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I have been to Clinical Radiologists Medical Imaging 3-4 times over the last few years. The radiologists and technicians are very good and professional. Some of the receptionists are nicer than others. In one instance I needed to bring my films to a specialist and the receptionist told me

They provide comprehensive services designed to meet the full range of needs presented by people experiencing homelessness: Primary and Preventive Medical Care Mental Health Services Social Work and case management (including referrals for food & shelter) Addiction treatment through a State-Certified

Very good Eye Doctor! Very thourough and knowlegable. Great with kids! Does sell glasses and contacts. Priced about the same as most local doctors. Does not take all insurance policies.

My Husband and I have been seeing Dr. Rodman for years. He is an excelent optimologist.

I originally chose this practice because of the wonderful things I'd heard about Dr. Leffler (who was tragically killed in an accident this past respects to his remaining family), and I feel it was the best choice I could have made. This practice is extremely professional and will do

Thanks to my dad, i have inherited all kinds of health issues. the most irritating and prevalent issue would be my asthma and allergies. for years, i just.

They have an office in Charlottesville, Virginia as well as Maryland. I had my Lasik surgery done by Dr. Perraut himself; excellent work. I am very happy that I did. I can actually see better than when I had glasses or contacts! They are professional, courteous, and they really do care about

My nerves were shot all morning. I was so nervous about visiting a woman's doctor for the first time, I felt like I was going to hurl. My office is.

I had an appt with Dr Kelly McGuigan ( first one with her) about a suspicious rash on my face. She was incredibly thorough, proficient, professional and.

I was in the third grade when the infamous school eye exam determined that my spelling would be greatly improved if I could actually decipher the letters in.

Herbs and oils and meditation.oh my!No, I'm not talking about a spa. I'm talking about Ayurvedic Medicine! To some this may be viewed as alternative,.

My wife and I just had our first child 3 months ago. Per a recommendation from a close friend, we decided to use Dr. Khan as our pediatrician. We've gone.

Hunt Valley Family Medical is one of the better family practices I have seen in years. They have great staff of nurse practitioners and doctors who will.

They are GREAT with kids! While I would not go there if I had severe eye disease, they have been good to use for basic eye exams. Their prices on glasses and lenses, however, are much more expensive, even with their discount from our insurance company. Eyeglasses are not adjusted well except

Best psychiatrist ever. Incredibly knowledgable, objective and dedicated. Every question I ever asked Dr. Forrester he answered for me thoroughly and in.

Lee Ann Nelson Physical Therapy is the best of the best! Everyone in the practice is caring and very professional. Care is taken for individual needs. Hours are flexible. I have been to the practice several times for different needs and also have attended excellent yoga classes at the facility.

This is a really crazy thing to review, but for women this type of doctor is just as important as your favorite hairdresser. This office is full of friendly.

As awesome as medical care gets! Dr. Morrill runs the kind of medical practice you rarely see these days, but your grandparents likely had: the family.

The Dr. Know so much about spine problems and give you so many options and alternative to deal with the problem every other Dr. I visited with my back problem wanted to operate (surgery) but Dr. Falco and Dr. Barbara work with me in other alternative. Today Im back working and almost doing

The eye doctors were very helpful. As well as very affordable. They gave a great selection. I definitely will go back there again, for other eye tests. It's also great to bring babies and toddlers because they have toys to keep them busy and happy as well as the t.v. sincerely, Mrs. Edith Reiffen.

I am a firefighter who has back problems and have seen Dr. Art for 4 years on and off. He is a no pressure, I am here when you need an adjustment Doc who is great.

My first impression of this doc is that he's a very thorough, caring professional. I'm new to the area - at least 8 months new - and he's my first doctor.

I went to Dr. Burnett a few years ago, and if you need a dermatologist I would certainly recommend him. He was friendly and helpful in a slightly gruff kind.

Wonderful! My daughter loves this office.

After an accident in 3/06, I went to Mt Vernon Spine Rehab. This was my first exeprience with a chiropractor so I was very very hesitant. To my surprise, I was relieved of my pain in a matter of weeks. I highly recommend their services. T Fitts

Dr Sinno proved to be an excellent doctor and surgeon in his treatment of malignant melanoma as well as other forms of skin cancer. Very tiny stitches. Prompt and caring. Open to answering questions.

Dr Michael is a genius.if your looking for caring,attentive & professional dentistry.friendly and positive staff.this is the only place to go!

Love, love, love this man. Has a great reputation at the hospital and has a fantastic bedside manner.

Just this morning I had my first appointment at Podiatry Associates in Columbia, MD. There I was seen by Dr. Ritter, one of the doctors on staff.I was.

Wow! I have never ever been to a doctor quite like Dr. Morris! He has extremely good bedside manner, and is very knowledgeable and patient. He expounded.

Friendly, thorough, professional. great allergist. Very methodical.definitely adhered to the SOAP method (subjective, objective, assessment, plan).He.

I was referred to Dr. Hundley by a co-worker (who had two children delivered by Dr. Hundley). I was accepted as a new patient in the Columbia office. Dr. Hundley was the most kind and caring Dr. that I have ever seen. She wanted to know as much about me as possible prior to and after my examination.

I ususally visit the Oxon Hill office and the entire staff is terrific. I thought braces work would be painful, but Dr. Banks and his team are gentle and I've had little discomfort and my smile is beautiful. Thank you.

Dr. York has guided me in the right direction as evidenced by my husband's testimony about my improvement. I highly recommend Dr. York as a therapist with a very good understanding of anxiety, depression and anger issues. Even more importantly, Dr. York has a caring way of communicating this

So boy was dying one night (read: had a cold and a hangover), and demanded that I take him here. They were very efficient-sent him to the room, examined.

For a luxurious respite for a potentially uncomfortable doctor's visit for the ladies, come here. Staff is friendly and attentive and the The Doctor is as.

Dr. C. is an excellent dentist! He's extremely personable makes us feel very comfortable. It's like visiting a friend. The only difficult part is getting an appointment! He's booked for months out. Plan ahead! You won't be disappointed. He's also great with children, and teens. Our entire family

Doctor Spriggs and her staff are great and very kind.

Female physician with excellent clinical skills. this doctor cares for pts from as young as 1 week to as old as 105. she has evening hours a well as wekend hours. office staff are very pleasant. accepts most insurance as well as self pay. highly recommended

It amazes me how Dr. Krinn comes into the exam room with a huge smile every time.especially when she's there to explore the dark crevices of women's lower.

My experience at Ancient Arts Acupuncture has been truly incredible. I was new to acupuncture in general when I started treatment and Tom always takes the time to explain the procedures and answer any questions I have. The treatment environment is always clean, comfortable, and relaxing. Most

In only 2-3 appts, the specialists were able to observe changing conditions in my husband. With our permission, Scott called our primary care physician. Scott called us back shortly and relayed that our PCP said to get to the emergency room ASAP. My husband was examined and put on medicine

Dr. Otto has been my internist for many years. I'm not sure if he is accepting new patients or not, but if he is, I sincerely recommend him as an all-around internist of GP. He is so current, (he must read a lot). He is a gifted diagnostician - he hits the problem on the spot routinely. He

Really knows you as a person emotionally in order to better understand your physical concerns. Always returns phone calls promptly. Spends as much time AS YOU WANT while in his office or on the telephone. Will always recommend specialists as needed. Always current on new medications, and alternate

Dr. Tonnu is competent, thorough and takes an interest in her patient's welfare. She takes the time to allow patients to describe their health concerns and is systematic in examination and diagnosis.

Yay for Drs. Gray! Kerri and Michael are a husband and wife team who are not only good doctors, but are also fun to chat with. I really like the fact that.

He is genius,funny, and capable of fulfilling most of your needs and his staff is creme de la creme.

I've been going to Dr. Kotlicky for my vision exams for nearly 30 years, even though I also see an opthamologist. Dr. Kotlicky is more thorough and more up-to-date on vision correction, because that's his focus. Very personable and caring.

When is sombody going to get this stuff corrected, Dr Mitchell left this address 5 years ago she is @912 Thayer Ave suite 101 in Silver Spring.It took me 5 phone calls to finally find her real office. Best Dr. in town knows her medicine and takes the time to figure out what other doctors just

He drilled a cavity way too far and caused me to need a root canal, also the other cavity he filled did nothing to prevent pain, leading me to believe he did not get the whole cavity out, very unhappy and will never set foot in office again