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My son was diagnosed with congenital heart disease when he was born. We go to this clinic periodically for him to get check-ups to see when he will be ready to have his reconstructive heart surgery. Dr. Becker is who we see and we really think he is a great doctor. He explains things in way

Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is an excellent hospital with attractive private rooms. The staff are highly qualified and create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for both the patient and the patient's family and friends.

This hospital is at the top of it's game. It has magnet status, cutting edge technology, and uses evidence based practice.

WOW! there is no way any of this is true and i dont know where you heard that but u are welcome to run my background check and my husbands! our foster kids were adopted, not removed from us for your information. sounds like ur just jealous and hateful? maybe u choud get your facts straight

Waterloo health department gets the job done. I called 10/1, they were out to the establishment 10/2. They inspected the facility and was personable during my follow up call. They were also willing to go back out to the property to ensure safety. 5 stars.

Wonderful! Dr. Sherry is a very nice man, who takes lot of time and care while working with his patients. His office is decorated in pictures of his.

I don't know about the rating but I do know that the arrow is wrong.Kid's quest is in the Amarastar Casino. So you can dump the kids then drink and gamble.

Dr. Walton was my pediatrician. I loved her! She was always very nice and caring.

From the time my wife became pregnant, almost 5 years ago, we were on the look-out for Pediatric care. We knew we wanted to stay with Mercy Hospital in Iowa.

Dr. Andrawis has been my family Dr for over 6years and he takes care of both my chirldren and he is wonderful he understands my familys needs and works beside me with my sons adhd & ocd needs and my 3year old daughter has been sick and in the hospital with mrsa and he was there every morning

I saw Dr. Berkhof for almost all of my 30 years until we moved to WI. No matter where I lived in IA I always came back to him.

Dr. Krug delivered my daughter in June 2006, he was a great doctor. I had a difficult pregnancy and doctor Krug always acted at the first sign of a problem. He is the only doctor in the practice, therefore I was very comfortable. He was very empathetic, as was his staff! I will be going back

Dr. Hunt is an absolutetly fabulous OB, I moved to Omaha and still drive up to see her. Great GYN, GREAT OB!

Very pleasant to work with and professional.

Tammy O'Brien has been my family doctor for almost a decade and she has always been a top doctor. She understands and empathasizes with my medical problems yet almost always keeps a happy face. I recommend her and her associates to anyone!

Great doctor. Very personable and can make you smile anytime.

You're treated with respect, and compassion. Wish they had a similar set-up at clinic here in Grove Hill, Al where I relocated to.

I find Dr Blair to be an excellent physician. He listens to his patients and is willing to extend himself in his care and treatment of them. He is one of the best physicians I have ever known.

This is where I worked to help pay my way through school. 4 hours a day and all day Saturday. So didn't really have much time for fun.

I have only had pleasant experiences here. I have had dental work done here, teeth whitening, cleaning, etc. My son goes here and he absolutely loves to go to the dentist! I agree that Pam is the best.I don't go unless I can have Pam clean my teeth. She remembers me and I feel like I have a

Office is great as well as all the Dr's.but the office staff need some help. THey are very rude, disrespectful and have no tact when it comes to dealing with the public relations.

I reently had breast augmentation here and EVERYONE was wonderful! I would recommend this center to anyone and I am thrilled with my end result!

Dr. Tyner is an excellent doctor. I found him when I had a sinus infection so bad that it made the tissue around my eye swell up like someone punched me!.

I had to get a new partial and figured it would take longer than I had before we left on vacation but thanks to the wonderful people at Affordable Dentures I got my new teeth before we left. Made my vacation much more fun! Thank you! Joyce Meyers

EXCELLENT accomodations for those visiting the ICU patient. TV, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, little pastries. You can check out a laptop for personal use from 8a.m. to 5 p.m. Hotels are close by with shuttle service. Hospital cafe food is reasonably priced and isn't bad, fair variety. Staff

He is one of the best that i have been too. keep up the good work jerry

Great Dentist! State of the art office and very friendly staff. I would send anyone I know to see him for dental work. Great explantions of all procedures and takes the time with you explain everything. Have no fear honest and very talented Dentist!

Dr. Harding is an excellent therapist. Very caring and concerned about his clients. His knowledge of DID and other mental illnesses seems to be top level, and current on latest therapies. I would recommend him to anyone who seriously wants help with mental heath issues.

Jeffery defrancisco is the best doctor.he is a young DOCTOR WELLBY.he is a ded icated doctor,and if he can heal u he will and if can not will find some one that will. I love my Doctor

Joy has a great bed side manor, great listner, I just wish I could get into see her more often and that she was my family doctor. She had done surgery on me and before I went under I was joking with her and she back. I would recommend her.

I have been coming to Dr Meis for many years.Dr. Meis and his staff recommend that I come in every six months for a cleaning and check up.They also encourage me to maintain good brushing and flossing habits at home to avoid possible problems. I have done so and have not had a cavity in over

Even down to the receptionist everyone was incredibly helpful and very caring about the situation we're going through.

My wife delivered our son here, and the care was fantastic! The doctor's and nurse's alike were wonderful and very informational. Everything from the very beginning was explained to us. We have always gone to Mercy for all of our health care needs and highly recomend this hospital.

I really do enjoy donatingand earning $60 in a short amount of time. The only problem is the majority of the staff in the back who lack the customer care, there should be more communication between not only other staff members but the customer. I have twice sat down at a bed and waited and

I have been treated by both drs. link and squire and they are both excellent

Susanna Shell Phillips has helped me make positive changes in my life. My experience in therapy has been a positive one. Its not always easy to deal with the issues in your life but if you have the right person to listen you can do it. In therapy there are somethings you don't want to hear

I had cosmetic dental work done by Dr. Johnson and his staff and was truly impressed by the work. If you want it done right, I would highly recommend him. They have financing plans available that fit most cases.

My child was treated at Blank Childrens Hosptial for seizures. This condition in our 15 month old daughter was very distrubing for our whole family. They care we recieved from the Peds ER to the hospital care was excellent. All the nurses, doctors, and staff were wonderful to my child and I

Dr. Beck is a great dentist who is very gentle and incredibly efficient. His staff is wonderful as well, and very accommodating. I can honestly say I enjoy going to the dentist now!

No words can describe Dr. Prince. She is truly in my opinion not only the best Dr. I have ever worked with, but also one of the most decent human beings I have ever known, or ever will know.

One of the BEST damn doctors I've seen. He can see what many doctors cant. Highly recommended.

Dr. Guest is an awesome doctor. She knows her stuff. I felt very comfortable seeing her.

DR Hart did my surgery & I had a very good out come, I would have him do it again if needed

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Dr walton is an excellent dentist. He is pleasant and caring. I received excellent dental care at affordable prices. his staff rock and your kids will love him. he does everything plus he a oral surgen.

What a great resourse for those of us infected with HIV/AIDS. THANK YOU

My questions answered prompyly and efficantly.

Dr.Foreman is one of the best doctors I have ever been to! He took the time to listen to me! When I had to get my new pacemaker he tried to make my scar look smaller and he did! It may not seem like much to anybody else but it means the world to me. I will never forget what he did for me!

An Internist that delivers excellent care to his patients, whether they have a single diagnosis or multiple diagnoses. Dr Frank has a good bedside manner and is well respected by all that I know.

The best dentist I've had in years (and I'm picky). They schedule you quickly. unlike other dentists, you don't have to wait a month to get an appointment. My coworker had a broken crown and I told him to call my dentist (Beattie) and they told him to come in right away. They are truly great!