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I met Dr. Price while he still worked in OK. He was in practice at the local hospital, and I wored in the OR with him. I was having horid headaches, started to smell things that weren't there, scary stuff. I had a MRI done on Tuesday, thursday he had me in the OR. Story in a nut shell, I had

Very poor receptionists. There are not very friendly, not helpful, they are very dismissive and bitter. Can't comment on the doctor because I left, but it is a shame he is represented by such poor help!

A hidden Gem.great value, easy to find, friendly personnel. Would recommend, Very clean, low price, we will definatly stay again in the near future.

This business responded excellently in every professional way possible. I was treated and released within an hour with my emergency. Thank you. Francis Buzzard from Chicago, Illinois.

The people that work here, are very caring, and try everything they can to help people.

The only mental health facility for kids in Montana that actually accepts Montana's kids into their residential program. They do an excellent job and have some of the most caring and dedicated staff you will find anywhere. Don't believe the hype about other facilities. This one has been serving

Shane Spears IS the BEST P.T. that I've had compared to the Deer Lodge Physical Therapy p.t.'s! Shane is very careful when it comes to locating the pain the person is in. SHane is also very understanding and caring and polite to the people he works with. If I could give Shane some thing I'd

Excellent physician. Does a great job and most certainly cares about his patients.

This dental practice is honest, current with dental technology and advances, and very friendly. I would not have my family go anywhere else!

Everyone was so professional! Everyone went out of their way to make my young daughter's experience the most positive it could be. Dr. Chavez and staff were great! Thanks again for everything! Angie Stokes

While on vacation in Montana, I developed a severe eye infection. Dr. was on call that day and diagnosed and treated my eye. He was very through and reassuring. I was able to continue with my vacation thanks to him.

The Sletten Regional Cancer Institute will open in December of 2005 and will provide a full spectrum of needed cancer services and programs in one location. A place for Mind, Body, and Spirit. This Institure will be just what our Great Falls community needs.

Dr. Anderson is awesome! Very friendly, professional and knowledgeable about all things optical. His staff are great too. Really make a trip to the eye doctor a pleasant experience.

Highly recommend this doctor. I asked around town for referrals before going to him. Several people highly recommended him. No complaints here. The staff is very friendly and helpful as well.

Is very underastanding, does every thing by the book, my father had both his knees replaced, and his care was outstanding.

Dr Ozoog gave me one of the best eye glass prescriptions I ever had

50 w/m double hernia operation this doctor performed a double hernia operation on me after referred by Community health in Helena knowing he may never be paid. He has got a front row seat in Heaven with me. Thank you again sir.

I was a patient of Dr. Kline's since for 18 years, since I tripped on a sidewalk at daycare and knocked a tooth out. The rest of my family soon followed suit, and at one time there were 7 of us as patients there. Unfortunately, some of us have moved, and I regret that I can't hold out much

Great counselor! Saw her for about four years. Very unassuming and pleasant but also knowledgable.

Missoula AIDS Council (MAC) is tricky to find but once I find the inviting sign outside the door there is relief. When I go in there is usually someone friendly to greet me. This person shows me my anonymity is protected and I can find help in this office even if it is to be redirected to a

Honesty and integrity: While I lived in Great Falls, Mt. Dr. Yoneji was my dentist as well as my employer. He is wonderful with children as well as apprehensive adults. I highly recommend Dr. Yoneji and his partner Dr. Tuck. They are very honest and will not try to perform procedures that you

My wife is pregnant. We have had to go their on several occasions and have been treated with great respect; the staff we have encountered have been very professional and courteous us. I am very confident that our doctor will deliver my wife's baby and everything will go well. I will report

Doctor Merchant is my 13 year old sons physician for his narcolepsy. I trust Dr M. and feel that he genuinely cares for my son's well being. He has provided us with exceptional service and is truly someone my son feels safe with. We feel very lucky to have him helping us adjust to my sons diagnosis

This place really helped my family in more way then one! they help to put us back on track. and our life is so much better.

Excellent physician able to multitask. able to talk on phone and write orders. Works well with all staff

Excellent Doctor, Old School. Some of old school adjustments do better than these new ways. In my case my spine needs some force to go back into place. I now what makes me feel better. And this Doc listens to what you like.

Dr. Dietrich, Can't find your email address. I am having second thoughts about the test study. Is this important to you? Gas is creeping up to 4.00. What do you think? Without a doubt, the BEST in Montana!

I loved going to St. V's instead of Deaconess Hospital. I always enjoyed the way I was treated.

This guy is a class act. Professional, smart and great bedside manner. He takes the time to teach his patients and ensure their success. Friendly office staff. The best Doctor I have ever encountered.