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I’m not the one who easily says “this is life changing” or exaggerate my feelings. I say this with 100% truth, I’ve been coming to Dr. Huml since late January 2018 and it HAS and continues to change my life all for the positive. I have dealt with a nagging pain in my back for years

I visited the office on several occasions, and found the new girl at the front desk extremely helpful and friendly. The doctor has always been professional and friendly, great service. I had my prescriptions delivered directly to my office, Highly recommend Dr Zelaya.

I felt constant tiredness and discomfort which after a while was accompanied with back pain. I started to worry about my health condition. My husband highly recommended me to visit the internist Marina Gafanovich who, as he said, was a very good doctor. She examined me carefully and was very

My boyfriend gave me herpes. I have a few questions. If we both have herpes 1 what are the chances that our future baby can be infected? Is he allow to have kids? Can we kiss and not get worse from the infection? meaning can herpes go to another stage by just us kissing or having oral sex?

When we were pregnant for the first time, I was fine.for the first 6 months. Then, I started to gain wait. Dr. Mike made me feel like a princess. By the time we were 8 months pregnant I told Dr. Mike to take the baby out. My skin could not stretch anymore. He told me I would be just fine. Well,

Everyone there treats you like a person and not a number. IT WORKS!

This place has no sympathy towards the needs for humanity, i recently entered this property and asked if i could use the restroom, and to my surprise i was flat out denied access, i was given a lame excuse that the security guard had orders not to let outsiders use the restrooms, now i really

I have been a patient of Dr. Kort since 2002. I had a lumpectomy and have my mammograms with her each year. The expertise she puts forth, the competence of her staff, and the courteousiness and caring of the reception area make it all the best it can be. They are a great crew. Karen M. Goetz

Oh my 3 hour wait! Thank G'd I said something or it would have been 4 hours. Ladies and gents be proactive when you come here or you will waste your day.

Dr. Soukkary is the best gynecologist in Queens. I don't believe there could be better. She is sweet, charming, stylish and very well versed. Her bedside.

Honestly? I chose this doctor because I prefer a woman GYN and her office was closest to my house. I'm sure glad I did.Dr. Fridel is awesome. Caring,.

I have been with Dr. Adetona for years. She has gotten me through a lot of serious medical problems. She is very concerned all the time. She listens to what you have to say and if it isn't something she can help you with she will find someone who can help you. This doctor is my hero. She always

I have been going to Dr. Ben Ari for 16 years. She is kind, caring and considerate. She is a very good doctor who doesn't mind taking time to explain your.

This place is great. the Doctors and nurses are really very nice. Always easy to get an appointment. small waiting room, but never a really long wait.

Dr. Tolia is the first regular physician I've had in years and, I have to say, he was worth the wait. Even though I first went to him for one specific.

Dr Robinson is the best family practitioner in the whole entire world. He and his staff are excellent I have been going to him with all of my ailments for.

This may be TMI but i'm going to share it with you anyway! I had a kidney made going #1 hurt real bad. Constant infections.mainly because.

Dr. Levine has performed laser surgery on my face for many years, and I couldn't be happier with her services and expertise. As a patient needing these.

Dr Goldman is AMAZING, so caring, kind, talented. There is no reason to go anywhere else on LI. He is top notch. The only reason why we don't go there.

It is such a comfort to know that your health is in good hands and with Mark Fialk I feel totally secure with my care. Dr. Fialk is the most skilled doctor.

Love her. I've seen her for the last ten years and she's amazing - makes you feel comfortable and in competent hands. Five Stars for Sue!

My wife had minor surgery here on Friday. They were so nice, professional, friendly, caring, etc. Didn't feel like a hospital.felt more like a hotel!.

I like Evanov's office a lot. He's helped my family through a lot of health problems and has always been friendly, professional and competent. His staff is.

I'm a marathon runner, so I've had a plethora of foot injuries, from sinus tarsii to plantar. For several years I've gone to Dr. Peterson and Dr. McCrudden.

If only she practiced dentistry and internal medicine, I'd never see another physician again! Dr. G. is intelligent, supportive and has the BEST bedside.

He's my diggy-diggy doctor. Quick with the pad, sometimes I wait to fill the prescription to see if I really need it. Will squeeze in an appt. on the.

Ok - I am a little biased- I used to work here, but in my opinion a hair cut is all about the grow-out. It may look good when it gets cut, but you need it.

I have been going to Dr. Muschi's office for 8 years now and I just think the best of his office. Dr. Musci and his staff are wonderful and try their best to help in any way that they can.

Really terrific doctor. He does ultrasound studies in his office so I didn't have to deal with the headache of going t the hospital for my test. He is very proactive. Highly recommended.

I've been going here for years! I really haven't had any problems here; the service is fast, and the people are alright. There are loads of frames to choose.

I recently complained in a talk thread that people don't take time to review their doctors, and this is invaluable info. Well, I got some good.

Never listen to what they tell you, when it comes to your perscription. They never get them back on the time or even close to the time they say. They say a week when in reality it is allways more than a month and thats after several stressful calls. It's not till you request the return of your

I find it very impt to be comfortable with your gyno. Dr. Poliseno cares about his patients & actually remembers them too! He always asks about my mom when.

Great practice, resonable and professional, both doctors and Higenist

She is attentive and super caring. But I work there, so what do I know?

Great doctor! she is sweet and genuinely cares. She spends a lot of time with the you and gets back to you at any time of the night

I have always loved you Planned Parenthood, for the bastion of safety and reassurance in figuring out how all this plumbing works without being ashamed of.

A great, thorough and professional eye doctor but minus a star because they don't really do contacts. They'll give you a scrip but you have to order them.

Dr. gruber was my opthalmologist for most of my youth, and i can still see :)! at the grubers' office (drs. alan and ellis gruber share a small optometry.

Dr. Capicotto is my hero. He did my lumbar disectomy from the L4-S1 and within 2 months i was 100% better than before i had the surgery. I never had to take a pain pill after i left his office. I never had back pain since, and knock on wood. i have had no difficulty walking or numbness either.

This is a peer support non profitable organization that provides support for individuals in the community. Its under the mental health coalition here in Rochester NY. Most people who volunteer here are those who can relate to whom have struggled with a mental illness,drug issue or acohol issue.

Upon going to him i was very skepical, but he is such a nice man and very professional.he made me feel right at home and i am happy with the services. To put the icing on the cake they have really affordable eye glasses.:)

Dr. Ward is VERY ETHICAL and trustworthy. She give excellent psychological services and I HIGHLY recommend her. She takes a special interest in her patients health and lives. In my opinion she is the best!

My daughter has been a patient of Dr. Katz for a few years now. Dr. Katz is wonderful with children, very patient and kind. She explains everything very well and is very knowledgable. I think she is one of the best orthopedic surgeons in Syracuse.

Dr. Malsch is a great orthodontist. As a dental hygienist our office refers to him on a regular basis. We see the results of his work and have contact on an on-going basis with his patients. We always get good responses when we ask the patients about their experiences.

I will always go there from now on. They are wonderful nice people there. Great atmosphere, lad back and comfortable.

I've been sick for 4 days. I get colds a lot. I just sit them out and that's that. This one is not only relentless, I've been feeling progressively.

OK, so if you've got kids, or are planning to have kids, here's the doctor you have to travel out of your way to see. I've been going to Dr. Eden since I.

I actually had a really positive experience with the Dr. She not only answered ALL of my questions but took the time to really pinpoint the problem as well.

I realize that most my people age don't have a gastroenterologist to call their own but I do and I figured I might as well review the guy on the off chance.