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The ABSOLUTE BEST DOCTOR I have ever been to! He has saved me and 2 of my personal friends (both of them were LIFE SAVING SITUATIONS). This world is a better place with him in it. FYI - He is not with this clinic anymore, his new private practice is at 2801 NW 23rd Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Dr. Pollak is one of the few doctors that actually take the time out for you and your child. you do not feel rushed getting in and out and I am always in the room within 5 minutes of my appointment time and seen within at least 5 minutes after that. The nurses remember you and are very nice.

I have never had the priviledge of meeting Dr. Bethel, well since the day she delivered me anyway! I was the third child she delivered for my mom and my mom named me after her! I would definitely love to meet her someday though! I have never heard anything but wonderful things about her from

The staff is friendly and helpful and Dr. Lewis is the best!

My father-in-law recommended Dr. Hamilton. Subsequent to that, all the members of my immediate family and several others of my extended family have been to his office. Everyone has had good experiences. If you are looking for a family practive physician or just need to see a doctor in the early

Treats us like friends when we go in. Never acts like he doesn't want to be there.

Dr. Abell is one of the best Doctors I've ever been to. I would recommend him highly.

I love Dr. Parker. I was refered to him by a family member and I would now refer him to you. He is the best Dentist I have gone to in Tulsa. His staff is so generous and welcoming.

I love this dentist. He is affordable and extremly talented. I had no pain on 3 root canels and crowns. Hes worth every penny.

I would just like to say thank you for my operation it was a huge success and has turned my life around. My back pain had gotten so severe I couldnt hardly stand it any longer.My job was slipping away couldnt do much around the house and still have two kids at home although im not back at 100%

As a new referral for herniated disc problems, Dr. Wilson ws very patient, listened to my questions, and was very honest in what surgery could or could not offer. I opted for physical therapy, which he recommened prior to any surgery. The PT is working very nicely, and surgery being very iffy

He is a good doctor who knows what he is doing. He seems very caring.

Dr. Baldwin Is a great orthopedic doctor. I love out of state now, but if I ever needed to have another surgery, I would fly all the way from Wisconsin to Oklahoma to see him! Brande Tvrdik

I worked for a neruoloy office that dr hirsch referred to, ALOT! all of his patients loved him and never had a bad thing to say about him-

Dr. Keithline is an excellent dentist with the most professional staff I have ever seen. They are all wonderfully suited to work with children and subdue any fears that your children might have in regards to their dental visit.

Thankyou for the information!it helped alot!

Dr. Joslin takes the time to talk to you as a person, and not just another appointment. He immediately made me feel comfortable, and I would recommend him highly. I went to him initially because a friend had great things to say about him. Best OBGYN doctor I have ever been to.

Dr. Hamra, is a very caring doctor, he spends time with you to explain any questions you might have. Very concerned with your overall well being. Wish all doctors were like him.

A great doctor, very personalable and knowledgable. I've been going to him for about 5 years now.

These are the best dentists you will ever find. They care about you and your teeth, they will fit you in in an emergency on a Friday afternoon. They are courteous, kind, warm and you can tell that every dentist there loves being there. I will never go to another dentist after seeing them. I

Visiting Dr. Lutz's office was a pleasurable experience. He has an amazing staff who work very hard to help you in every aspect of your visit, from cleaning and x-rays, all the way to billing. I really don't know why I didn't just go with Dr. Lutz as my dentist in the first place.

I think that dr. brian coder is a very good doctor, he cares about the patient and not how much money they have, he's easy to talk to when you have a problem, he makes you feel secure and he is very trust worthy, you couldn't ask fora better doctor

David Craig is the best cosmetic surgeon in Tulsa. Many friends have had procedures done by him and they all look wonderful. He is in the group Plastic.

Most informative doctor I have been to. Has a great personality with a kind staff. I am happy to call him my doctor. He is always available for his patients. Best doctor I have found in Oklahoma so far.

I have been here 2 x now and im? very empressed,, the ppl who work there are compassonate and helpful which is VERY IMPORTANT when dealing with sick ppl- we dont wanna be sick and the LAST thing i? want to do is go sit and wait for a doctor-but its nice and comfortable there -? its clean and

Excellent over all. Bed side manner is AWESOME! He is patient, listens to your needs and have a geniune interest in your well being.

Dr. Robert Head at the Family Vision Clinic has been my eye doctor for nearly seventeen years. When I first came I was eleven years old and had just gotten my first pair of glasses. I'd had a bad experience with another eye doctor and my glasses were giving me headaches. Dr. Head discovered

Dr. Owens and his staff are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet. I grew up going to Dr. Owens and was so sad when I had to go to a Grown Up dentist. I went through many, many pulled teeth and 3 years of braces with Dr. owens, and now I am proud to say that I have great teeth!

My office visit was relaxed. It was comforting to see him before my surgery. I am totally happy with the results.

I was looking for a doctor who would be aggressive and motivating in my healthcare, especially with my diabetes. she's kind and listens to my needs. she's very knowledgeable and doesn't treat my questions as if i'm asking stupid ones or unimportant. the staff is friendly and makes everyone

We had an appt. for my son with Dr. Dow-our experience with him and his nurse, Cindy, was wonderful. Dr. Dow did a very thorough exam with my son due to concussions he received in football this year. His advice was not textbook but personalized for our son. We followed & have seen the results

I do NOT recommend Dr Campbell for any type of Sickness or illness. I moved here from another state and he was NOT very friendly at all, there was no eye contact at all, he did not even take my vitals to see why I was feeling horrible.His staff is very friendly but he did not meet my expectations

This was the best dental experience of my life! Stricken with braces and a herpetst appliance since grade school I've seen my fair share of dentists to say the least. The office is impeccably clean and decorated with an artistic eye. The staff warm, inviting, and exceptionally knowledgeable.

Both my husband and myself were patients of his. So of coarse all three of are children were also. We moved from Tulsa a year and a half ago and have gone through half a dozen peds. trying to replace him. It took 15 months to find someone we really liked. We realized there is no way to replace

Saturday 11/17 they got me out of a jam and saved me a bunch of cash. Everyone was helpful. Thanks.

Excellent physician. He takes the time to work with the patient and find the best treatment. I was a patient of his for a few years several years ago, and recently something came up and I chose to be referred to him again. Only drawback is getting an appointment. It will be a few months.

Dr. Smith is a very attentive doctor and listens and addresses your concerns. Will be having surgery with her soon on July 20, 2006.

This business is a real need but when I went in to purchase digest enzymes the lady behind the counter dismissed my medical problem because she said that I was to young to have trouble with digestion. I am 33 years old. After a long research on this subject I knew that is what I needed. I purchased

Dr. Carlile is the best dentist I've ever been to. I've recommended him to others. His staff is always friendly and helpful, and so is Dr. Carlile! If you're even thinking about looking for a dentist. look no farther.

Dr. Ahmad is a very wonderful pediatrician for my kids. He is the best Dr. I know.

Dr Gaffney is a wonderful doctor. I began seeing him after I had a bad experience with another Cardiac group. (Office visits after a heart attack were so hard to schedule) I am treated with the upmost respect and all my questions are answered. The whole group at OHI are wonderful. I highly

Had a full 32 extraction. still recovering at the time I am writing this. staff friendly and helpful. Oral surgeon made sure I was comfortable before starting, and if I became uncomfortable helped to make me as comfortable as possible. Definately recommend.

I saw Dr. Rainbolt several times when she was a resident at OUHSC and I loved her. I so wish she was seeing adult patients now, but pediatrics is perfect for her. she is extremely professional, competent, gentle, honest, soft-spoken, and just plain NICE! I only hope I can find someone with

This guy is a great dr. he really cares about his work and you can tell because he is often running late because he is actually talking to and listening to.

Dr. Smith extends himself far beyond the laws he has taken an oath to. He is an exuberant person and represents professionalism of medicine with a sincere passion for life, a honest love for humankind, and humbleness of his gift. My son and I will always be grateful as his concern for a patient's

Excellent service. Very professional. Go out of their way to assist you with all medical needs. They are a perfect example of what all Home Health Companies should strive to become.