am in the military and have been stationed in Hawaii since 2005. I am living at this unit and am currently PCS'ing (leaving the island).I enjoyed my time as a resident here at palm of kilani (correct name). It's true that it has its drama but no more then any other apartment complex I've

Womens Imaging Center could be a very spooky place if you have NEVER did ur mammogram like ur suppose to. But these ladies make u feel very welcome and not scared. If they do something ur not sure about ASK! As this is YOUR body! My first mammogram didnt turn out right so have to go do another.

If you are looking for a dermatologist, look no further. Dr. M is so hot! Brown hair, ocean blue eyes and that deep sexay voice. No wonder my best friend.

Still love these people, though Dr. Edwards has retired and some new folks are being the doctors (the rest of the staff is still kicking around). My eye is.

Dr Aberin & staff are the best. Hardly any wait. Very professional & nurturing care. Whenever anyone from my 'Ohana needs medical attention, we go to Kauka Express. Mahalo Dr. Aberin & staff for caring for us all.

I lived almost across the street from this place. They can get really busy, depending on how many tourists step on glass that day, but saved my ass many.

Dr Bruce and his staff are excellent caretakers. He makes you feel at ease and has a great sense of humor. I was afraid to go to the dentist for so long, but he is so warm and friendly that I actually look forward to going to the dentist. Jade, his receptionist is awesome, too.

My friend came to visit us in Honolulu, and we decided to go hoop. We were ballin against some scrubs, running up the score, when I go up for a layup. I.

BEWARE. I thought this man actually cared in my first session and had a very good impression, but in my second, he went crazy because I had asked him to fill out a disability form and thought I was asking him to declare me disabled rather than just writing in which sessions I had had because

She's the reason I wear SPF50-everyday, everywhere. After frolicking for years under the Hawaiian sun, I decided it was time to take care of my skin. I.

Dr. Gum has a very small office which means very little waiting and a lot of personal attention. No TV's in the rooms like some dentists have but a beautiful view of the honolulu skyline. Dr. Gum takes the time to explain what he's doing and why he's doing which is very nice and helped me relax

This dentist got my husband in when he had to been seen, then took care of all his needs. Unlike other dentist who see you three times before doing what needed to be done! Thank you for taming the lion Dr. Chock! You have gained an entire family as clients now! We were new to the area and you

Very thorough in her care! Highly recommended!


Caring, compassionate, good diagnoses and referrals.

Hawaii is extremely fortunate to have a physician of the caliber of Dr. Randolph K. Wong, MD. He's extremely thorough and his skills as a surgeon are unmatched. Thank you Dr. Wong. Brymer L. Waski

Dr. Uto is the best! He really cares, and it shows. Yes, you may have to spend some quality time in the waiting room (we long-time patients know to call.

So far so good even though I've only been with her for a year. Apparently, she's not taking any new patients though.

A few years ago I had Lasik surgery here performed by some of the very best skilled surgeons on the island. Prior to coming here I was almost legally blind.

Mr. Ching shannon, I am Ruperto G. Abella, current patient. I have moved to the Philippines. Please send me your email address so I could send to you my request. Thank you, Ruperto G. Abella

Dr. Schroffner is the finest doctor I have ever been to. He is extremely well educated, intelligent and compassionate. You won't find anyone better than Dr. Schroffner.

She is everything a lady-parts doctor should be. Professional, friendly, and good at making small talk that makes it easier to forget she is staring at me.

I was recently in Hawaii - and I had to get my daughter to a hospital fast - took a cab from Waikiki, no waiting in the ER - and I had the BEST TEAM OF.

Dr. Cassen is super friendly, and she and her staff conduct very thorough eye exams. (Oh, yes: they're very good about sending you a postcard to let you.

Dr. Penoff had been one of my doctors since birth as I was a constant project for him. He always stitched me up beautifully and made me gain more confidence.

I went to numerous consults (maybe 5) and dr chu was the last, i knew upon consultation that i could trust him with my surgery. he is very thorough and careful. my pre-op/post op was outstanding. and he made it clear to me that i must heal the right way and how. i felt that he really cared

Dr. Doo had been another doctor from birth and was always the greatest doctor looking back. Though, there have been many, many unpleasant visits where I.

I love Dr. Chu. He is down to earth, smart as a whip, blunt and no drama or judgment. He spends a lot of time with you. He is a seasoned physician who.