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My experience thus far with Dr. Pancholi and staff has been wonderful. The Dr. has a great sense of humor and most importantly really takes the time needed to make careful decisions about care and answer any questions. After many consults, I am very happy with my decision to have Dr. Pancholi

This is a nice facility. Everything is top of the line. All the doctors are very nice. They make sure that the patients are well taken care of.

If you dont get there before 6am your not going to get a parking stall because the nurse and staff take all the stalls and if you find a stall after 7am today is your lucky day. the cafe i try to give the lady a 50.00 bill to pay for my food she told me she never had the change i try to use

Dr. Gholdoian is an extremely knowledgable and competent physician. He has an excellent repoir with his patients and a very caring attitude. My child was seen by Dr Gholdoian for kidney stones, and the care received was excellent. Office visits were thorough and not rushed. Pre and Post surgical

I came to her after years of not being able to find a doctor that could figure out what was wrong with my leg. Each doctor thought it was something else, and would give me the wrong treatment, which made me sicker until I reached a point where I was a complete invalid in massive pain. I saw

Great atmosphere for the kids, highly reccommend this dentist. doctor and hygenist both great with the kids.

We were on vacation with a sick 2-year old daughter. Our pediatrician at home (who we had called periodically) finally asked that we take our daughter into.

Dr. Song is not an orthodontist. He is a regular dentist and he does some braces, but doesn't have the training an orthodontist has

Great pediatrician. Very detailed and good with the children.

Dr. Addo-Quaye is one of the most affectionate and professional doctors in Las Vegas. His exemplary work ethic and professionalism, coupled with a great staff, makes every trip I make to Trucare one I always cherish. I will highly recommend his services to the general public.

I am 6 months pregnant and this is my first time going to Dr. Juarez. His offiice is very nice and his staff is very nice. They have always treated me good and made me feel very comfortable. I never have to wait long for my appointments, and they do everything to see that everything goes well

Dr. Stanley is a very nice, caring, knowlegable and professional lady. She has been our family optomitrist for several years now. Her staff is also very nice and helpful. You can't go wrong with making Dr. Stanley your eye doctor.

Dr. Vahey is amazing - I came to him after having a broken finger set incorrectly and Dr. Vahey was patient, informative and very professional. The.

Dr. Konakis has been my primary physician since high school. She is very knowledgeable and actually listens to you. You will never feel rushed when you.

I had the opportunity of meeting Dr. Anaya several years ago. I had been dianosed with a tumor the size of an orange by another local Dr. I went to see Dr. Anaya for a second opinion. I brought the misc. medical records I had. Upon the frist visit, Dr. Anaya recommended that we do more testing.

I am very disapointed in DR Schwartz. I went in with severe tooth ache that i need a root canal done on. he wasted two appointments on looking for other things to work on in my mouth. instead of treating me for the problem tooth i went in for. I told him i had severe panic and anxiety and tho

Great team of Doctors at Pediatric Associates particularly Dr. Tatem. You can always get your sick child in for a same day appointment and the team are exceptionally friendly and knowledgable. After taking my sick son to several other Reno Practices and seeing several different Doctors I ended


Yesterday I was feeling a little down in the dumps, so I got up off the couch, went to work out and stopped in for a B-12 shot on my way home.This is why I.

This is a great school since I got there in 6 grade

I thank my co-worker a million times over Dr. Levin is the best pediatrics doctor I have ever met, I was always able to get in the same day if my son was sick, I never had any kind of billing problems and the best part is the sick side is totaly separated from the non-sick side. Also the his

Dr. Mc Clish is a very nice human being;he has treated my Father for knee replacements and now is treating my knee problems-I can say with experiance that if you need a Orthopod you should see this doctor. He takes his time to go over things with you and and you will get the best care possible

Dr, Khilnani is very personable and easy to talk to. He cares for each patient on an individual basis. He always has time for his patients and never rushes them. What also helps is that he has a very nice staff who will also go out of their way to help the patients. I would highly recommend

Exteremly clean, friendly, professional. Heck as far as dentists go.they were prefect.

This gentleman is a true find. Ask your Doctor to refer you to him. I did, and he literally saved my life!

She's a great doctor! Very patient and kind, also knows exactly what she's talking about.

Both my husband and I have seen benefits from the Manual Therapy performed by Belding Physical Therapy. We've both suffered from shoulder and neck pain and now with the excercises that we have both been doing - we have less pain. We highliy recommend Clint Belding.

One of two FAA AME's in Las Vegas. He's a nice guy; a urologist by trade, so he offers Viagra samples to most airline pilots coming in for FAA medicals. A.

It's always a pain in the ass to find new health-care providers when you move to a new city. Fortunately, my very first try, Dr. Karen McDermott (or more.

I'm not scared of going to the dentist, but I tend to avoid it for a variety of reasons from simply ease of scheduling to the greater concern of trusting the doctor and staff in both skill and professionalism. All my fears have been alliviated with Dr. Azimi's office.

I have seen Dr. Andriola on many occasions both on my own and with my children. I have never met a Dr. in the U.S. that spent so much time explaining, listening and actually caring! Most Dr.'s diagnose and write a prescription after they leave the exam room then send the nurse in. Dr. Andriola

I cannot believe how some patient might complaint about a long wait with their doctor knowing that he's the only doctor for all his patient. dr. jacks office is different, because every time you go in there dr. jacks is the one that is going to treat you. not like other clinics that you wait

It lets you be in charge of your own healthcare.

Dr. sarfo is a great doctor! thanx for everything!

They keep you on hold forever and forget about you!

This doctor is very attentive, and always has time to listen to what your problems are. He is very up to date on the latest procedures, and has no problem referring you if he feels someone else can better serve a problem. He is one of lost breed of physicians.

The Dr is great. BUT, whoever is the one who answers the phone.she sounds a bit always eating while you speak to her, talks to you like your an incompetant mother, isn't very nice. I am looking to switch pediatricians because of her. She has no people skills or compassion. I hate calling

Some of us make stupid (sober!) choices on escalators. Stupid enough that they end up bleeding all over the floor at the Imperial Palace and must receive.

Dr. Grant is great-very friendly and always remembers you and your family. Prompt service; you never have to wait past your scheduled appointment time. Decent selection of glasses. I would recommend him to any Henderson resident looking for an eye doctor.

I love, love, love this office. I was a patient of Dr. Farringer. He is a great doctor. Very friendly. The office staff are all wonderful. I moved out of state or he would have been my doctor until he retired.

Cute waiting room, I love the huge salt water tank they have sitting in the middle. Extremely fast service, the best I have ever seen at a medical.

What a totally ridiculous operation. The couple times I went for an appointment I waited nearly three hours to see the doctor. I tried to make an appointment last week due to bronchitis and was told they no longer took patients who paid cash- I am currently without health insurance. I have

He makes me laugh and then makes my pain go away. I would HIGHLY recommend Tony.

All hospitals should have reviews of 5 stars. I mean, come on, they're supposed to be saving lives here and helping loved ones cope. This one was good,.

Fairly nice staff. I volunteered here as part of a school service project. I had fun. I worked in the arts&crafts department. They have so much to do. Most of the residents are very nice. And the apartments are pretty spacious and good for one or two people and a pet or two. Yeah, they allow

This is the best Doctor ever! He is very professional, and has up to date information. He gives you what is best for you, not because he is given incentives.

OK, so my doctor sent me to the podiatrist! Not exactly my idea of a good time; however, these guys were great. Very friendly staff and I had a nice.

The only good one there was student doctor. if you do go there ask to be seen by him. he is very good. if i ever have to go back that is who i will see and if he moves to a different one then i will follow. the only thing that i didn't like is how the ladies up at the front desk treated the

I was in town on Thanksgiving weekend and my temporary front tooth fell out. This was on rehearsal dinner day of a wedding that I was the matron of honor in. Dr Weaver was ready to head out of town but he met me at his office and put it back in. What a relief for me and testimony to him and

I was a patient of Dr. Lokshin's for 10 years. Unfortunately, I ended up moving out of the area and had to find a new allergist.a very sad day, that.