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The Chiropractors there really know what they are doing. I've even taken my 4-yr old to see their pediatric chiropractor. Her neck had been hurting from sleeping in the car and now she doesn't complain about her neck anymore. She was so excited about her adjustment and had so much fun going

Worst excuse for a free medical clinic, called daily for over a month can't get appointment. Apparently for minorities and gay people, white people aren't accepted.

Dr. Bartels and his staff do a great job. Every time I went there, it was like seeing friends. They remembered and asked about things we previously discussed, making me feel at home. More importantly, the dental care I received from everyone there was top notch. I now live in East Tennesse,

I think that they are the best in our town. You make an appt. and about an hr later your done. I have been there about four times and like it much more than the other guys. It is totally worth the pay!

Love these guys! I see the younger Dr. Meiners. I would completely recommend him to anyone. I actually got my fiance's family all going to him! The receptionist is so awesome too. We had some trouble verifying insurance and she was so nice about it and called and got it done for us. A++++ for

Honest, fast, gentle, and great with kids

The biggest thing to know about this place is that you're not a number. You don't get run out in five minutes with a prescription in hand. In fact, the.

At the first sign of a spot on my face, I ran to Dr. Ney, a dermatologist my Doc recommended, and got super lucky. Young and amazingly clear-skinned (well,.

I love Dr. Halley. He was only my doctor for a year or two after college, but I really appreciated having him so close. I usually saw Jan Jones, the nurse.

Doctor, doctor please give me the news.Not accepting new patients.

Great service, personable and helpful with insurance. Also provides music or dvds to relax by. Located in downtown KC, which makes it easy to go during the lunch hour if you work in the downtown area. Their employees are very knowledgeable about new techniques and better preventative care.

I was very satisfied with my visit to Soulard Family Dentistry. Dr. Switzer was pleasant and knowledgable, and her staff are very friendly and take customer service seriously. I was very happy with my experience and would recommend them to anyone.

This clinic is kept looking new and clean and the staff is very professional and tries hard to get each person seen quickly. They also take time to talk to the patient and address all of their needs and concerns

My entire family has always gone to Dr. Cable. I grew up with him and now I take my children to see him. I have tried other dentists and have been very disappointed. I drive from Raymore to Independence just to see Dr. Cable. He is wonderful and I would recommend him to anyone!

The price is very affordable and he was more than willing to answer any and all questions I had regarding my personal health. He also gave out samples of the medication he was to suppose to perscribe

I'm not a person who goes to the doctor often. In fact, not counting today, I've only seen a doctor four times in the last ten years, and on three of those.

Hannah Solomon has been my pediatrician since I was about 3, and she really knows what she's doing. She's nice, comfortable, and helpful when you go to see.

Our three year old son broke his leg recently, I called the Ortho clinic the next morning to get get an appointment for him to be casted. They said bring him in now, we can see him in 45 minutes. The staff were wonderful, the cast techs were quick and efficent but also helped keep him calm.

The doctor has changed, but Dr Dotz and staff are wonderful.

I like him and his staff! He's been my 88 year old Mother's primary physician for many years and mine for the past 12. I have no complaints either for myself or my mother. I think he knows his stuff! Charles Tutt

The staff here are awesome. The doctors are a mixed bag. Depends on who you get. The allergist that I saw here was really helpful! He finally pinpointed.

My wife and I were under Dr. Shimizu's care for several years. We would still be with him if my insurance carrier had not changed providers in the.

I spoke on the phone with one of the most exceptional workers there at the comapany, she was very helpful and hussled to get everything done. Working late if need be. Her name was MaryAnn P.If I remember correctly.

My daughter has many chronic health problems including asthma and we can always get in on the same day I call. don't expect to get a lot of prescriptions for things the body will eventually take care of on it's own but you can expect to get great information and care.

Have a friend, probably on the verge of dying from Kidney failure and the edema is getting really bad to where the person can't even move. June Watson's office can't seem to get anything in order for this person to get tested in a timely manner and is trying to make them wait another week for

Dr. Guillemette recently treated me for a bout of foot and mouth disease. Don't confuse it with the ones that goats get.there ain't no hoves on me! It.

Maria Carter is a very good doctor. (I'd give the dctor a 10 but her staff I can't even give a 1) I love her ability to tell you what is wrong with you.

What a cool doctor! My wife and I both saw Dr. Sturges and were quite happy with him. His office staff is top notch as well. I would reccomend them to anyone!

A doctor is a very personal choice. However, my experience with Dr. Lucas has been superb considering the situation. Over the past three years, he has without a doubt saved my life on several occasions. His compassion and concern is appreciated. He takes the time to listen and I don't feel

Obviously they're not that easy to get in to, but when something comes up, they make sure to fit you in.

You know that Soul Brother act that Sam Jackson tries to own? Well, Sam Jackson better never step foot in St. Louis, because Dr. Mosley will make Sam.

I was amazed at house fast the procudure was. i was in and out as quick as it took to write this review, i recomended this service to anyone.

Never in my life have I had a physician who is so caring. Doctor Powers is all about his patients. He is the most compassionate, down to earth, caring doctor I've ever met, let alone worked for. I always recommend him to people who need a physician. Doctor Powers stays on top of the knowledge

I was a little embarassed to walk into a dentist office and tell them i havent had a cleaning in 16 years but this awesome team made me feel welcome and not ashamed. Great Job and keep up the good work!

Good bedside manner. Efficient run office.no waiting. Dr. Almond is dedicated, caring, and will get to the bottom of any problem you have. She will find out what is wrong with you regardless of what may be your problem when other doctors may not take the time. Good care is her speciality.

I mistakenly wrote the review for the wrong SLUCare facility. This facility is awesome! When I first called, the operator at SLUCare got me an appointment.

These apartments are really great every since they were remodeled, the office try their best to accomodate the needs of every tenant and their is strictly enforced security that stays in front of the building patroling all night. Everything is brand spanking new and its great for a person's

One of the best if not THE BEST Doctor. weve ever seen,super great office,nurses are very good and know thier jobs well.

Dr. Linnick is a wonderful doctor. Would recommend to anyone as an exceptional PCP. I followed him to this clinic from where he worked before.

Super care and skilled glasses fitting. Dr. Studer and his staff really know what they're doing.

Dr. Huff is the king of eye doctors! I have been seeing him since I was about 10 years old and he is the nicest guy around. Not very talkative, but really.

I think Bob is the best dentist in Kansas City. Excellent clinical skills and knowledge, combined with a compasionate and friendly manner. Staff is great. I recommend him to all of my family and friends.

The dental hygienist and doctor was very polite, and they are very flexible with appointments, as well as insurances they accept. They also accept care credit for anyone that has it. Definitely would return there for any of my dental needs. I was very satisfied with the service.

I got a tattoo done by Rick at this location and I need to say that this is the best and favorite tattoo I have ever got. The coloring and detailing was perfect. I brought in a picture of what I wanted and it looked like he just photo copied right on my shoulder. It was perfect. It was a picture

Quick and easy! Great friendly doctors. Hours are great. I loved being able to see a doctor without having to make an appointment. Will definately go back.

I always swore I would never go to a male gynecologist. At least until my sister's ranted and raved about how great Dr. Brennan was. Having my yearly.

I have been going to dr. siegfried since i was 14. i am now 21 and i have severe contact dermatitis. i think elaine is a great doctor, who has always been there to answer my questions. she is one of the best doctors around!

My life has done a complete 180 since meeting & being treated by Dr. Rose Buckner. I was an alcoholic & heavy smoker who was mourning the suicide of a close friend over 8 years ago. My health was in jeopardy; I had high blood pressure & severe depression. I quit drinking alcohol & smoking over

Dr. Johnson always takes the time to get to know her patients and never rushes through the exam. She's very conscientious and respectful of my time. She doesn't run late and gets you in at your appointment time. The staff is also wonderful.

Do you need a new eye doctor? I did. The Eyemasters a few blocks south in Ward Parkway mall was not, how do I say this, medically equipped' as they should.