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It is difficult to get through to the office.

Starting w/ the evaluation, Dr. Mike & his associates were very informative about what was causing my ailment. They took x-rays and, after explaining what was causing my pain, showed me exactly how the treatment will help eliminate the pain. brbrThe staff is friendly and the atmosphere is welcoming

Hospice provided me with a crash course, educating me on the process of death. There's actually alot to learn, because we are so focused on survival and all things to keep us living. We neglect to understand that when our bodies are trying to shut down, when our minds are at peace and our spirit

I have been Hospitalized at the Medical center on several occasions,and I was treated very kind! I recommend it as a great Hospital! All Staff members including Nursing,xray,Lab,Physical Therapy,were all kind and considerate!

Dr. Jaweed has always provided amazing eye care to my children. Very thorough and personable.

When I moved to this area I asked around for personal referrals to a dermatologist. After a few calls, I discovered that the area has (or did have) a.

I highly recomend this dentist. He is very caring. His office staff is very caring as well. Dr. Hekmatyar is awesome!

He is my doc, and I love the guy! I was a mess till I met Thor, he has helped me a ton over the past year. I wish I would have taken the time to speak to him sooner. Thanks doc I see you in a few more weeks!

Besides having the bedside manner of Soupy Sales, Dr. Jones is a most capable gastroenterologist. His knowledge and experience anre evident in the care he gives to his patients. Myself being a former patient, I can say with authority, I could have asked been under better care. Thanks Whit!

Dr. Rasheed is one of the very best doctors I have had the privilege to have as a doctor. He is a rare jewel indeed, he listens to what you say, he does have compassion, and that I have found is rare.

The best trip to the dentist i've ever had

Great Doctor! Down to Earth, really listens, and understands the patient. He has done surgery on myself as well as several people in my family. My family and I reccomend Dr. Bush to all.

I was always terrified of the dentist, and wanted to find a nurturing office so that my three children would have positive experiences with dental care. After many years of being Grady's patient, I am no longer at all nervous about any appointments-even ones when I know painful things will

Highly recommended. Courteous, professional, patient treatment of diverse clientele. My family and I have received better service and products here than from the so-called cheap and one-hour type places, where you definitely get what you pay for. Some diagnostics here can be expensive, so ask

Dr. Robbins and his staff are of the highest caliber in their profession. I recommend them to anyone. I recently had a colon examination and the treatment and experience were very pleasent and professional. 5 STAR PLUS JoeDelph, Lexington

A pity his son drops ecstasy and smokes pot. I don't think I'd want a doctor who can't keep his family life together to work on me.

I LOVE this guy. He is the guy to go to if you are phobic about going to the dentist. He is understanding and will do whatever is necessary to make it easy and 100% painless for you. His staff are always super-friendly. I wouldn't go anywhere else in Bowling Green.

My husband and I went to the rehab because he needs double lung transplant. They thougth us things we didn't know about the lungs. So if you need them they are the BEST. THANKS MARY AND MARYJANE for all of your HELP.

Dr Rutledge is the most caring physician we have ever met. he always takes time to listen, which is a rare thing. He has really helped my husband live a more normal life. His staff is very friendly and non-judgemental.

I have been a patient of both Dr. McKelvey and Dr. Andersen for a number of years. I have found them to be extreemly competent. If you need a Urologist, either man is a good choic

Dr. Littleton is by far the best pediatric psychiatrist I have ever encountered! He relates well to all his patients and spends time with them. He is sincere and knowledgeable. Appointments with him are prompt and thorough and his staff are friendly and caring.

Excellent service! Both doctors were very nice and helpful. Not a long wait. Good location and parking! I would highly recommend this dermatology office!

DR.Douglas Thomson stands in for DR.Hansbrough who is my DR.when he is absent,and he came to see me at the Medical center,on one or two of these ocassions,when I was Hospitalized,and I can truthfully tell you that DR.Thomson is a very capable and caring DR.

Dr. Roy Meckler has been a tremendous blessing to my family and especially to my son, Casey. Our words here cannot express how much his office has helped us. Melissa is the best - she has been so helpful she should receive some kind of reward. Life can be difficult sometimes and when you have

First, I have been a patient of Dr. Karon's for ten years. I began seeing her at age 16 due to abnormal pains. She diagnosed me with endometriosis. I have had 10+ surgeries with Dr. Karon and I could not ask for better healthcare. She also played a big role with the greatest people in my life.

The most loving and caring doctor in the world! By far the best OBGYN in the TriState area.

By far the best at what he does.I would recommend him to anyone.He has been wonderfull with my mom.

Dr. Isernhagen has prevented my mother from going totally blind due to side effects of diabetes. He is truely a miracle worker.

Doctor Chapman is down to earth and very professional about his job, he has helped me through some tough times, and he really cares about his patiences!

I have seen Dr. Jackson for years, and think he does great work. He also the most gentle DMD I have ever been to. His office is beautiful and even has high speed internet in the waiting area for patients and flat screen tvs with headphones in the rooms! It is a very comfy place with warm and

Dr. Stern, Melissa Gabbard ARNP, and his office staff including his mail order pharmacy have provided the finest care for my father in a very efficient and caring manner. The office staff are always friendly and happy toward patients. We have only rarely had to wait more than a few minutes

I would highly recommend Dr. Wachs to anyone looking for an OD. I have been a patient for many years and even transferred from his other office in Irvine when I moved to Lexington about 8 years ago.

Awesome eye doctor. She was very good with my children and very kind to me and my husband. She was able to speak to us in spanish. Very impressed. The glasses were affordable and she didn't seem to push them on us. More like offering them. We are so appreciative of her services. I have told

Dr. Rick Voakes was my oldest daughters pediatrician back in 93 & 94, and if I could have I would have taken him with us where ever we had moved to. I couldn't have asked for a better pediatrician than him. He's an excellent physician. He in my book is the best and was a very big hearted person

Drs. Kopczyk, Vieth and Majors run a great dental practice. When I moved to Lexington I was nervous at finding a dentist. But Dr. Vieth and his staff were compassionate, understanding, and thorough in their examination and care. They provide state of the art dentistry diagnostics and really


DR.Hansbrough is one of the best if not the best DR's I have ever been to! He has saved my life at least a couple of times! If you have a Respiratory problem,DR.Hansbrough is your man!

Hands-down the most beloved family practice doctors in Louisville. Exceptional service, fantastic staff, and reasonable prices.Drs. Hammond and Weiss are.

Dr. Peeno is a fantatic Dr.and I have recommended him to all of my friends and family. He took the time out to get to know me and was sincere. He cared about the way I felt and respected me. He is a great guy!

One of the worst doctors I have ever seen. She was rude, rushed, and horrible. I will never return to this doctor - a nightmare.

Dr. Shadowen is Very Very brilliant! I love her! She has a great bed side manor and just a friendly Doctor. I would highly recommend her to anybody. She has given me hope when i have almost given up!

The office was modern and the staff was very friendly. Dr. Williams did a thorough exam and listened to me before prescribing anything. He is a fine doctor with an excellent bedside manner. I highly recommend this practice and especially Dr. Williams for diabetes control and weight loss. The

From the family of Marie Barger,Thank you for the excellant and professional care that our Mother received during her stay.

I have been going to Doctor Gover for abut 5 years. He is very direct about what your issues are and he attempts to resolve the medical issues in a sound manner. IF it is something that is outside his particular knowledge he does not hesitate to refer you to another doctor who can assist with

He is a great Doctor, Known him for years. Keep up the good work Dr. Bryson. Sandie, Beaver Dam, KY

Dr. Lowry is truly a wonderful doctor. As a first time mother, he really addresses all my concerns about my child. I am very pleased with the time and attention we receive when we visit his office.