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Best treatment I have received.

Well all an all everything is good but there some nurses here that should'nt work here very rude with an attitude i ask a nurse how much has my son ate on his feeding tube she told me she did'nt know then she had to look at his paper work to tell me me if your a nurse you should know right

The references and connections to the McAuley Health Center have been removed because the office has moved locations and joined up with another Saint Mary's service. Because of the service collaboration a new name was needed for the office. Information can now be found on the site under the

The ER staff is absolutely amazing. They took such good care of me when I wne in with this mysterious wound. They made sure I was comfortable and cared for. They had all kinds of Doctors and nurses look at my wound to try to figure out what was going on. Nurse Linda who is an agency nurse took

The staff is very kind, caring and attentive. I am forever thankful to have them in my life. Also special thanks to Dr. David and Dr. Young for playing major roles in saving my life and providing me with much needed guidance and giving me hope and trusting in me that I am capable of making

Very nice doctors! Friendly warm enviroment! Best eye doctor I 've ever seen!

EVERY LAST EMPLOYEE.showed to me thier most sincere dedication. I'm getting a little choked up typing this, because you simply do not find the caring and compassion that these people have.the ONLY thing else.that I can say.I KNOW a well qualified team.the problem is.they deserve the notarity.Plain

All three Drs. had a part of saving my life in 2004

I have always really liked Dr. King. She was recommended to me by a former co-worker, and I later recommended her to several others including my husband.

The Ultimate Doc for Sports Medicine!He is reasonable, reliable, and technically superb. Works at Royal Oak and Troy Beaumont. Will take the time to.

I've been a patient of Dr. Samads for almost a year. He has an office in Southfield on Southfield Road as well as a location on 10 Mile Road. His office.

Actually, if I remember correctly, I've only seen the optometrist here, and it was for a problem visit and followups. Sherry Dustman, OD, was who I saw, &.

I'm so glad I found Doctor Mariotti. I first saw her name on the Affirmations' physicians recommendation page maybe 3 years ago and decided to give it a.

I've been taking my daughter to see Dr Schindler since she was born. He's a great doctor. He listens and works with us to provide the care we want. I first.

Dr. Campbell has been my general practitioner for my entire life. Even when I switched from my PPOM to BCBSM, I still went here, regardless of the fact that.

Love this place. When I moved back home from Ann Arbor, I faced a problem many like me have faced. where do I find a good gyno? I mean really, this.

Listen, the OBGYN is not a pleasant experience, we can all agree on this. But Dr. Kelly makes the best out of bad situation, and now I'll never go to.

We've used GRO for a variety of eye care services - general optical, laser vision correction, and some medical needs for our son. In every case, we've been.

Feeling under the weather?I just call Shenandoah Clinic and I can get in to see my doctor, Dr. Michalzcak (who is absolutely amazing and really easy to.

Great family doctor! I went to Linda Speegle for over 10 years! She listens and thinks about complications when they arise. She also will call in.

Great clinic.Dr. Brown is very nice and truly cares about his patients. People around the office seemed nice also.

I'm sorry but I have to be honest: I would not recommend this business to anyone. The quality of eye care is NOT up to par. I would NEVER return to this office again. This is not a hasty opinion because, regrettably, I gave them a second chance. Once again: sub-standard. On the bright side:

Dr. Crane is excellent with kids and the staff is great to work with! Their office will set you at ease and will make your dental visit as comfortable as possible!

This is the new clinic on Cass right around the corner from Avalon and kitty corner to the University Towers at Wayne State. Seriously, I thought I was.

In an uber-slapstick moment, I ran outside of a store into the arms of a long-lost friend, only to slip on a patch of black ice and land on my back. The.

Seeing him for years, very informative, motivating and positive. Concerned about me and helps out when i am in a jam or an emergency. His nurses and assistants are also very helpful and welcoming.

Very friendly and personable. Tells you the truth and gets down to business but at the same time tries to get to know you a little bit. He also has international experience. has practiced in Africa. Office staff is very friendly and helpful. They will keep you up to date with your appointments

Great dentist with great prices. She will see you on short notice. You truly feel welcomed.

My family and I have seen Joe Fisher and his team for back, hip, and foot issues. I have also worked with five or more physical therapists over the past fifteen years. Joe and his team are by far the best. They provide excellent care and they REALLY care. They go the extra mile and consult

Both Doctor Danish and Staff are take care of everyone as if they are family.

As if having a size 10 foot on 5'7 frame wasn't aggravating enough, all the years of wearing uncomfortable footwear (cough, cough 3+ inch heels) had finally.

So, luckily, I've been blessed with pretty good health, minus the allergies and asthma, so I don't have a regular doctor that I go see. But when I am.

I love this woman! I wish I could put her in my pocket and take her with me everywhere I go. In a sense I do, as she's definitely on speed dial.and she.

Great health clinic for women of all ages. My primary physician here is Dr. Persson and she's great, but I've had appointments with a few of the other.

The place setting was wonderful and comfortable, every question was answered, and there was no fear.

He did a barage of tests and my laser surgery was a success! I went from not being able to see 20 feet in front of me to not needing glasses at all! Thank you!

Dr beauchemin richard very good dr and there cleaning service excellent thanks

Especially good with children and seniors whole family loves her.

Bed side manner awful i didnt really think he cared about how i felt when i was in pain but im sure his a good doctor just his bed side manner needs alot of work

Update 5/9/08: The Baby was born on 5/7! Please read my review of our experience with Dr. Fishbaugh while we were at Beaumont:.

Dr. Schoenberger (pronounced show-in-burger) has been my OB/GYN for 6 years. He is extremely personable and has a professional office staff. He works out of.

Dr. Beals-Becker was strongly recommended to me by my midwife because I was worried about my chronic back/pelvis pains from when I was in multiple.


You have to know exactly where to go ahead of time. Recent changes in procedure makes it necessary to go on a walk-in basis. They had changed to appointments for a reason. It makes me want to seek medical attention elsewhere. The telephone menu makes it almost impossible to get through to anyone.

The first thing that they told me was that they dont accept patients without insurance.

Dr. Saini also prescribes appropriate vaccines and antiobiotics for international travelers. Bring your itinerary along. Very reasonable.

I cannot even begin to tell you how impressed I am with this hospital. They are a busy place, but even so, they are very personable. We have had a few different occassions that landed us in the ER within a few months of each other. One of the doctors remembered us on each occassion and personally

Store is clean, I will give it that, but as for the service, go somewhere else. The owner, Barry has some pretty good knowledge, however, trying to get ahold of him, or trying to get him to call you back.GOOD LUCK, BECAUSE IT WONT HAPPEN. Since it is about an hour drive for me, I was told by

Hats and gloves, warm apple cider, pumpkin carving - it's that time of year again! I love fall, but with the change of season, for me, it almost always.

The services provided are great but your automatic appointment system DOES NOT WORK. I have been trying to get an appointment for 5 days after being treated following a car accident.