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Dr. Slutsky is a very easy doctor to work with. He explained everything clearly and wasn't at all stingy with his time. The operation (for E.D.) and ensuing results were just as he described. I would recommend him to anyone.

This is the first of many reviews I will be posting. I had an extended tummy tuck, breast lift/aug, and lipo of flanks in January. The first problem was an infection. I had an infection and called to tell them on a friday. They said I had to wait until monday to be seen. I have mitro valve

This doctor is nothing but a cheap greedy doctor that provides terrible results and had a unstable bedside manner. He talks out of both sides of his mouth, stay away from this practice even the office staff are rude and snobby. I had terrible lipo which was waste of money.

I have to disagree with the last review given. i went there for my appointment i found the staff to be courteous and very attentive. they helped me in a very timely manner and handled my situation with care even when faced with an overwhelming number of patients. i am very pleased with the

They have great customer service. Not the lowest prices, but it is so worth it!

I just want to say that with out 2 of the best nurses that hhc has that my mother would have had to leave this world in a nursing home and that dj and wendy made it possible for us to keep her at home where she wanted to be and they made such an impact on our whole familys live that we can

If Dr. Haselhorst is the best dentist in Naperville, I'd hate to see the worst. I have had major problems with the dental work that Dr. Haselhorst has done. I'm now facing oral surgery to undo the damage plus having to pay another dentist to repair teeth after my oral surgery. The entire situation

GREAT people and Nice facility! Clean, Comfortable, and are Great at what they do! They explain everything very well and they truly exceeded my expectations! I was a bit nervous and scared, but by the help of a women named Renee and the rest of the staff i was able to get through it and save

I have a question first of all my name is Don Steele i am from Arkansas, i just got released from St. Johns in Springfield Illinois hospital i had a heart caff done yesterday by Dr. Yakuel and Dr. Martin, i am wondering how to contact him due my leg growning area where the caff was done and

Dr patel has to be the most caring and down to earth doc i have ever met. my husband is only 45 and has heart problems including a pacemaker and dr patel and his staff have been great.

I went to this practice as a child, and have taken my son in when he was little. The staff are friendly and though the doctors have changed, the practice.

This is a great group of doctors to go to. They are very conveniently located and have lots of appointments. The doctors are very knowledgeable, friendly,.

This place is huge! There are so many doctors and they recently renovated and expanded the building. I've been here before for a routine eye exam as well as.

Dr Mattana is a podiatrist. No one really wants to go to the podiatrist. You go because you need to. I had bunion surgery a few years ago and he was the.

NICEST PEOPLE EVER here. All of them. Seriously.I'm not one of those hypocondriacal moms but my son has had VSD since he was born so when he has a fever.

Dr. McLachlan is an angel on earth.Now that I've got that out of my system, let me elaborate. I was referred to Dr. McLachlan for glaucoma treatment. When.

Key Yelp: Phenomenal pediatric outpatient surgery care.thank G-d for these people.Review:This is a review for the Division of Urology team at.

A very nice and caring doctor. He's a surgeon affiliated with Good Samaritan Hospital. Many years ago he operated on me and I had to go visit him again.

Note: these are midwives who practice obstetrics and gynecology - not physicians.Who knew having a baby could be so relaxing? My son was born in a quiet.

Have been seeing Dr. Koss for more than ten years. He's a sweetie, a real nice guy, gentle (cause you don't want a nasty gyno, right?)tells you exactly.

They have been amazing with our five month child. We got to them through my sister in law, friend and a friend of my wife's. They all see Dr. Pervos as.

This is a clean hospital where I've visited patients and a friend did her nursing training. It's got a big parking garage. Connected to the doctors office.

I've been going here my whole life, and the staff is awesome. They really remember who you are: for example, I was there to see a physician's assistant just.

This is about my Allergist- DR. DEEBA MASOOD. She's great! I've had random allergies since I moved here 5 years ago and went to the NMPG/NMH Allergy group,.

Dr. Wonais has been my general doctor for 15 years. He is very easy going, great bedside manner, and his office is set up to offer discounts to self-pay.

John is a great dentist! I would reccomend him at any time.

Dr. Neptune is amazing. He is friendly, easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. I was referred to him by my eldest son's previous pediatrician who went.

LOVE THIS GUY! I went to him after a referral at the Lake Forest Hospital ER and finding out I broke my tailbone (in 2 places after a slip down the.

Been going there for years. Never had a bad experience. Walk in there for a lab test without an appointment and you will most likely be out of there in.

I am better than 20/20 thanks to Dr. Probst! I would recommend him to anyone who is considering Lasik. This is NOT one of those discount places though. It.

I have gone to first dental a few times, Dr. Malaki is very nice. I agree with the last review, he waits for ever to make sure you are not in pain.

I love Dr. Planas. He's been my family's doctor for well over a decade! I would recommend anyone in the area to him. He's always treated my family and I.

My son was born here in 2003 and we were back for an ER visit in mid-2004. No complaints except I wish that the new mother baby wing was open when DS was.

This dentist is compassionate, caring and goes the extra mile to make his patients are comfortable and he takes the time to make sure the job is done right the first time. He also keeps emergency appointments available. My entire family has been going to this dentist for 11 years.

I've gone to dr washington my entire life. he's an amazing doctor. gets to know his patients. treats them really well. really tries to figure out whats wrong & treats you individually.

Dr. Pickett is friendly and thorough in addressing health issues. She does not rush the appointment.

Adult care is suffice. Peds is lacking a little. Would only go in case of an emergency.

One of the best. Im terrified of the dentist by they make me very comfortable.I strongly suggest this dentist

I LOVE Dr. Meredith Korneffel! I have been going to her as my Primary Care PhysicianShe is fantastic, really listens, doesn't railroad you with her opinion.

Dr. Igoe and his staff is friendly and helpful, especially once you get through the front desk. Dr. Igoe is very professional and knowledgeable, and is.

I had only seen Dr. Pinc once or twice before I went into labor as she wasn't my regular OB/GYN but I was so glad she was there for me when I did. She and.

My mom had a procedure done at this facility and was very pleased with the whole process. She felt informed and not dragged around. Nice facility.

I have been to sport and ortho when they first open and it was the best i was glad to see that the company is still going i wish dahlie the best

Dr. Z is a wonderful family chiropractor who is pediatric certified and works with the body, not against, to help relieve/reduce asthma, allergies, ADD/HD, women's concerns and so much more. He's helped me come off three allergy medications and live a happier, healthier life.

Very Friendly with child and parents. Aggressive in finding the problems, so she could be treates correctly and promptly. Great DR.!

We have twin boys because of Dr. Harrington and we are very happy with his care and all of his staff. He has wonderful midwives and nurses working at his office in Pekin. He cares about your health and if your are pregnant he cares about the baby's health.

I've gone here a couple times as moral support for friends/family members. The staff that I've dealt with here are very professional, patient and kind.

Joann Hofer is a nurse practicioner in the Pediatric department at the Fox Valley Dreyer Clinic. I feel just as confident with her as I so when taking my.

I worship the sterilized hospital floors this man walks on. I am a former alpine ski racer, and having bad knees is just part of the sport. But in 2003,.

These OB's are top notch. Dr. Jill Hoprasart is a wonderful and patient OB/GYN. I used her to deliver my son and she was awesome. Very supportive of my.