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I took my son to the ER at The Heart of Lancaster Regional hospital on Saturday. I've been there before in the ER and aslo to the Women's Place for both of my children. My son was seen at our Pediatrician the night before and had a temp of 105.9, after following a long night of high temps

Best Dental Experience Ever: Everything about this practice says quality. The office, the staff, and the care you receive are all outstanding! I went to see Dr. Doray after several bad dental experiences with mediocre dentists left me with a chronic infection, bone loss and a horrible mismatched

I think that Dr. Green and Dr. Vayonis are really terrific. This is a great practice to consider if you have allergies or asthma.

Wonderful doctor. very professional. I swear he could deliver a baby with a piece of string and a paper clip. he's very friendly and makes you feel comfortable and confident in his abilities. I would never have anyone else deliver any future children i may have.

I think it is great how i can sent a greeting card over the internet the way hamot made it possable to do this i only live in meadville pa but am not able to visit my love ones.and she said the staff was exstremly wonderful.she was a heart pasent their, thank you again barbara

For many years I knew I was not eating the right foods or dealing with stress effectively. Henriette has guided me in making dietary improvements. She has also provided me with techniques to deal with stress throughout my hectic work day. I'm pleased with the progress we have made!

Great doc! Knows a lot and has a lot of experience! Highly recommended.Also, this practice is very well run.

It was a stormy day. Well, actually it was a beautiful day.but I knew I'd be visiting the ladydoctor, so for the purposes of this was.

We went to this office for several years. Everyone was friendly and made you feel comfortable, but it's an office of residents. Every couple of years you.

Dr. Herb & I attended University of PA Dental School at the same time. She went on to complete her studies as an oral surgeon.She is a terrific lady -.

Dr. Carlton Silver has been my primary care physician for almost 8 years now, and that's pretty amazing for a few reasons:1. I don't excel at the art of.

From sniffles & scrapes to shots - these pediatricians take care of it all.We've been going here for about 3 years now and I've always been happy with the.

This office provides the best medical care for your family in the area, and it's always friendly, accommodating, and professional.

Dr. Patton is a bright, articulate, caring and compassionate practitioner. She is terrific and I was a patient of hers throughout my late teens & early.

Dr. McBryan is an outstanding doctor. He is not only incredibly knowledgeable but thorough and caring. I highly recommend him.

My primary care physician. One word: Outstanding. Dr. Mike treats you like family, is overly thorough and will get to the bottom of your ailments even if.

Despite what some of the people under me gave in their reviews i thought this dentist was great. I have a habit of throwing up on my dentists because i get so nervous and stressed out, i told him and he was very understanding and worked with me. He is professional, has a very nice office and

Dr. lago is a wonderfule doctor. she is very open minded. she does not pretend that she knows everything just because she went to medical school. very refreshing! she is younger, and has to research some questions, but no doc can know everything.

I absolutely love Dr. Annette Lee at Abington Reproductive Medicine. Not only is she very thorough, she is very nice and down to earth, and I love how her.

Best Dentist I ever had. Have been going there since 1992.

I went to see Dr. Seyer last year. I love this place. I was in and out. The receptionist was nice as were the physicians. I am actually surprised to see the bad review. I was asked which I preferred (I need something for when I am at my computer). I said glasses. I picked the frames and they

Dr. Ferraro recently performed a Valvuloplasty on my bicuspid aortic valve since i had critical aortic stenosis. He is very meticulous and he was able to open it up quite a bit. I have other complicating factors (paralysis, scoliosis, lung problems) that made me have some problems recovering.

I have not seen a dentist in 25 years. Dr. Mouradian explained the dental work that was needed in detail. He was gentle and VERY PATIENT with me. I felt comfortable and relaxed in his office. His staff was also great me with they took the time to check with my insurance and worked out a payment

So close, so good, the best opticians I have used to date.

Dr Richardon cares about her patients and I recieved top quality. She was prompt in answering questions and personally called me to confirm dx. Definatly a 4 star doctor.

Really nice doctor and knows what he's doing. Very caring stff.

I had a great experience, well as great of an experience that you could possibly have when your wisdom teeth are coming out. I opted to go under anesthesia which made the whole thing quick. When I woke up I was in the recovery room being tended to by a great member of the staff. The staff is

A little bit of a wait but great medical knowdlege and understanding.

Caring dentist & staff. What a great find. And close to work so I don't have to take a vacation day to go to the dentist!

This association is one of the best eye doctors i have ever been too. I recconmed it to any one taht also has small children

The apartments are good, affordable, and the staff is caring and willing to accomodate you.

Uh.swimming pool, nice rooms, it's a good time.

Great surgeon and staff. Doesn't rush or talk you into procedures. Very concerned for safety. Have recommended Dr. Lo to friends and they were beyond.

Dr. Katz is a terrific doctor. He was very knowledgeable and never made me feel uncomfortable - despite the fact that I was there for my annual examination and pap smear. I'd recommend him to anyone.

Love Dr. Rice and everyone on staff. I have two children-a 14 year old girl and a 4 year old boy. My daughter loves Mrs Busch and my son loves Dr. Rice. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful. Would never ever switch doctors. They take the time to make sure all of your questions are answered

Dr. Levinson is the best doctor I could have. He's compassionate, he listens and he always has time for you.

I completely agree. Dr Jensen is smart, funny, and always makes you feel at ease while doing excellent (and I mean world class excellent) dental work. Razvan London, UK

Uptown Vision Center is the great. The same doctor has been there for many years and he is a friendly and loving man. He has two attendants go out of their way to help out the patients. If you are looking for that right doctor, lok no further. Dr. Magros is at Uptown Vision Center is where

Dr. Tahir and his staff are WONDERFUL! He is one of the best in the area and so personable. I definitely recomend him for any laser vein therapy.

I have a severly autistic child, and the way Dr. Shapter deals with him and can get him to do what is needed is amazing. I am so greatful that he is understanding about the dissability. It takes a special person to deal with such kids and he is excellent. I recommend him to anyone in all situations.

Dr Berne has an incredibly friendly staff. She is nice and took a lot of time to sit down with to discuss my medical history on the first appt which is.

The business was excellent! helga is like meeting an angel from heaven. If there's anything wrong with you mentallly, or with your body she'll help you!

Dr. John is Dr. Mark's business partner and together they form the best team of doctor's I've ever known! I would recommend either to anyone - but.

I've had a TMJ problem for years and then my jaw locked up. I had no idea where to go for help but ultimately ended up with Vince Smolczynski. I am very happy with the results obtained and I liked the fact that it's a small office which I prefer over a large impersonal office setting.

We forgot our password to make an appointment. could you help us out as we need to go for bloodwork every 2 weeks.This is for Delores E Spronatti 3115 west 42nd st Erie Pa. E mail to THANKS!

Who wants to go to the hospital? Yay! Well, not me! Okay, so that makes me a kill-joy! As I said in my review of Magee Women's Hospital, no one really.

Hands down. the best Pediatric Practice in Northeast Philadelphia! I started with another practice when my daughter was first born (in Rydal, PA) who.


I? this place. its amaazzingg. sooo pretty. chandaleers everywhere. ;]?:]

Dr.Webster is awsome. he takes the time with kids. and explains everything. He is a very well recommended doctor. My daughter had a sick call and he was very helpful.