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I recently had Lasik Eye surgery to correct my vision. As a member of the society that is considered legally blind, I am proud to say that their quick and efficient work has given me an outstanding 20/20 vision. I would have to say that I have never received better care and concern about my

Dr. Baptist is a little like the nutty professor but he takes great care of my ASD son. I felt at first like he was standoffish but after a few visits it became appearent to me that he was just waiting to see if I would follow through with all the work involved in a biomedical intervention

I have read the comments on this bussiness and I agree.This is like talking to a friend if you are upset or nerves about seeing a dr.it is good for people to feel comfortable at the clinc they go to or any bussiness.we dont want to feel ignored or we just dont fit in any place.kindness and

They are wonderful. I can call and get in on short notice They were seeing my husband also and ordered him mri and heart test.Most of our meds are free.

This little hospital is a top notch institution. Incredibly friendly staff & yet they are all tops in their fields.

I made my first appointment with Dr. Mccune several years ago after reading an article where he was listed as one of the top doctors in Kansas.When you.

When I moved to KC, I had to get an OB-GYN right away because I needed my check-up. I chose the Women's Clinic of Johnson County because I thought it would.

When I first went in I was feeling very badly. The turn around in my life after a few sessions with the psychologist was amazing. My wife and kids say they wish I had gone in years earlier.

A good Doctor with a British accent. Listens to his patients. His staff is excellent, they do take most insurance and the billing department is very.

I used her several years ago. I got fed up with her and switched after awhile. She's Pro-Life and will try to shame you if you aren't. She also did not believe me on two occasions and she was wrong. One time two different doctors at a different clinic she had sent me to when she was unavailable

Great services! Very professional and welcoming. My 4 yrs old son enjoys his first visit to Dr. Iseman. He is really excellent working with kids, and wonderful office too! What I like about Dr. Iseman, as a parent, he did not make me feel guilty of my less than perfect dental care to my son.:)

I was referred to Wilmore and was desperate and in acute pain with my sciatic nerve. After the first appointment I was considerably better, yet still need a few more treatments. He gets right to the root of the problem and made me feel very comfortable and trusting of his knowledge and ability

Dr. Kelley is a great Doctor. On the initial visit he spent a lot of time, about 45 min, talking with me. Most importantly I felt like he really listened to me and took my questions very seriously. As medications and treatment options changed over the years he has stayed very current and worked

Great place, great people. truly caring. there is no better place to have an unmedicated birth!

Dr. Hoherz is absolutely the BEST surgeon that my husband has had. My husband had about 10 surgeons in the past seven years, some of whom really botched the multiple hernia repairs. Upon diagnosis of an abdominal aortic aneurysm, we had the first appointment with Dr. Hoherz. He did surgery

Excellent eye doctor! My family and I have been going to him for over 25 years now. Dr. Shelor and his staff are very friendly and never forget a face.

So, first off.I'm an idiot.I recently got bangs for the first time since HS (rock on) and I was curling them.and bam.curling iron starts to.

I have choosen Dr. Grundmeier as my children's family doctor because she listens when I discuss the concerns I have with my children when they are ill. My daughter was recently diagnosed with a condition that needed emergency treatment and she personally made sure that when we arrived they

Dr. Lee, She is the best! I have never met a professional that is so passionate about her work.Her medical skills are beyond reproach. She is very creative in providing services for her patients. There is so much going on at Southwest Blvd.Family Health Care.Several years ago, she put in a

I had gone to all sorts of doctors and specialists for my back pain before I saw Dr. Malmstrom. He was very friendly and informative and my pain permanently went away after only a couple of treatments. I refer everyone I know to him.

I have been going there all of my life. I think they are great!

Orthopaedic doctor specializing in shoulder, knee and sports medicine. He is actually sports medicine certified.

I have had spinal surgery twice now and I am only 37. My first surgery was done when I was 21. I was in a full body brace for 6 weeks and have extensive scars over my back and left hip. When I had to have my second surgery the surgeon who did my first was no longer in practice. This turned

Dr. Carter is a very hard working eye surgeon. Her skills and follow-up work are excellent.

The service that I recieved was excellent! Robert kept in contact with me on the progress of my power scooter. Then came to the house sit it up and explained how to use the scooter. Thank you for your excellent services.

Dr. Willingham is not only connected to all of the other professionals in her work place but also has knowledge of buisnesses in the Topeka area!

I would like to commend the staff person that serviced me at my last donation. He was identified on his uniform as AJ. I found him to be very technically competent and professional in the performance of his duties. Eddie

Dr. Sheridan is WONDERFUL! He is great at putting nervous patients at ease and letting you know your options, telling you his recommendation, but letting the patient make the final decision. His nurses are very good at making you comfortable and answering questions as well. I had what was considered

The day of surgery, little was known what the future held for me but the total joint replacement center has caring nurses and staff who are commented to make your life easier and without pain. My personal treatment was top notched and I wouldn't hesitate to use their facility again. WTG, Stormont

Dr. Miller is awesome. He takes every concern very serious and listens to what we are saying. He is very respectful and doesn't hesitate to refer us to a specialist if he feels it is warrented.I've never felt betlittled by him, which is not something I can say for every Dr. LOVE HIM! I've thought

I appreciate St. Francis FPC for their kindness and how they strive to provide their patients with everything they need. This center moved to this new location a while ago and the new building is clean, bright and the staff is wonderful. Dr. Domme is a professional and one of the best physicians

I hate dentists, or just the thought of having them poke around in my mouth in general. Dr. Ziegenhorn has made me feel comfortable and I now visit on a regular basis.

Dr. Colbern has treated my parents for several years. She is always concerned and patient. Other doctors would write them off as being old. I trust her completely. Thanks for taking such good care of them.

I have known Dr. Graham for nearly 20 years. My family utilized his professional services along with others in the practice and have always been treated with the utmost respect. All of the staff are wonderful as well.

EXCELLENT BEDSIDE MANNER! We need more doctors like Dr. Beamer. I had thyroid cancer back in 2001 and he was very understanding with my concerns and worked with how I was feeling. I would recommend him to anyone HIGHLY!

We'll second the previous reviewer's sentiments. We were looking for an expert who didn't rush us, and Dr. Finkelston met our expectations. Never seemed to be overbooked, either. And, since we are self-employed/self-insured, we especially appreciated how they assisted with the handling of our

He is a great doctor and was patient and caring. He not only helped cure me but took the time to explain what was going on with me and listened to my concerns.

She is compassionate and considerate. I was in Labor three years ago with my son. My Primary Care Physician was no where near the hospital when I checked in at 6:45 AM. She just happened to be there and delivered my healthy son at 7:17 AM. She takes any research you do on contraceptives and

Dr. Mills has been our family's dentist for over 30 years, and we have been unceasingly pleased- Dr. Lewis is carrying on the tradition well and we're happy to see him as well. Very highly recommended!

Dr. Magee has been my ob/gyn doctor for years. He is a very kind, knowledgeable doctor. Although their office is always extremely busy, he always takes whatever time he needs to answer your questions. I would recommend him to a friend.

She is patient with my father. And I can get him in most any time.She spends time with us without us feeling rushed.

These days its asking to much for a little common courtesy when visiting the destist, doctor, or optometrist. Kris by far surpasses my level of expectations for customer care. If you are currently unhappy with customer service at your regular eye doctor, I would highly recomend Olathe Family

Excellent Doctor that has very good bedside manners. Very knowledgable and if he is not sure of something no afraid to sent you to someone that does. Also very good with the elderly.

Dr. Gleason is the best doctor i've ever had for female problems


They are wounderfull with kids. And are always able to make same day appt if needed.

I am so grateful to have found a fantastic OB/GYN located amongst a fantastic group of docs here in Wichita! The entire staff is friendly and helpful, the.

I have been going to Dr. Baba for many years now. I will not go anywhere else! He is so knowledgeable and the office staff is AMAZING! I would highly reccomend them to everyone! I won't trust my teeth and dental health to anyone but this wonderful team!

Dr Klaassen is wonderful dentist; He takes care of our entire family. My kids love to go there. I can not really wait to go there. He understand our pain and cure it without pain. Hats off to Dr Klaassen.

Dr. Howell really helped me out. I was in terrible pain and no one else could get me in. But this office was able to work me into their busy day immediately and solve my toothache. That level of service is hard to find today. A very nice new office with a friendly staff. I highly recommend