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A very good doctor.

This office has a great atmosphere and nice extras. It's interesting how this dentist office was different from offices I've been to in the past. A totally different approach to taking care of my needs, I liked it and plan to go back.

Hello My name Is Jennifer and I'm having a had time finding a Doctor for my baby girl, She is 7 months and on the OHP and I cant come to you guys cause I don't have the right Health plan for her and my case worker told me to she if Primary Health care is the only OHP U take. Please Help me.

I recently spent seven days at Sacred Heart and I want to thank all of the staff that took such good care of me. from the Doctors to the Nurses and the CNAs. Everyone was caring and compassionate and I am thankful and gratefull for all of the care.

They have a great selection of eye glasses. Staff is very helpful.

I went with my daughter today to her 3D ultrasound appointment. She said that we would be able to really see what the baby looked like, so of course I was very excited, this being my first grandbaby and all. Well let me tell you, she wasn't kidding. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing

Some things I need to be prepared for: an annual review from my boss. Others I will never be prepared for: running into an ex, his new flame and their cute.

Dr. Phipps is very knowledgeable. Easy going. Kathy at the front dest is very helpful. I never have a long wait. I highly recommend Dr. Phipps.

Jonnie is one of the best mental health practioners I've personally encountered. (And, I've know several.) She is down to earth, easy to talk with, and great at helping you to face and handle your problems. I always use her name in referring others for help.

The pediatrition that doctors bring their children to. Dr. Johnson has a caring and friendly bedside manner, and takes the extra time to keep up on the latest information with regard to diseases, condtions, medications, vaccinations, treatments, and best known methods. She also has a clinic

If you do not have insurance, they overcharge. Much higher than national average. Last visit, gave an extra shot even though he was not going to do any further work and charged $55.00 for it. Only gave the shot to make more money.

Dr. Pelz is professional and knowledgable. His bed side manor is wonderful, he makes you feel comfortable, listened to, and cared for. His staff is friendly and aproachable. The women who books his appointments is the greatest, she never has never overbooked him when I have had to see him and

I've been going to this dentist since my first tooth and have never had a bad experience! Dr. Fisher was fabulous (now retired) and Dr. Westover is just as great, they've always been careful, thorough and gentle. The office staff is unbelievably kind and attentive; they've been known to call

I concur entirely w/the previous review. I was blessed to have been Dr. Xiao's patient between 1997 & 2003. He is a kind man who has not only knowledge, but wisdom, both of which were unfailing demonstrated throughout my time as his patient. I saw vast and lasting improvements in myself both

Okay, 4 stars for the clinic overall, but 5 stars for my particular doctor. And because I love her so much, I'm rounding up. The Women's Health Today.

I was referred by my primary doctor to see Dr. 'R' for my diabetes. Her office staff made it clear to me long before I saw her that she was severaly allergic to cigarette smoke. Since. I quit smoking 2 years ago, this was not a problem for me. I have seen Dr. R several times since my initial

I love Dr. Stenshoel. She has been my OBGYN for about 3 1/2 years. After having a bad experience with another Eugene OB/GYN I was referred to Tami by my mother-in-law who, along with several other nurses in town, is a patient of Tami's. I have endometriosis and wanted to find a doctor who not

I've been to many dentists over the years, but now that I've found Dr. Ries, I will be staying with him. Quality work and enjoyable, pleasant atmosphere. He's wonderful!

Dr. Kim has also been my families dentist for just about ten years and I highly recommend working with her!

Anyone that has a Paul McCartney signed bass, Muhammed Ali's signed glove, Shaq's signed shoe, and a Babe Ruth bat signed is a cool dude, no matter what he.

Dr. Brown is an excellent doctor giving his utmost best for your care, and his staff are friendly, proffessional, and very helpful.

What a great doctor, very friendly, thorough and informative. Highly recommend!

I have been seeing Dr. Hoversland for over 20 years. I have been seeing him so long because he cares. He cares about me personally, about the health of my teeth, and cares enough about his patients to keep informed on new procedures. If something is beyond his specialty, he will automatically

They picked the correct name! This is a great concept. You book your appointment online, same day, usually within 30 minutes. I'm serious! They handle.

Wonderful Listener, gives practical advice!

I think dermatology is just the coolest field, and I really enjoyed my vist with Dr. R.

We have been going to Dr. Gilmore for years. I personally have done many dental works in past years and when he became our dentist I think he is the best dentist I ever had. His staffs are great, helpful and friendly even our 4 year old loves to visit.

Had Dr. Bailey for many years, thru some very rough physical times and emotional ones too. Found him to be one of the most caring, compassionate doctors I've ever met and I have lived in at least a dozen states and overseas. I would recommend this Doctor to anyone who wants a physician who

Chris and his staff are the best. I have been to other dentists in the area and I wouldn't go anywhere else. The staff is friendly and they are all up to date on the latest equipment and techniques. They even lazered off this little flap on my gums that always bothered me. As always, dealing

Dr. Garfinkel deserves 5 stars and beyond. He is a mild mannered, caring, wonderful bedside doc. He listens intently and problem solves along with you,.

Hello, I just moved from Ohio to Tennessee and I was just wondering how I would get a douplacate birth certifacate. because I need to change my Ohio drivers Licence to Tennessee.

Dr Cordes is great! Worth the wait, and you WILL have to wait.

I've used Dr. Humble on numerous occasions. He has removed my children's wisdom teeth and I have had a couple of implants. He has been great at explaining the procedures ahead of time and making us all feel so comfortable during our surgery. I would and do recommend him to all of my friends.

I absolutely LOVE this office! I started to go to this office after I had a very bad experience at Willamette Falls hospital. I was pregnant with my.

Dr. Colfer is one of the best Chiropractors Ive ever be treated by and Mac is the greatest. Thank you both.

Glad to see Dr Rich cited here - I am happy to add words of positive experience.Other excellent women Doctors in Portland get mentioned too.Those who.

Doctor Lockfeld may be a fine doctor but bedside manner is not his specialty. He has been unable to successfully diagnose let alone treat my father for his, what Dr. Lockfeld first diagnosed, M.S. During my fathers last visit with Dr. Lockfeld he was told he indeed did not have M.S. but was

We had a great time at this day spa. They started our day with delicious pastries, cookies, fruit and cheeses along with herbal tea, coffee and sparkling cider. What a treat! Then a relaxing facial followed by a long relaxing massage ending with a seaween scrub and special shower. Pampered

He knows his teeth! When you get a chance to be looking out the window, you see a nice green foresty view, and the decorations are neat too. I hope you never need to see a periodontist, but if you do, Scott will take care of you!

Great Doctor and Staff.They have the full pakage and it's all in ONE LOCATION.

Top notch phlebotomists here! They are located inside the Peacehealth Barger clinc. They offer walk in appts and I have never waited more than 5 minutes to.

Nothing but good poking and prodding here! My family and I ALL see the same doctor. Most of the docs here are internal medicine folk, Obgyns, and.

Dr. Vien provided our family invaluable mediation and therapy during a very dark time. His professionalism, expertise, insight, availability, willingness to work with other professionals involved in our case all earn him the A+ rating he was given by the family law attorney who recommended

Ive wonderful things about this clinic and about melissa burback ive heard that shes so good with all her patients.

Dr. Cha is kind, caring, and knowledgeable. The other staff is very friendly. Much of my lower back pain and soreness has gone away after about three months of adjustments, and he has helped to relieve some shoulder pain that I originally thought was muscle-related. The only quirk is that their

Wonderful clinic, Wonderful surgeon, Wonderful result! Thank you.

Five star doctors office. Great service, and prices.So you are looking for a good doctor, or perhaps better yet and entire office dedicated to your care.

My husband and I have been patients on and off for years. They are very helpful and go the extra mile for their patients! Their care has been very helpful and crucial for us.

Dr. Mark Colville was my knee surgeon in 2004 for an ACL tear and my results were really amazing. Now, 4 years later, I don't even think about the fact.

I've been one of the 47 million for years. Dr. Irwin was a regular customer of a small specialty restaurant, the Energy Bar on SW 10th across from the library downtown. She loved our hummus and filafel sandwich. My body began to reject a tooth. I had no insurance and no dentist. I was in a