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Ok, NOBODY really likes an ob/gyn (or a proctologist, heh heh), but lynne is very special. competent and compassionate.

I have hydrocephalus whichb is water on the brain I had surgery tghrough the Gilette Clinic on the 4th floor. All went well with that. I returned to the hospital last evening because of possible complications I wasn't taken seriously. I was told to return to my Neurosurgeon on Tuesday They

This was a great experience for us. The room was so comfortable and the staff was very hospitable and frendly

Unbelievable support. After 13 years of trying to find answers for our daughter's many issues, we have been truly blessed to have been referred to ARTC. Had we not connected with Julie Priola executive director of the center who is THE authority on Autism Spectrum Disorders, our daughter would

Many friends of mine use them and I did not like our old one so I checked them out and that was 4 yrs. ago. I love them. I like that when you call they answer in person and can connect you with a nurse immediately to answer questions. At our old clinic I was alway put on hold for at least 10

I do not recamend nobody to go here you may catch desieses and they are not careful on what they do. When you first go in you sit there doing there stuff for two hours for your first visit and you still donate plasma and the blood goes back into you. its perty stupid to me and it messes up

Have been going here since I was a very young kid, tried 2 other dentist's. One of those I tried was the Smile Center, (do not go there, they screwed up my teeth more than they did help). I came back to this one because, Dr. Eckart really knows what he is talking about. He won't lead you wrong

I think that you should have more things about this company posted on this website. I wanted to know when you were opening up The Memory Care Unit and it there is nothing on this site about that. Nor anything else.

I was recommended to this office by someone whose primary care physician practices here.GETTING AN APPT:Office hours aren't great - 7:30a - 5:30p with no.

Just want to mention, I am glad to see you updated his specialty to the correct one. It was rather humorous to me that you originally had him listed as an.

In an age of flash in the pan fads and non-existant service these folks are the exception. The doctors take time to ask ALL the important questions and follow up on concerns regarding vision. The staff is professional but have a personal touch that surpasses anything you might find in chainstore

Seems to be a very good doctor when it comes to diagnosis. Very friendly and attentive. The only complaint I have is that he doesnt seem to listen to his patients (at least me) when I tell him of past history or pain. Hes more worried about addiction then about the comfort of the patient. That

Doctor Flynn is the Best Dentist that I have ever been to. He has been my Dentist since I was a little girl.

Mr. Poissant is one of the best Physical Therapists there is in the country. He is a very caring, knowledgeable therapist and can do wonders in helping the healing process. I recommend him highly to anyone experiencing pain. He is also very knowledgeable and effective in the use of acupuncture

This facility goes out of their way to ensure you health needs are met and that your personal care needs are met. You are treated as family and made to feel part of the family. Keep up the great care!

I love Dr. Monti. He has a friendly staff and extra loving care for your teeth. I am sad that I've moved out of the area and can no longer call Dr. Monti, my dentist.

I received great personal and attentive care with flexible scheduling. The doctors were very knowledgeable and experienced. I highly recommend their services!

Doctor Ilko has been our family doctor for years and will be for years to come. He, personally, is a great doctor that actually cares. When you meet with.

My 11 y.o. son Dylan was seen here for recurrent strep throat. He was so scared to be seen due to bad experiences at other clinics. They were extremely gentle with him and I would refer anyone there with children.

One of my friends recommended her and said she is very good

We took our little girl in to see if they could help us fix her teeth, she is now 5 years old and this was last winter, they said they could but needed almost 8,000 dollars and daddys insurance cant cover it through his work, i feel bad because i know she needs the work done and we are both

I am 69yrs old and this is the first dental office I have found where all the staff are so kind and helpful.brBruce Merry is abrpain free dentist. I enjoy to go there.

It was refreshing to see a lady dentist.I felt very comfortable and relaxed with Dr. Lehn and her staff.Not your sterotypical office!

This is a nice location, and the staff that they has is helpful. Of all of the doc's there that I have used, Dr. Spatz is primo. She is a great listener,.

Always treated like a person with feelings every time I walked in the door. Extemely happy with level of care!

I did not expect to experience such healing of body mind and spirit; Dr. Matousek is a healer in many ways. She helped me go from hopelessness to empowerment, and to find a renewed commitment to my health. I hope that many others who are in need will find their way to her and be open to the

My husband & I went here today, primarily to pick up rice and chapati's.We ended up finding so many excellent things in this store, that we left with the.

She is very well educated. She will conduct a very thorough interview before assessing what treatment would be best for you.

Dr. Dahlquist is by far the best doctor I've visited regarding my epilepsy. He's easy to talk to and answers any questions. He's very cautious about the side effects medication can cause, especially birth defects.

I have recieved care at Full Circle for a couple of years now as have several friends of mine. The therapists there are wonderful compassionate and understanding people. I highly recommend checking into Full Circle if you are looking for therapy in this area.

This company is horrible, as they would rather send an account to a collection agency, instead of calling or resending the invoice. What kind of business practice is this? For $59.00 they will send your company into a collection recovery agency. Do not deal with them. The customer service stinks.

This is a great clinic the staff is friendly and caring. The enviorment in the clinic is comfortable and it is a very fast paced clinic. I have had back and neck ijuries and they made/make it a priority to help thier clients as fast and the best they can. I have been going to C.A.I.R now since

I think this is the best clinic. I never wait more than a few minutes. There are always magazines and coffee waiting for me. Also, I like going to the.

All of the staff at Dr. Kingston's Office is great! They greet you by name and they are always friendly.

The best pain free dentist i have ever been to. I am 45 years old and I am very scared of dentist. Dr. Jeske advised me he wouldn't hurt me and he didn't and now i go to him every 6 months. THANKS DR. JESKE.

Dr.Messa did my breast reduction.I was having alot of pain in my neck,shoulders and back from overly large breasts.He was very informative and after the surgery,I noticed immediate results,pain free!.He did an excellent job. My new breasts are asymmetrical.Before surgery the left was much larger

To anyone looking for a primary care provider or a gastroenterologist, look no further than Stuart Borken. His diagnostic skills are unmatched and his honest and straightshooting demeanor are a welcome change from what you usually get from today's physicians. He's been my doctor for over a

Listen, I just want to say Pete Meyer and his staff are the BOMB BABY. That is to say they are doing an EXCELLENT job of helping and guiding me into TRUE mental health. They are professional in every aspect of their fields. Never have I been in a dual diagnosis problem that really addressed

If you decide to visit St. Anns, I highly advise you to ask for Waiter Jake. He will be in tip top shape and serve your every need with a smile :)

Excellant very clean the staff was really understanding and explained things down to my level. My sons don't cry any more when we go see the dr.

I have had really good service at Blustins. When they were adjusting my glasses they scratched the lens, and quickly offered to replace it. They have fixed my glasses for free a couple of times too. Very friendly staff and Optometrists as well. Recommended.

When I moved to Minneapolis I didn't have a physician and well I usually try to avoid them, but alas I found myself with an itchy rash all over my arms. I.

Excellent care! I have trusted him with my eyes for many, many, many years (30), and hopefully many more to come. When I lived in the twin cities, I had to be seen elsewhere - I found no one with anywhere near the experience and expertise of Dr. Sipola.

Dr Gregory is a neurosurgeon - there was no option for that in the dropdown, so he's justed listed as 'doctor'. Although, if you're searching on him, you.

This is a GREAT medical care clinic. Dr. Canfield is great to work with, as well as their 2 Physician Assistants - Ellie Young & Suzie Runkel. The location.

I have always found the health care providers at Children's to be very focused on the needs of children. Dr. McCord will always agree to be part of meetings at school if need be to help school staff better understand a child's health condition and its impact on education. Dr. Kubic does the

I have gone through many dentists and this is by far my favorite place! I had major work done from when I had my front teeth knocked out. The outcome was amazing.

A well run facility; one of the best V.A. Hospitals in the country. I worked for them a few years ago, and it was very gratifying to see how organized and.

Dr. Lorberbuam took me in on an emergency over 15 years ago and I have kept going back ever since. He does great work, does not overcharge, and does not try to suggest un-needed work. He used to teach some at the U of M dental school I believe, in addition to his practice. He is a solo practioner

St. Lukes Birthing Center was amazing. The Nurses were all extremely nice, and the rooms were very clean and comfortable. I'm having all my children there! And we just moved to Texas!