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Overpriced, they don't take insurance, medicare or mass health, lots of expensive unnecessary testing, push expensive supplements on you. Lots of mistakes with appointments. Never shorter than an hour and a half wait no matter what time of day you book. Awful.

Good job but is so busy that he needs help.

We have been coming to State Opticians since 1991, and always have been very satisfied with the service we have received. Dr. Wang and her staff are very professional, and we have referred many of our friends to her. B&G Worcester

They are committed in understanding your needs and meet your expectations!

Recently delivered my baby at Lowell General. Everything was extremely good. The nurses in both the Labor and Delivery Unit and the Mother and Infant Unit were both very helpful, friendly, and understanding. The rooms were also decently sized, and equiped with all of the necessary amenaties.

I have been a patient of this dental office for several years and have had problem free and pain free dental treatments done. I had Dr. Hart treat some cavities and a tooth that needed a root canal, and have not any problems with those teeth since. His work is quite good.

We love MV Pediatrics! Dr. Vonnegut is very good with our little one, and spends plenty of time with us on our appointments. We appreciate not being ushered.

I think I found Dr. Perfectionist! My teeth are amazing now!

I had my first appt with Dr. Zinner in Feb 08. She was referred to me by my sister in law, who is also one of her patients. First and foremost, Dr. Zinner.

If you need an ob/gyn go to Ellen! She really knows her stuff. She is one of the best doctors I have ever been to and she recommended another great doctor.

Thanks to you, I didn't die of Polio.But srzly, I wish I could go back to this office as opposed to the ghetto one I have now. Adults like playing with.

I have been cursed with lower back pain. I have spent years dealing with it-trying to work through it-giving up high heel shoes because of it. Not anymore!.

I was referred to the Family Practice Group, specifically Dr. Laura Zucker, by a friend and former patient. I will never visit another health care.

I thought it would be nice to review my primary care physician, because my health care just changed, and I was worried I would have to find a new one. I.

So I had to break up with my former PCP. It was so hard, but she was in Quincy and I am in Marlborough and I just can't have a long distance relationship.

Woburn Pediatrics was founded in 1967 by Dr. Joseph B. Leader who is still dedicated to the practice today. It started as the first pediatricians office in.

Down to earth, opinionated, but knows his stuff (dermatology). You leave his office feeling cared for.

I have been a lifelong hater of going to the doctor's- not a hater of doctors, but just the process itself. Go here for this, go there for that. argh.

I saw Dr. Riley a number of years ago for a plantar wart on my big toe. Before you say EWWW, like I did, Dr. Riley explained that usually these kind of.

Dr. Maureen Cook is the best OBGYN Dr. and NP Emma O'Keefe is one of the nicest NPs around here. I visited them every month for the first trimester, then.

Although her office decor is VERY bizarre/unique, she is down to earth and seems to know her stuff. I went to several doctors before seeing her. She is the.

Dr. Joe is energetic, kind and extremely conscious of the comfort of his patients. For the first time in my life, my dental visits are comfortable and virtually pain-free. He is also concerned with making sure any work he does is not only functional, but very asthetically appealing as well.

I'm not gunna doctor's office is pretty ghetto.The building itself looks like an abandoned shack with an abused parking lot surrounding it - not.

Dr. Morales saved my child's life. He is a brilliant diagnostician and I highly recommend him.

It was a tough choice to give this place either a 4 star or 5 star.but since it has been a little over a month and i now have 20/20 vision, I gave this.

Not that easy to get an appointment with Dr. Vidal, but not insanely hard either. If I had to wait more than a week, they would have been docked a star.I.

I found Debbie by way of Elizabeth Stewart, an equally amazing doctor in the woman parts world. You can read my review of her on Yelp too.When I was.

After many seasons, both winters and summers suffering through insane migraines, I was referred to Dr. Gallivan by my primary care physician. I was.

Pretty good medical service. I went there for a few years. Once when I was a kid I jammed my fingers in one of those electric candles and got burned.

I had a minor medical malf which I was hoping to sue or at least mighty righteously bitch out the MBTA over if I could get documentation to back up how.

Dr. Li is my son's pediatrician. She is very attentive and took a lot of time going over some issues my son was having. She is a great whole health Dr.

I went to center for psychological families and children and loved my experience with them. The day that I first called them for an appointment for depression, they treated me with so much kindness. I am very happy with my experience at center for psychological families and children. Very much

I have been going to Dr. Hughes for fourteen years and he is the kindest doctor I have ever known. I recommend him higher than excellent. Janet

I have a hearing disability, 100% on my right and 50% on my left. As a result of the accident I was recovering from, I lost my hearing aides. David was always sure to yell loudly in my left ear, to insure I understood all of his instructions. That was the kind of therapist he was. Always going

I have been a patient of Dr. Blanchards for years and have gotten excellent care from him and his staff. Any time i have ever had a problem, even on weekends Dr. Blanchard has come from his home, and given great care. He takes his time and I do not feel rushed. I give him high recomendation

I've gone to Dr Nemser for over 10yrs and I can say he's the most caring dentist and genuinely concerned with how you feel. He had to use a water laser on a small cavity and I didn't feel a thing!

I have been associated with Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary since 2000. Over the past eight years, I have utilized several of the specialty services as.

I've never been admitted to a hospital before tonight or gone to a walk-in clinic, but I'm so happy with my treatment that they're my favorite. Everyone.

I have been going here for the past few years, and have had only good experiences, but then again, I haven't been diagnosed with any diseases or had any.

WHERE do I begin. Dr. Sobell is the BEST. I have been his patient since I was very young. He is very familiar with my whole family, as he treats all of us.

Dr. Neyshtadt practices Internal Medicine.Dr. N is a phenomenal doctor. She's patient, attentive, and thoroughly concerned with her patients' well being.

THE BEST! Period. (no pun intended) She knows her stuff and doesn't waste your time.

I was born here. Great experience, from what my mother told me. Don't ask me to remember anything for you.Ok, I'd like to get one thing straight. I.

Dr Muellner has been my families physician for years and years. He listens and cares. Excellent diagnostician and provider. He comes highly recommend. I.

I been going to Dr. Stockwell for most everything for several years. His new office is peaceful and very pleasant. He almost always runs on time, and allots.

Is it true that you do not let parents/guardians in with their minor child? I am hearing that is just policy?! You really need to revisit this policy. Young children should not be left alone if requested by the parent or child. Being traumatized in this nature may have a lasting negative change

This team of specialist goes above and beyond the call of their practice. Our son went through a great deal of trauma upon birth and there after. After 6 surgeries and more than a dozen hospital stays later, we are thankful to say he is a perfectly healthy 4 year old. We owe most of that to

Dr. Lewis' hygienist was great. I hadn't been in for a cleaning for about five years and had feared the worst. It was not the blood letting I had expected. She was well trained in the latest techniques and equipment and she cleaned my teeth with minimal discomfort. After the cleaning, Dr. Lewis

Very impressed with the wide collection of frames. One of the funkiest and up to date variet of frames to chose. So many had a hard time picking the one I wanted. The staff very helpful and willing to help the patient all the way for great service. I would recommend any time. Very professional

A longtime family run business who cares about their patients. They offer a great selection of eyeglasses and take most health insurance plans. I would recommend them to anyone and they have convenient hours.