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He does unnecessary Ultrasound and other tests in his office, so he can fraudulently milk the healthcare system and satisfy his greed. There are few of these foreign doctors in this area who have been scamming the system. They have no skills, should be investigated and should be deported

Hello! every one my name Ms. sacha Rodriguez and my family and i stay going to university hospital,because is so convinience for all of us. if you need a dentist,obgyn,prenatal etc. everything we need university has it i recomend it to anyone. thank you and i hope you choose university hospital

I went there on Wednesday to get my eyes checked (and maybe get some glasses) and the service was excellent. I did not have any of the problems that other people seemed to have when they visited. They were courteous and patient with me. I told them I was working within a budget, and they helped

Dr. Vinciguerra is a very nice man. I find it important to be able to communicate with your doctor and he makes you feel very comfortable.

Great place, good service and a great slection of frames

I was very unhappy with thi s doctors office-apparently they use a call center to book all appointments, having taken 2 days off from work each time they were 2 hours plus behind, upon resheduling again ( I have a 1year old who can not sit still for two hours) they then told me my referral

Nice brazilian girl soft massage and then the flip. ill let ur imagination think about what came next. fanatastic! will be back.

I have been to this facility twice and have only great things to say. The staff and docs are super nice and amazingly efficient. And their new office is.

Dr. M. Joseph Russo is the absolute best doctor I have ever been to. I highly recommend Dr. Russo to anyone. Although he is a Family Practice/General Practitioner, Dr. Russo is willing to take on and treat health issues that specialists are unwilling, or unable to treat. I went to three doctors

I was born here, my brother was born here, I was here for my broken leg, and I was here to get my rod and screws taken out.I love the staff at Robert.

You may be thinking, where in the heck is Linden, NJ? Well, it doesn't matter if you're a local resident. This doctor is a godsend! I was staying in.

If you are ever in Western New Jersey,the best chiropractor I havebeen to is Eric Whitehouse. No frills, takes insurance, butwhen my New York pain in.

I always liked Dr. Oana the best. He was more businesslike so slightly less fun but also more caring and it seemed like he was smarter. I also enjoyed his.

Dr. Shalman is very gentle with her patients, always asks if you are alright or if you feel any pain. She has a wonderful staff, and I want to recomend her to anyone who is afraid of Dentists, she makes the time in the chair less stressful.

First, her office is not on Springfield Ave., no it's in Overlook hospital in Summit now. Everything is brand new there, and still being worked on, so if.

I can not say enough about this wonderful caring doctor. I was a little worried about going to a male doctor. But I love him. He made having a baby easy!.


His restorations are unethical and do not last. Save yourself the misery and find a new dentist.

I have been a patient of this practice for the past 15 years and I have always received the highest quality of care. It starts with a very courteous and.

I give this practice 5 solid family signed up with them when we moved to cherry hill in like 1991 i think, and we've been going to them ever.

I hate going to the ob/gyn! But he has a great bedside manner. He comes in and talks to you first. Takes his time. Now I won't dred going they so much!

Amazing service. Dr. Dimedio is friendly and compassionate. She and her staff go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. Unlike most offices,.

Let's delve into an area that makes most women involuntarily cringe and most guys close up their ears and fervently think about sports: gynecology. After.

I love my doctor! She is occasionally a bit clumsy with her instruments, but she makes up for that in personality.

I went to Dr. Renzi today without the intention of seeing Dr. Renzi. AdvoCare is a big practice with lots of doctors, and I'm not even sure who I was.

Dr. Hallit is quite nice, friendly. She is attentive and caring. Only flaws I find are that she talks a little too loud and sometimes interrupts while I'm.

This doctor is very great with children.

Dr Pearlman is a wonderful doctor for Adults and children.He is so full of spirit and my kids love him

I could not have had a better experience! Gentle, caring, accomplished. I actually had a fun time at the dentist and I look forward to the next visit.

Dr. Spier corrected my vision using the old RK (radial keratotomy) technique about 16 years ago and my eyes have been perfect since. Over the years he has.

My root canal was fast and painless, I did have some pain afterwards and they were able to see me on short notice, great service

As a child, I had severe asthmetic attacks. My mother, did not have any way to get to the hospital except of course if she waited for the ambulance. I can recall a time when I had suffered a near death asthma attack and if it had not been for the grace and mercy of God and Dr. Coleman, I would

A very nice person with a wonderful speek and treatment the people.

There's no full time optician, which means that Dr. Lee does everything from exams to adjustments. So if you need your glasses adjusted, you may have to wait half an hour for him to free up. Also, because he does so much, everything seems rushed. Plus side is that they have a good selection

My wife and I have been patients for 10 years and I love the family atmosphere. They are no longer located at the Sagmoore office. They built a new state.

I NEVER trusted a chiropractor! But Dr. Mark is more than just another bone cracker, he's kind of Saint! It's not just me, but just about everyone that met him says the same thing. Thanks Doc. Marco N.

I have gone through different doctors in the course of alleviating various medical conditions that included, diabetes, gouty arthritis and heart palpitations. She is the best primary physician that I ever consulted. She is very approachable, friendly, very knowledgeable about her profession,

Staff is wonderful. I felt like a part of the family. I was seen right on time and everything was explained to me before any work was done. I was so happy I made an appointment for the rest of the family.

Dr. Francisco Munoz is the one of the best doctors i've ever seen. He listens, understands, and helps a person as much as he can. That's what i call a great doctor!

By far the best dentist i have been to. He saved my life by performing a root canal that the other dentist compeletely messed up. He knows what he is doing and does it right the first time. me and my family have been going to him for year and he never over charged us.

Dr. Heitlinger has taken care of my family for years. The regular check-ups are always thorough and painless. I went back for a few fillings and a cap over the lest two years, all great experiences. A++

My son is enrolled in this school and he has learned so much since he started. The teachers are excellent and the location is wonderful. I am very pleased with the wonderful works of this institution.

Ms. Irmieree is a really caring nurse. She is truly an asset to the Medical Center!

They provide the best care, my grandfather was well taking care.

She's an awesome pediatrician. she's very kind and patient with children and very smart.

Dr Langbert and his staff are very friendly, helpful, and pleasant. They're almost like an old-fashioned small-town dentist.

Dr G. Narkaus gives a thorough exam. He explains what each test is for and also explains what each piece of equipment does.

I had a great experience. Dr Scalia and his staff made sure I was comfortable and relaxed. I will definately go back.

Park Dental is a very wonderful dentist to go to. They are very friendly and professional. They answer all of your questions and they tell what is best for you concerning your teeth. Your teeth will last forever with professional people like Park Dental. What are you waiting for; take care

I am 28 and he has been my dentist since I was 5. My whole family goes to him and he is EXCELLENT! You really get that personal one to one that you rarely see nowadays with doctors in general.