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Hes A Great Doctor and A great Dad, a great musician, filmmaker and novelist

I am a local CNA, in Las Cruces NM. I have seen first hand what a wonderful job Hospice does for families and the clients it has. Keep up the Great Job!

Dr. Bergman is an extremely wonderful, caring, and intelligent Denitst. I actually look forward to going to the dentist now. I've never had an issue getting an appointment or I have never had to wait long in the waiting room. He's very compassionate and has a great sense of humor. I highly

Very friendly, right downtown yet very affordable and down-to-earth, they can almost always get me in for a massage on short notice, and all their therapists are excellent, experienced and very professional. They also do Acupuncture, Rolfing, and lots of other types of therapeutic bodywork.

This lady is great! She really cares about the kids, and she talks to the parents like they are family. She explains everything. The office is so busy, sometimes you have to wait forever. I keep telling her she can't leave, I swear I'll follow her wherever she goes. My kids like her!

I worked there for a limited time. It was one of the worst medical facilities I have seen. One doctor was magnificant, the other constantly misdiagnosed& mismedicated patients. She was demeaning to patients and her employees. The front desk person was not allowed to eat lunch or have any conversation

I was so lucky to find the office of Dr. Levatino! You feel comfortable the moment you walk in.very serene, organized and clean. The waiting area has.

It is a good hospital and it is very clean. What you are doing is a good thing to do. Keep the good work up and be kind to others. You have a good team that are very hards workers.

The best doctor with the best bed side manner!

When you require meticulous care, served up with a good sense of spice, compassion & clinical excellence, there is only one Endodontist who delivers- Dr. Kahn. His confidence and ability to put the patient at ease is unlike anyone else. Professional, personable and so very down to earth, root

Dr Glodblum is very good with children, his exams are very complete and he takes the time to explain everything to the parents. I have taken my toddler to another Pediactric eye Dr in Abq, and I believe Dr Goldblum is FAR Superior! My only complaint is the long wait time, but if he gives such

Dr. zahir is an excellent doctor. I woe is very professional and has a good bedside manner.

After a painful night suffering from a toothache, I was relieved and grateful to recieve immediate care in Dr. Mayfield's office. His office is very friendly and stress free. Dr. Mayfield was thorough, informative, and attentive to my immediate concerns. I will recommend him to everyone I know!

Very helpful info; I'm a PCC for a patient care clinic, and when the patient doesn't have the info we need in order to process our ppwk, all I have to do is look up a doctor/provider's name, and I have everything there (address, complete name, and phone #)!

Dr. Leonardi in no uncertain terms is the most incredible doctor I've ever met. My best friend was diagnosed with chronic and life threatening illness. Dr. Leonardi was relentless in searching the best route possible to cure his illnesses. My friend is now in the BEST health of his ENTIRE life

Dr. Lee Levin Anti-Aging and Internal Medicine in Santa Fe, New MexicoPatients of Dr. Lee Levin have a happy and confident glow about them, because they.

I would like to comment about bad customer service that I received. I arrived 10 minutes late to an appointment at Family Eye Care on North Main. When I got there I went to sign in but the page was full so I told the receptionist I was there for my appt and that I was sorry I was late. About

Dr. Hedges is a terrific FAA Medical Examiner. Whether you're looking for a Class I, II or III medical, He's the best value (only value) in town.

Dr. Holmes is very competent, personable and timely in my opinion.

I highly recommend Dr. Agarwal. He actually listens and cares for his patients! Thank you, Sabrina V

They we're so helpful when I really needed help with a post Dental operational problem, and took me in when my normal dentist Ashida didn't have time. thanks you guys.

This woman was a kind and thoughtful sounding board for me. She didn't judge me nor did she dismiss my (sometimes) rambling descriptions of problems I was dealing with. I liked her a lot and will go back as needed.

Dr. Delic is no longer with Perfect Teeth. She is now at Albuquerque Delicate Dentistry. 293-3451

Sometimes it is hard to find a physican you trust. It is even harder when you are seeking one for your children or your parents. Both require a special.

Dr. Tuchler has been my primary care physician since I moved to Albuquerque and I have been very pleased. Also the urgent care office at Northside PHS has been invaluable for my mother (75+ yrs old). I know I am getting the care I need. If you are looking for a primary care physician, I highly

Dr. Hernandez Delivered both of my beautiful daughters and I had very difficult pregnancy's. He is the most down to earth Dr. i have ever had and ive had quite a few. I always felt welcome and understood. He was never rushed and took time to answer questions and just talk. I never felt like

My 4 children have been going to Dr. Longfield since she has started at Southwest Medical Associates. I have recently relocated to another city and I am sad to leave her practice. I have always encountered the front office staff to be very friendly and helpful. When we got the the back her

The toll free number should be added. It would be helpful for his out of town clients.

I injured my back on the job in 1995 and through Worker Comp, I have been to several specialists. I live in Clovis, NM, but it has been worth the drive to see her. She has always shown a concern about my situation and any medication she has prescribed she has had me go for blood test to check

I got contacts from Dr. Fergeson's office. I was amazed at how much time she spent with me trying different brands and kinds of contacts until I found a pair that was comfortable for me. Dr. Fergeson is truly interested in what is best for the patient. Her services were very reasonably priced.

Will i was under this doctor's care which was useless, she did nothing for me, she would write what she wanted, she basical gave up on me, i feel as though worker-comp bought her off. i am in pain in pain 24/7, lost the use of my livelhood,carreer, will i have been jerk around for years, she

I called Presbyterian Healthcare about a job in nursing as a recent graduate. They were extremely helpful and accommodating not to mention professional.