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I had major surgery this spring and recieved great care from all the staff. I would not think twice about seeing any of the doctors in the future.

Great place if you have low income and need assistance. The staff work hard to provide great care. Doctors probably get paid less than if they worked somewhere else due to it being state funded. I have nothing but good things to say about this place especially since I got free health care while

My crown was done so badly over 10 yrs ago with a large gap between my teeth, and I had been living with it for years having food get stuck there, thinking its just gonna have to do. But Dr. Marshall really did a nice job redoing it. It looks so good, it has all its natural ridges, and very

I've been going to Dr. H. Clark since 1995. He is always professional but friendly. The staff is always friendly too. Anytime I'm picking out new frames the person who is there to help is very patient and helpful. It's good that they are patient because there is a large selection on frames

In an age where we have access to the greatest advances in technology and medicine, I have enjoyed my best health in years by working with Valerie Varela of.

When you see Dr. Brooks, she looks you in the eye and listens to your concerns. She writes down what you tell her. She makes her examination, and then she sits and TALKS to you and explains what she thinks and what the plan of care should be. I really appreciate being treated like an intelligent

This doctor seems very knowledgeble in his field. He's very concerned with the interaction of pain in different parts of the body and hope that what he can.

I had wonderful results with my LASIK surgery at Excellent Vision. Dr Lasonde and Dr Nipper were absolutely great- very attentive, professional, and I felt.

Very special individual. Wish he was still in family care.

I've had Dr Olive for two years now. He has a great sense of humor, thank goodness because I'm always joking. Steve is upfront and honest, an ex service Doc, so conversation about sea stories is fun also. Just a pretty nice guy who gives good advise.

I have been going to her since my first every cleaning, Very Nice place, they are AMAZING!

One of the better ones. most are horrible but this actully is pretty decent

Dr. Johnson is my orthodontist and he's awesome. Some of the nurses there can be annoying and make your mouth hurt for days, but the Dr. Johnson, Achong, Capozzi, and Krautman (the dentists) are awesome. My teeth were literally a MESS! I had teeth everywhere! Now they're perfectly straight

I have been going to Dr. White for 3 years now, and he delivered my daughter. Both he and his staff are amazing. They are friendly and professional- absolutely everything you could want from an Ob/gyn.

I had visited Julie Currier for many weeks, twice per week with a knee injury. She was an extremely compassionate therapist with sound knowledge of her field. Highly recommended.

We LOVE Dr. Natalie! My boys (17 & 10) have been going to her for 5 years now. She is amazing! The entire staff greets my children with smiles. Not to mention the fact that they seem to love my sons sarcasm as much as I do. My kids feel comfortable there, and we are huge fans of the entire

Doctor Kimball is a wonderful dentist I have been going to this practice sence they first started when my mom would take me I am now 26 years old and married and have my husband and soon my son treated by Dr Kimball. They are friendly and great at what they do. They really care about the patient.

Outstanding physician. Saved my mother's life when at 85 she suffered an intestinal blockage. After caring for his other patients all day. from 5:00 am.

What an absolutely wonderful doctor. Great bedside manner. Truly caring and thoughtful. Very competent, and fun to talk WITH.I would recommend Dr.

I have been to chiropractors in the past and most seem to want a continuous set of visits that seem to be more money driven. Dr. Beckley not only helped me with my injury, he made sure that the visits were really needed. He never recommended visits that were unnecessary and I go back for tune-ups

If you put your loved one there make sure you keep checking on them.Sometimes it takes almost an hour before someone comes and checks on you after you have rung your room buzzer.unreal hope you don;t fall or are in dire need:because god for bid you could die.and housekeeping omg it took a week

If you're looking for a smart and competent family physician, you should call Dr. Buchanan's office.I am quite critical of professionals- you've been to.

Very kind and thoughtful woman. When I went to the doctor right before my wedding and had a pap smear done, rather than mailing me my results like the.

I saw Monte on a hurry up appointment. She was calm and listen to me. My bad problem was solved quickly. I just can't thank her enough and I certainly.

Very caring and professional; good listener; doesn't rush through the appointment

It's nice when you get an appointment but, their phone line is always busy and by the time you get through, you get a machine and it takes forever for them to return your phonecall when you just need to set up a simple appoitment. It would be nice to talk to a live person.

Dr Barr is an excellent Surgeon. He is very knowledgeable and was very patient in answering all my queries when he performed a minor surgery on my son.

I am a person who suffers from dental phobia, and, for this reason, as well as the dentist's sterling reputation, chose this dentist over all others in the area. I had previously been referred to him by another professional in the field of oral surgery, who said that this dentist, whom he uses

Outstanding group of people in their field, all departments. The nurses are amazing with their care of patients.

Nothing special, expensive. Thank god for insurance

Erin (the hygienist) has made going to the dentist a wonderful experience for my whole family. She has overcome her own medical challenges and is truly an inspriation to all. She is always upbeat and makes us all laugh. Her dental skills and knowledge are superior. Many members of my family,

The things I put this doctor through. Dr. Colacchio is very dedicated and caring doctor.

After many months of complications with my teeth, Dr. Zourdos never waivered. He continuously would stay late rearrange his schedule and the whole time laugh and joke with me while repairing some pretty horrible tooth scenarios. Dr. Zourdos and Dr. Farina have won my loyalty for life with their

Excellent medical services here. started by Dr. Douglas Black back in the 1960's. Provided all my obstetric and gynecologicol needs for past 30 years.

And a nice guy to boot. No nonsense, down to earth and tells it like it is.

This dentist truly has it all. He obviously loves his work and it shows through his great bedside manner and his thorough knowledge of his practice. He has a wonderful sense of humor and makes going to the dentist less unpleasant! His staff is great as well and everybody always has a smile!

We have been going to this office for almost two years. One of the pediatricians came highly recommended. Dr. Della Grotta is a perfect example of it is hard to soar with eagles when you are stuck with turkeys. He is an excellent doctor, but be advised - the office staff is very difficult to

Dr. Mirabello is the complete opposite of his counterpart Dr. McVittie. He doesn't communicate well and leaves it up to you to ask all of the things you need to know, some of which are things that are his responsibility to tell you.

I recently started going to Dr.Montanarella's office and have had a pleasant experience. I have seen the midwives, Susan Down and Linda Griffiths, and found both to be professional. My most recent (first with her in particular) visit with Linda was amazing in that she was so friendly, reassuring,


Great pediatrician. He is very patient, thorough and you can tell he loves children. Being new parents my wife and I call his nurse quite a bit and every time she is so helpful!

I had a WOW experience at this place! I went in for the first time the other day and was greeted by Cassie, an exceptionally friendly receptionist. I then got to meet the whole staff including a wonderful Dr. Berkal and we all introduced ourselves while seated. The technology is first-rate.She

I am glad I found this place. I was referred by Elliot Hospital to Dr. Antisdel. He and Dr. Barrett are great people/doctors and the crew is great too!

Cathy was great helping me with getting the correct appointment, shots and advice. Steph Beach

Dr. Wicksman is the best pediatrician we've ever dealt with. We are sorry we had to move away and leave him behind! He is thorough, but relaxed; humorous and personable. Care was shown not just for the child being examined but for our family as a whole. We really miss Dr. Wicksman!

Vanguard dental group is a fantastic dental practice. My family has been patients for years and have had nothing but pleasurable experiences. All four doctors are friendly and very knowledeble. Their facility is beautiful and utilizes the most advanced diagnostic and high technology availible.

The hygenist and receptionist at this dentist are the friendliest I have ever met! They really seem to care about you, and are very gentle and considerate when doing their work. I highly highly recommend this dentist to anyone who needs a dentist and had has bad experiences with them in the

Dr. F. seems to really know his business but sometimes he comes off looking Arrogant and during a group session he essentially dressed down a somewhat needy patient in front of the entire group which really upset every one in the group. Despite that single incidence and occasional arrogant

Dr. Topol and his staff are warm and caring individuals. I had reconstruction surgery after a breast cancer diagnosis and he did a fantastic job. I couldn't have asked for a more caring, professional doctor. I felt like I was in such good hands!

Great Customer Service. They bend over backwards to make you happy!