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Great office- staff and doc. Really helped me with my hormone balance.

Dr. Hockenberry and his staff are impressive. I had appointments scheduled for follow-up visits after my gallbladder removal -BEFORE I even went under the knife. Office wait was incredibly short and the efficiency of this office is rarely seen or experienced. Dr. Hockenberry is also an on-call

Dr. Allen Seftel is one of the best. He is very informative, answers all question and puts it in easy understandable terms. This man saved my life after one of my kidneys shut down and I have been working with him for over 4 years. I trust him completely. His staff is very nice and pleasant


I have always been able to get an appointment the day I called if I was sick - no waiting or begging and they don't overbook! Excellent experience. I was recommened to this doctor by another doctor and am very glad for the recommendation.

Akron General is an excellent hospital. Anyone is sure to find the stay as good as any hospital could be. The staff is also great. Especially their radiology staff.

A wonderful Atmosphere. Dr. Richmond and her staff are very efficient. If you are seeking a a podiatrist, please dont hesitate to give her a call. There are two locations (Englewood Hlth Center & Drew Hlth Center). Oh yeah and the foot soaks are AWESOME!

This is where I got my contacts at, very nice, havn't ever gone to anyother plae, but they're professsional here, not any cheapy stuff.http://www.donkery.com/

Always a different doctor on duty.but still, always the same good experience.When I get sick, I tend to wait until the absolute last second to go to the.

Best pap ever!(I don't really know, actually. I just really felt like rating a gynecologists office.)

Best bone doctor I know. Ive had a few breaks in my past and he has always been there to fix me up. It's nice that his office is in town and he always tells.

For 20 years, this has been a favorite clinic for runners and other athletes, but you don't have to be an athlete to enjoy the wonderful treatments. What.

Had to use the emergency room at Ohio Health's Grady Hospital on a Friday afternoon. I had fallen and fractured my thumb. I was in and out in under 2 hours.

For over 18 years I went to Suburban Pediatric Associates in Mason. It's a great doctor's office fit for kids of all ages, newborns through college.

I've had nothing but good experiences here. It's cheap because you're initially screened by interns. And that often results in some pretty funny moments.

A while back I had a scare with what turned out to be ocular migranes. Why am I telling you this personal information? Because I had my eyes checked by.

Had thorough exam with Dr Kegler's assistant who was incredibly friendly and helpful. I found her recommendations and suggestions honest and extremely.

Absolutely the best pediatrician. She diagnosed my daughter's heart defect before anyone else could hear it. Even University Hospital missed it at first.

My primary care physician is a part of this group. He actually gets behind on his schedule so be prepared to wait a good 15 extra minutes to see him, but he.

Please do yourself a favor. If you're looking for the best Family Physician in Central Ohio - don't waste any more time. Call Dr. Joe Franz right away. My.

They've been responsive when we needed them with enough open slots to handle emergency needs. The car paging service and dual entries (one for newborns and.

How important is a Pediatrician for the health and welfare of a child? Very! That's why my wife and I chose Rainbow Pediatrics for our newborn baby boy.

I have been a patient of Dr. Gehm for a few years now. She does a very thorough eye exam and is nice to chat with as well. For those who care about things.

My Son has been seeing Dr Enlow for 7 years for his Severe ADHD. He is wonderful! I would never thing of changing doctors!

Dr. Butcher is an amazing practionner, diagnostician and person. The wait is terrible, but once you're in, you're in the best hands in the city.

Doctor Brar is very sympathetic and caring. If you are looking for someone who will really listen intently and hear what you are saying, this is the doctor for you. She has helped me a great deal and will continue helping me until I am completely well again. The building itself needs work and

After living in three different states. I have found no other Pediatrician that compares with Ped of Akron and Dr. Jain! -Tim and Kristi Barber Vassar, MI

The number is not correct its 449-0808. Very Good therapy.

Dr. Goodlander was my pediatrician; I visited her from the time I was born until my 18th birthday and I didn't want to leave her practice!If you're in the.

If you are looking for a pediatrician this is the one you want. We have been with Dr. White for about 7-8 years now. We have been through some very tough.

Dr Kanellitsas is fantastic - laid back, cool, non-judgemental, very attentive. She's also very knowledgeable of alternative/holistic remedies/health care.

A doctor that listens! At this office you can get in same day, and there is never a long wait to see the doctor once you are in the office.

Funky bump behind ear obtained during shitty road trip to Bangor, ME.Upon return, the folks at Aultman told me to take care of myself so I don't develop.

I am a two wire pace maker recipient and I owe my life to Dr. Stewart Stock. He is a very caring cardiologis and he is a 24/7 doctor. When Dr. Stock hung up his stethoscope it was the end of an era. He will be missed as a doctor and friend by all.

My mother started taking me here as a little girl and I still go today. They don't hurt me and take great care of me as a patient.

My husband had Dr. Moront for emergency surgery and he and his colleagues were FANTASTIC! I could not have asked for better surgeons.

The Doctor is very good at what he does, but lacks compassion for paitents and the parents. He does know what hes doing and i guess that is what matters, but i would of liked a little more understanding and compassion. My son had a disease we'd never heard of and knew absolutly nothing about

Barry is a very polite guy who likes what he does and is a very good doctor

If your child is in need of eye care from an experienced eye doctor then Dr. Susan Szmyd is the perfect person to go see. Dr. Szmyd specializes in eye exams.

I'll be a patient of this office as long as I'm in town. Dr. Watkins is very compassionate and doesn't overlook small things. The office is nice and.

Since my accident, I have seen Dr. Bohl on a regular bases and I am very happy with the care and service!

Dr. Reddy is on of the best in the area. His staff of doctors and techs are top in their field. Most of his staff (the one who have been with him for some time)are very professional. Some of his newer ((9 month and less full time)are showing that they don't care.) The avg time for an office

Dr. Morgan has been my go-to skin doctor ever since I got my first zit at the age of 13. He has QUITE a few loyal patients (which speaks to both his.

THE best. I love him and you will too. Heart of gold.

The doctor that can fix anything from the knee down. Sometimes takes a week to get in for an appointment, but he is caring about the patient, not just the.

He gets you in and out with what you need to make you look beautiful took care of my son with the early acne

Dr.Alanis was my pediatrition growing up so naturally when the birth of my daughter came 13 yrs ago I had Dr. Alanis for her pediatrition. From my experiences as his patient I knew my daughter would have the best care! I recommend him to any parent looking for a compassionate doctor for their

Dr. Clement is an EXCELLENT DENTIST. He is caring, kind, and considerate of his patient needs. I've gone to Dr. Clement for the past 10 years and as long as he is in business I will never go to anyone else. His office staff is very efficient and repestful and use the utmost professionalism.

Once I got a new insurence I had to switch doctors and when I first met Dr. Phillips he seemed really nice. I only visited his office a total of 3 times over 2 years because I have since moved away. But from my experiences there he's just another average doctor. The staff are really nice though

Dr. Kirschman's skills a Surgeon made it possible for me to ski again. I thought I was through. During November, 2005, I ruptured a disc at L-1 and it was awful. He was very approachable, kind and caring when ever I had questions, helping my family and me through a very difficult time for all